Zoe Cumshow on Chaturbate


Zoe is the principal component of this Chaturbate Trans webcam room. She’s the girl getting her cock sucked in the first linked photo. I’ve seen Zoe on webcam three times this week performing live with two beautiful cis girls. Shai/Sue is her girlfriend and I din’t know who the other blonde fox is. But the mystery girl was rubbing a Hitachi magic wand vibe across her clit and Zoe had one also. She was rubbing it along her cock shaft while her girlfriend flicked her tongue across the head. Both of Zoe’s mates sucked her cock furiously as if they were racing to see which one of them could make Zoe cum! The gorgeous trans girl would jerk off for us whenever they’d edge her to the brink of orgasm. Did I see vaginal penetration? Yes, I certainly did, but I’m not going to tell you which girl Zoe fucked or if she screwed both of them with her big lovely cock! You’ve got to register for free on Chaturbate and hopefully you’ll catch them live one of these nights. Be sure to follow Chaturbate.com/Zoe_Cumshow.

Femout.XXX: Introducing Allysa Etain!

Description: Meet sexy Allysa Etain! Just discovered by Buddy Wood, Allysa was introduced to the world a couple of weeks ago on Buddy’s TS Casting Couch. Today, she makes her first Femout.XXX appearance! Allysa is tall and statuesque, with an amazing ass and a rock-hard cock! Watch her introducing herself, posing, stripping and stroking her dick just for you!

If you’re like me, you’ve been witnessing the presence of this strikingly gorgeous new model pretty much all over the place. Today I’m covering her highly anticipated Femout.XXX performance. I’ve already raved about Alyssa’s debut with Buddy on his site and you can read that review here.

We learn how to pronounce her last name correctly upon seeing her speaking with Buddy out by the pool. She’s standing there with her big dick in her hand and it holds the hem of her skirt up when she lets it go.

She’s a Florida transplant residing in San Diego, California and she’s a bottom with men. Buddy captures some of the best ever upskirt footage before they take the action indoors.

They head to the bedroom where barefoot Alyssa straddles the bed and resumes masturbating. My goodness, the view of Alyssa when she turns around rivals what you’ll see full frontal and in profile. She’s exquisite from every angle. The way she moans enhances her torrid fap session.

In the first five minutes, Buddy encourages Alyssa to pose in otimal ways that will please leg admirers, foot lovers and ass assasins. Then her lovely breasts are revealed. Alyssa is soon laying on her back naked with her heavily lubricated erection in her hand. She manages to finger bang her tight ass momentarily with the same hand, the concentrates soley on anal penetration.

Alyssa Etain is amazing to see in action on TS-CastingCouch.com and on Femout.XXX! Be there at Femout when her encore performance is released. 

Review by @tscaramel on Twitter

Skylar White & Country Boi Fuck Hard!

Description: Turn down service stops by and pays Skylar White a visit. During process of fluffing pillows, servant discovers that there’s something else that needs immediate attention! He can easily tell by Skylar’s body language. He makes a move and without hesitation Skylar obliges by taking a mouth full of his manhood down her throat. The two engage in passionate adult fun. Turns out Skylar received the ultimate turn down service!

On Skylar’s Black-TGirls.com profile the gorgeous Texan says, “Young, sophisticated, unique just a few “safe” words to sum me up. On the naughtier scope of things I’m open sexually but enjoy being a girl. Rough me up a bit choke me, spank me pull my hair! Originally from Miami but relocated to Houston. Travel frequently so I could be in any city at any given point in time. If you happen to run into me, please say hi”

This is Skylar’s 13th Black-TGirls.com update since her debut in May of 2014! She even has a set on blacktgirlshardcore.com from July 2014. It’s funny when Country Boi fluffs the pillows and Skylar interrupts him fixing the bed for her by bending over.

He suggests she needs the pillows of her ass, not in those exact words, and the action begins. Omar Wax has a signature style of filming and makes shooting porn look easy.

What’s new to me however is the ultra-masculine male actor. I think it’s pretty cool that he sucks Skylar’s cock before fucking the hell out of her and blowing his load across her beautiful face.

Skylar can top whenever she wants to, but I’m glad the pretty veteran model bottomed only for this particular scene. You can watch the free scene trailer on the Black TGirls landing page.

Trans500: Grazie Cinturini and Kananda Hickman

Scene Trailer

Description: It’s that time again ladies and gentlemen. Another Trans At Play update, but no it’s not a solo scene. Today we bring you two gorgeous ladies together in one scene. Grazie Cinturini and Kananda Hickman will give you something to talk about. These two ladies are simply fucking perfect together. Sit back, relax and watch them in action.

Sample Photo Gallery

Grazie Cinturini and Kananda Hickman are veteran performers who have appeared on so many websites over the years, their paths may have crossed before. They’ve certainly been on many of the same websites. Trans500.com does them justice in this update. The first mature model to appear is blonde Kananda posing on some hedonistic gazebo followed by brunette Grazie who does the same. Within three minutes they’re feeling each other up.

Scene Trailer

Lingerie is rearranged and there’s mutual breast admiration shared. Then suddenly both ladies are naked except for their tall sandals. They stand beside each other rapidly stroking their cocks and licking each other’s nipples periodically.

Sample Photo Gallery

There’s a big white cot set up for you know what and Kananda perches herself upon iy on her hands and knees. She offers and explicit view of her ass and we see Grazie in the same pose momentarily. A moment later, Grazie is sucking Kananda’s big cock.


Grazie is a grower. She jerks her small flaccid cock to a large erection while giving head. Once it;s rock hard, Kananda gives it a good long sucking. They switch oral favors and then the brunette eases her long, fat cock inside her blonde partner’s tight ass.


Kananda takes a fierce doggy style fucking. Then she strokes her erection firmly while getting railed in the missionary position. Then they trade from top to bottom and Kananda fucks Grazie back! This is the ultimate trans lesbian scene where each model fucks each other viciously. There’s no deep passionate kissing but as I’ve stated previously, I think these ladies are perhaps long term friends. I know for a fact that they love their men. I can’t take a thing away from this wonderfully produced Trans500.com video and photo set.


TS Playground: Lotus, Scene #01

MP4 Scene Trailer

Busty Lotus quietly waves and exposes one of her breasts and then the other on tsplayground.com. The irony in her stripping quickly is in that she seems shy. That’s if you look closely at her pretty face. But then she opens her legs next and thrusts her panty bulge forward. Then Lotus tweaks a nipple and places a finger across her lips. She’s not shy, she’s being coquettish! In the small pouch of her mesh undies it seems that her cock is stiff already and held prisoner. Yes, her thick member is curled back in the garment until she releases it and begins stroking it. Lotus then rises to her feet and turns around to expose her ass. Her fun spot is big. It looks like it gets fucked a lot. Lotus is wearing white fishnet stocking as she mashes her boner between her thighs. Then she stands up to lower her panties. Her cock head retracts within its foreskin but her dick remains lengthy. Very much so. I call it a prong, especially the way she slaps it and makes it spring like a diving board someone jumped off of. She gives us a double image posing in the mirror and then lays on her back with her raging hardon pointing up toward the ceiling. The things I know I’ll remember most about this scene after seeing Lotus cum is her cock play – making it bounce on it’s own and manually. Also there’s the footage of Lotus walking around the room at eye level like it’s a catwalk. After about eight and a half minutes, Lotus is jerking off intently to get her nut. Her big tits are heaving and we can hear her breathing heavier. Torrents of creamy white cum pour out of her swollen cock head!

Flash Scene Trailer

After milking her prong, she makes it bounce again and stands up to strike more sexy poses. She wags her finger summoning you to join her and then there’s a classic tsplayground.com instant replay of her huge cumshot!

Transational Fantasies: Alyssa Etain

Description: While writing in her diary about her first threesome experience, slender beauty Allysa Etain starts rubbing her crotch. She gets really turned on recalling her initiation into sex with two cocks. As she stuffed one in her mouth and felt another ramming into her ass pussy, she felt complete bliss. Now, before your very eyes, she begins to pull up her cute crop top and massaging her all natural titties. Soon, she reaches inside her pajama shorts and pulls down her leopard print panties. She pulls out her love stick and starts stroking. Her gorgeous head swells with blood. She bends over and shows off her ass. She fingers her tight hole and jerks at the same time. You imagine being behind her and pounding her doggy style. You look down and admire her beautiful feet as she pushes back into your hard cock. She concludes her all body rub down by relaxing with a drink on the couch.

That’s yet another super horny and well written synopsis from TransationalFantasies.com. Another way to put it is the tip of the iceberg. If I hadn’t read before this video was released I would have recognized the signature direction and high production values of Jamie French immediately. Her work rivals several Hollywood producers and I’ve been saying that for years.

In one way I was hoping for a confessional format in which the strikingly gorgeous Alyssa Etain would talk about herself. But I forget about that almost instantaneously while watching the action progress. 

From my understanding, she was born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida before moving out to San Diego, California. But that’s all I know and I’m not even sure that’s 100% correct.

Then again, a little mystery can go a long, long way. Alyssa is absolutely amazing and to learn more about her, I guess we’ll just have to wait. I’m sure it will be well worth it. Watch the Free Scene Trailer on TransationalFantasies.com formerly known as Shemale Strokers. 

Aubrey Kate, Phoenix Marie & Lance Hart

MP4 Scene Trailer

Sexy MILF professor Phoenix Marie lectures two students: Aubrey Kate, a bodacious blonde TS in an outrageous schoolgirl skirt and sky-high heels, and boyfriend Lance Hart have been lewd in class, and busty blonde Phoenix wants in! They share a wild threesome right on the teacher’s desk. The students strip the Phoenix as she blows Aubrey’s stiff she-dick and rims her butthole. Aubrey sucks dick pussy-to-mouth. The hot T-girl porks Phoenix’s furry pussy! Phoenix takes a double penetration, with Lance’s lance up her ass. And Aubrey butt-fucks the horny lady professor. Lance creams Aubrey’s pretty face and Aubrey licks surplus semen from Phoenix’s butt.

Sample Photo Gallery

That’s the official synopsis of “TS Aubrey Fucks Pussy In 3-Way” on EvilAngel.com. The owners of BeingPhoenixMarie.com and pervOUT.com Lance Hart compliment Aubrey’s fierce sense of humor and incredible sexual prowess in her showcase Scene #02. Phoenix as the stern college professer recalls Van Halen’s Hot For Teacher but what happens when students Aubrey and Lance sexually bum rush their Professor in the first few minutes couldn’t be aired on MTV.

Flash Scene Trailer

The first seriously sexual act comes when Lance raises the hem of Aubrey’s tartan plaid schoolgirl skirt to expose the bulge in her panties. Phoenix reacts to it with surprise but without the typical, “Oh my God, she has a cock!” line that’s so old and tired. She sees it. She’s gladly surprised. She sucks it hard. The girls take turns tea bagging Lance’s big erection and Phoenix blows Aubrey’s raging hardon while Lance pounds her pussy from behind. The footage of Phoenix giving Lance head while Aubrey rails Phoenix from behind while standing is porn excellence and when Aubrey and Lance hit Phoenix with a double penetration, it’s is simply magical! This could be the Aubrey Kate: TS Superstar scene that makes me want to cum the fastest out of all six scenes. But I haven’t seem them all yet and I’ll let you know how that turns out.

TGirls.Porn: Bexy Lynne & Sarayah Sin

Watch The Free Scene Trailer

Radius Dark presents two Femout.XXX models wasting no time getting it on in this torrid TGirls.Porn update. Bexy is perched on a stool when she’s approached and kissed by Saraya who towers in bra, panties and clear stripper platforms. Bexy is slightly more conservatively dressed in a black mini dress, stay-up stockings and mid-heel pumps.

Bexy bares and devours one of Sarayah’s hormone breasts while rubbing the bulge in her panties. It appears for a moment that Bexy might be first to take some cock inside her mouth, but she encourages Sarayah to sink to her knees after getting her bra off.

Sarayah give’s Bexy’s cock head a few tentative licks before engulfing the head and first couple of inches of the shaft inside her mouth. Sarayah looks eager to give her partner head, but she’s forced to gag on it anyway. Bexy skull fucks her forcefully like a Domme.

She then orders Sarayah to sit upon a ledge to do a bit of cock sucking of her own. Sarayah is wearing a cock ring that encircles her shaft and balls and she’s aroused to a raging erection from Bexy’s intense fellatio technique.

Eventually, Bexy has Sarayah stand before her as she continues her blowjob on her knees on the floor. Then she rises to embrace and kiss her partner again. Sarayah gets naked and then kneels to give Bexy head. They switch sucking again until it’s time to fuck.

The first to penetrate with her stiff penis is Saraya. She kneels behind Bexy and drives her erection inside Bexy’s tight slowly at first. But the fucking is hard and deep! Then it’s Bexy’s turn to feel some tightness around her swollen cock.

She fucks Sarayah while standing and her mate braces the dresser as her boner bounces up and down wildly! Then Sarayah rides Bexy’s hard dick as Bexy sits in a chair humping her hips upward. I’ll let you see how this union comes to an end on TGirls.Porn.

Review: The Trans X-Perience #07

The Trans X-Perience #7 

Studio: Evil Angel
Category: Anal, Ass, Ass to mouth, Big Dick, Big Tits, Blonde, Blowjob, Brunette, Caucasian, Cumshot
Directed by: Joey Silvera
Starring: Marissa Minx, Bianka Nascimento, Nina Lawless, Pony, Skye, Moka Mora, Katrina Jade, Gabriel D’Alessandro, and Kai Bailey
Released on: 1/10/2018

Note: I will embed trailers behind each photo once they are officially released for promotions from EvilAngel.com. For now the will direct you to the DVD link where you can view all The Trans X-Perience #7 trailers.

Scene #01: Texas native and ATM/LA contract model Moka Mora meets the Australian trans sensation behind MarissaMinx.com to open The Trans X-Perience #07 in Busty Amazon TS Fucks Cis Girl. The scene opens with Moka twirling a hula hoop around herself virtually topless like it’s an Olympic sport. Her amazing body parts she obviously want you to focus on mainly are lightly oiled. She’s joined by an off-camera and nearly breathless director Joey Silvera after a couple of minutes. “Let’s make something magical,” Silvera says and Marissa moves into the frame in a bikini with her cock threatening to burst from her panty pouch. But it’s Moka who withdraws her erection and gives us all a better look at it. Then Moka darts her tongue around the bulbous head saying that it tastes so good. She firmly squeezes the shaft and kisses it before proceeding to perform an all-out blowjob. This evolves into aggressive head as if Moka doesn’t already love Marissa’s beautiful boner. Moka also tea bags Marissa’s balls and before you know it, she’s sliding down on Marissa’s hardon from above. Once they take a break from fucking, Moka gives Marissa a rimjob while she jerks off. Then Marissa fucks Moka furiously in the missionary position! Taking another fuck break, Marissa goes down on Moka. Then she resumes jerking off while the petite Latina drives a large sex toy in and out of her tight ass. I couldn’t ask for a more explosive and satisfying ending to Scene #01 of The Trans X-Perience #7.

Scene #02: There’s a trans star in this scene I’ve raved about more than most here. She’s paired with an actor whose performances I’ve blogged about more than most trans girls in my reviews. So I suppose you could say I’m consistently impressed by the beauty behind BiankaNascimento.com and Gabriel D’Alessandro. We find him pampering her by oiling her latex catsuit and when he walks away for a moment, she begins rubbing the bulge between her legs. Once he returns, she helps remove his shirt and she grabs his crotch as he continues oiling her up. This is a delicious looking Domme vs. boy toy scenario when we see Gabriel kneeling beside Bianka sucking one of her breasts and stroking her cock. A little making out evolves into an intense skull fuck where Bianka forces Gabriel down on her stiff meat. He’s then made to perform a rim job. Gabriel’s cock is as rigid as Bianka’s when he settles down on it with his back facing her. After fucking Gabriel for quite some time, Bianka takes a break trim him and drill his ass in a new position! After shooting a big creamy load of cum on his face, she let’s him fuck her sexy high-arched feet. Then he blasts his spunk across her well-oiled pretty peds.

Scene #03: The official EvilAngel.com description reads – Tattooed superslut Katrina Jade is eager for her hook-up with muscular T-diva Nina Lawless. Katrina gives a worshipful blowjob and enjoys thorough pussy plowing; they share passionate kisses. Let’s continue to unpack this torrid scenario. “Contract time is very serious,” is the text we see beautiful Katrina writing as she signs off on a document. She’s dressed in lingerie and platform heels so what kind of contract could this be? The kind that requires I.D. for famed director Joey Silvera. It’s a porn contract – my favorite kind of document! Creatures this stunning are actually made of earth? I’m thinking the same thing about trans goddess Nina Lawless when she’s shown across the room sitting on a sofa. Nina is jerking her big cock when Katrina is drawn to the couch and straddles her body. She deep throats Nina’s erection to the point of gagging and then they kiss passionately. More clothing is shed and Nina returns the favor with a rimjob. She then goes muff diving if I may use this term for a beautifully bald, bejeweled pussy. Eventually she slaps her large hardon against Katrina’s quim and then drives her bare inside her tightness. This is the beginning of Nina’s powerful brand of fucking! Nina coats Katrina’s tongue (and hair) with a the gift of her nectar.

Scene #04: Porn star, producer and activist Kai Bailey has his way with a cutie pie named Pony in this scene. He’s helping the busty pig-tailed babe out of her lingerie to caress her large orbs. There’s passionate kissing with Pony practically sitting in Kai’s lap. Pony then stands up to get her denim shorts off and takes her seat again. Kai rubs her panties and asks if we want to see what’s under there. Director Silvera says, “I think they do.” These must be one snug pair of panties. I’m not expecting such a long uncut cock to spring out of Pony’s undies. There’s more making out and big girldick stroking and then Mr. Bailey’s large tool springs out into the open. After a bout of frottage, Pony gives Kai a deep throating with her own big dick standing straight up toward the ceiling. With her sucking and complimentary handjob, Kai is soon ready to impale Pony’s tight ass in a variety of positions. It takes about 20 minutes into this scene before we get to see how wonderfully rounded Pony’s ass is. That’s when she’s getting pounded doggy style.

Scene #05: Here we have Skye, a gorgeous Thai model who has the scene all to herself. “Ass Play” is the title and one might think solo performances must be hard to mix in with hardcore scenes. That’s exactly what I think. Skye is the type of beautiful model that doesn’t allow the bar to sink to a lower level. She does a rather conventional striptease while standing and on the bed. After fondling her big tits roughly, Skye lays back on the bed with her ass exposed explicitly and begins toy fucking herself with her erection also in clear view. Her pink phallus is huge and her toying includes gaping for the most extreme trans fans. After about five and a half minutes of this toy fucking, Skye devotes the rest of the time jerking off. Skye’s orgasm is intense and her stiff cock ejects a torrent of creamy white cum. But it doesn’t end there. Skye rubs and tastes her own nectar and has a brief closing interview in English with her director, Joey Silvera. Her cock remains hard the whole time.

Scene #06: In the final scene, stunning Australian Marissa Minx is back again. Gabriel D’Alessandro is her partner who approaches her after about two minutes of Marissa’s sizzling hot solo posing. Aiming to please like a devoted boy toy, Gabriela devours Marissa’s large boobs and sucks her cock like he’s obsessed with it. After moving into the bedroom, Marissa shows us she’s as passionate about sucking cock as he is. She becomes topless as they proceed to suck and jerk each other off, but her pricey lingerie and platform heels remain on. Gabriel gives Marissa a rimjob and lubes his hardon while talking dirty. These actors are clearly not acting during the sequence where Gabriel sinks his big bare cock within Marissa’s tight ass. They’re so into it! Silvera’s into it and so am I while watching. Big time. Marissa shows what a dynamo she is in bed again by rimming Gabriel and then giving him a jackhammer ass fucking and powerful face fucking. There’s a little foot fetish action before Marissa rides Gabriel’s dick in the reverse cowgirl position. I’ve only described the first three quarters of the finale. Take the EvilAngel.com tour for more top shelf releases. 

Transational Fantasies: Alexa Vex

Watch The Free Scene Trailer

Description: Leggy brunette Alexa Vex will you with her girl next-door look. Wearing a pair of sexy librarian glasses and thigh high stockings, this friendly cutie tells you how much she loves sucking cock and riding dick. One of her hottest encounters was when she and her friends all went down on the same guy at once. She starts oozing, just telling you about it.

If you were there right now with her, you could worship her ass. And she’d make sure you were well taken care of too. She slips off her high heels so you can suck on her pink manicured toes. She wants you to get hard in your underwear. Throbbing against the restricting fabric, so that it’s a little uncomfortable.

She imagines you inside of her right now, as she scratches her thighs and trans girl pussy lips. She knows you want to see her completely naked. So, she takes off her skirt, revealing an incredible ass, tiny waist, and wide hips. She bends over so you can eat her trans girl pussy out. Make sure to lick the rim and smack her ass cheeks while you’re down there.

Bite it, she pleads. Then, she turns around so she can feed you her girl cock. You do such a good job sucking her off, that she gives you a turn. She blows you sensually until you shoot your load into her mouth. At last, lies back and squeezes out a drippy mess for you to savor.

That’s another blazing hot TransationalFantasies.com write-up that makes my job a whole lot easier. To add a few words, Alex Vex is just the consummate performer. Her dialogue is steady and continuous and her body is a chiseled work of art. I don’t know what she does to stay fit but she’s got amazing curves in all the right places.

Natural hormone breast lovers will be thrilled with her bosom and ass lovers enticed by her upside down heart of a bottom. Leg lovers and foot fans as well will be totally smitten and that who will out most if they don’t see the full-length video.