Rob Yaeger’s White-Hot Irish TS Tramp Lena Kelly Goes Wild on Dick

The Fuck Chronicles Trailer

There’s a MP4 version of of the Yaegerman and Lena Kelly scene on The Fuck Chronicles. There’s also a WMV version. It’s nice to have options with ways to lust over “White-Hot Irish TS Tramp Lena Kelly Goes Wild on Dick” which is also available on Rob’s ManyVids domain. In his own word, the omnisexual model/producer says, “I had the luck of the Irish when I met brand-new TS starlet Lena Kelly in Vegas. We both are from New York, and we are both total perverts. So as you might imagine, when the cameras started rolling, we laid down a SCORCHING and nasty scene. Lena gives a wild and spittle-dripping blowjob. I face fuck her, eat her perfect white buns, lick her hole then give her the Yaeger-works. After making her moan and squirm in five or six positions, I get up over her and dump in an internal load. You will love what happens at the end!” I can only review what I see for myself, and what I’ve seen here is a hypersexual powerhouse performance! It would be redundant to recall every detail of the position changes and I don’t want to give away how this tumultuous sex scene ends. Allow me to conclude with a few words about Rob’s co-star Lena. I first learned of her early last year as a new studio model and webcam broadcaster blowing up the spot consistently on The former New Yorker now living in Sin City has since become a top name in the adult industry. I’m not only glad to see her in a hardcore shoot with Rob, but generally glad for her for getting to meet such a terrific guy! If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to become and live the life of a successful male porn star, check out the exclusive TS Dreamland PornOCD Interview with Rob Yaeger

Femout.XXX – Naughty Lady in Red, Monica!

There are two exquisite sets of this demure fox on Femout.XXX. Since I’m on the subject of sizzling hot Monica Raven today, I figured why just focus on her debut (click here for that review). I really like her debut on Femout.XXX and her encore shoot by Buddy Wood even more. It’s not because her second shoot here includes a cum shot. It’s more because of the way she’s progressed as a model.

While I sort of miss the shyness from her official porn debut, hiding her cock and balls and blushing profusely, Monica becomes more comfortable as things progress. She enters the bedroom on her second Femout.XXX scene barefoot in a red nightie raising the hem of her sexy garment.

Monica sports a rigid boner that bounces like a horny diving board when it’s exposed. She begins stroking it immediately and does her trademark pouty lip thing. Her gaze is steady and she has a chiseled face with high cheekbones that are great currency for models.

Monica’s performance is highly confrontational as she moves to the bed and continues with her fabulous fap session. When she spreads and raises her curvy legs, that initial shyness has completely vanished.

Her fun spot exposure is explicit and she doesn’t seem to require much direction this time around. Monica is completely naked on the bed through her remarkable butt show. You might find that her bottom is her best asset, but that’s subjective.

Her complexion is nearly flawless and there are so many other great qualities about her. As her encore scene progresses, Monica rubs one of her sensitive nipples and uses her other hand to stroke her hardon slowly, yet firmly.

Monica moans loudly until she makes herself cum in this Femout.XXX update!

TS Casting Couch – Monica Raven

Producer Buddy Wood raved about this smoking hot new model saying, “I met Monica Raven the old fashioned way…online! We quickly shot for and I was impressed with her overall look and her sexy ways. Great legs, soft brown skin, a luscious rump of an ass and those lips that just scream for a cock to be in between them. She exudes “come fuck me” vibes and she doesn’t disappoint during the shoot. A very hot girl.” So I watched the video on with Monica sauntering down the street to Buddy’s Southern California home. She’s wearing a tight-fitting black dress, wedge sandals and a sexy pout on her full lips. Monica knocks on the door and enters the house with Buddy’s welcoming voice and handshake. Monica says she lives in Northern California and that some of her turn ons are big dicks, sexy voices and big, strong men. She loves masturbating cocks and sucking dick. Her schedule is a bit too busy for watching porn, but she does watch it when she needs to make herself cum. Watching her reveal all of this information is so erotic on the couch. When she continues by standing up and revealing her gorgeous hormone boobs, she’s the perfect vision of a trans ingenue for everyone else to cum to! Her long sleeve dress isn’t easy to get out of, but once the top is lowered, Monica fondles her boobs and she blushes when Buddy asks her to lower the dress further. She’s so cute! “I’m so embarrassed!” she cries out while hiding the goodies downstairs with one of her hands. It’s an incredible trans porn moment! Midway through the scene however, Monica evolves into a horny vixen with her eyes closed and stroking her cock furiously! The sweet, shy little thing loosens up and bends over on the casting couch with her fine ass exposed explicitly! She simulates getting fucked and then lays back and faps until she cums! Bravo Monica Raven! In late January, Monica made her poolside debut on Femout.XXX and followed that up with a superb cum shot scene there. Check out the Monica Raven Profile on Femout.XXX.  

Nikki Montero and Kayla Diniz Cum Again

Sample Photo Gallery

Last month, I raved about producer Nikki Montero engaging in foreplay with and fucking 18 year old Kayla Diniz in “I Want To Be a Teenager“. Now there’s a behind the scenes video up that gives you a prime example of a day in the life of Nikki Montero at work. She wears a pretty white and gray dress while taking shots of Kayla Diniz who is one of her best models. Click here for the Behind The Scenes MP4 trailers. Kayla moves about their hotel room in a bikini and tall red pumps with her big tits practically bursting out of the top of the polka dot garment. Kayla unties her top and reveals her large firm breasts as Nikki snaps away. Kayla then teasingly lowers her bikini bottom and exposes her semi-erect uncut cock. She strokes her dick for a few moments, then swings it from side to side, allowing it to slap each of her thighs. There’s a big red dildo on the desk that’s impossible not to notice in this shoot. Eventually, Kayla sits on the floor with nothing on but her open-toe heels and begins using the big phallus while sitting spread eagle and then on her knees. Next, Nikki shoots Kayla laying on her back on the bed, watching porn on her cell phone and jacking off. A male producer does the filming as Nikki continues to shoot stills for the set. Kayla has something new to masturbate along with soon. There’s interracial porn playing on a laptop this time around. Kayla sits at the desk chair fondling her big boobs and jerking off frantically. Here comes one of those especially fun times for a producer again – Nikki sitting on the bed next to Kayla stroking her cock as well! This is a fantastic prelude to the new actual hardcore scene. Nikki fucks Kayla powerfully and there’s some great doggy style footage, plus Nikki sort of taking a break to suck Kayla’s stiff cock. The teen jerks off wildly while being penetrated relentlessly by horny as hell Nikki in the missionary position! Nikki is determined to make Kayla come one way or another. She’s either sucking her off or fucking her silly. Or she’s jerking off while watching the pretty young teen fap herself. You can find out how Nikki and Kayla cum again on, and on!

Jonelle Brooks: Workout and Shower

This is a update from mid-January I almost forgot to rave about. I don’t know how I slipped up there because it’s a spectacular scene. It begins with Jonelle already in progress working her lats wearing a sexy red corset dress, black smoky stockings and tall sandals.

I seriously doubt she works out in this sort of attire, but this is porn, so who cares? She does leg lifts as well and you can see the red panties she wears framed by her matching garters. Jonelle begins rubbing her large boobs and exposing her nipples next. She asks if you want to work out with her and sits on a huge workout ball to continue. With her breasts fully exposed, she bounce on the ball and begins stroking her cock through her panties. She then removes her heels and performs a sexy foot tease.

Then she removes her stockings and shows off her pretty pedicure. If you’ve ever been a member of, you already know that she has a plethora of foot fetish content on her official website. She pretty much takes this sort of performance everywhere she goes online.

With the corset dress barely on, Jonelle turns her back, swinging around on the ball to give you an incredible rear view. Her minuscule v-string panty strings do little to hide anything. Soon there’s nothing to hide at all when Jonelle strips completely nude!

Her fap session continues and so does her bouncing and naughty dialogue. This footage is full frontal and then from the rear with Jonelle’s curvy ass fully exposed and her hard cock and smoothly shaven nut sack smashed against the silver colored ball.

She swings around to face you again and jerks off more furiously than before. Yet she manages to do another flexing and arching foot tease. She then releases her erection and makes it bounce up and down wildly. Jonelle moves to another machine for leg presses with her hardon mashed between her thighs. Then she stretches her long legs out and resumes masturbating. The rest of this exquisite scene plays out in the shower where it’s wetter than wet!

For more of this iconic star, visit and get your free registration to watch her performing live on!

Lorena di Castro Fucks Nikki Montero!

MP4 Scene Trailers

Nikki Montero is in Sao Paulo, Brazil in a hotel room introducing us to Lorena di Castro in a hotel room on You get a peek about what’s going on at the lower part of Nikki’s dress and Lorena’s swimsuit bottom, but the first prolonged nudity is of their breasts. As they stand rubbing their boobs together, Lorena withdraws her cock and begins stroking it. Nikki lowers her panties and does the same with her own rod as they kiss. Nikki then sits on the bed to remove and discard her undies, then bares Lorena’s big sexy ass. She then sinks to her knees to suck on Lorena’s cock while jerking off. Soon after, Nikki sits back on the bed and gets her boner sucked by Lorena. After awhile, Lorena walks around the bed with her tits and dick jiggling and bouncing and straddles the bed for 69 position cock sucking with our hot hostess. Just after the midway point of the scene, Lorena stands behind Nikki who’s bend over on the bed. She slowly eases her hardon inside Nicole’s tight butt and begins thrusting in and out hard! It appears that Nikki may not have been prepared for such a powerful drilling right away, but she gets into it fast. Getting with the program with the help of jacking herself off, Nikki receives a cum facial after her tremendous pounding. Lorena lays back on the bed and as Nikki stands above her jerking off, she tea bags her full balls. Then, Nikki shoot a load of cum across Lorena’s big tit! This scene can be found on Nikki’s Latina Tranny website, and on the megasite!

Flash Scene Trailer

Good Bed Fuck With Natassia And Soldier Boi!

TEA Award Winner and two time AVN & XBIZ Nominee Natassia Dreams meets three time TEA nominee Soldier Boi for a killer hardcore Shemale.XXX update! The sexy are all worked up from a wild bachelorette party in Las Vegas.

Natassia is especially pre-heated from the hot girls, male strippers and her studly date. Being the perfect gentleman, Soldier Boi’s attention is solely focused on Natassia in the bedroom. He first pays attention to her magnificent bottom after the hem of her dress goes up in this steamy update.

Natassia wiggles her sexy bottom while perched on the ottoman and gets a rimjob for her efforts. I hope the walls of this posh bedroom are insulated because her moaning is loud! Once Soldier Boi’s shirt is off, revealing his rippling muscles, Natassia seeks out his love muscle. She proceeds to give him a blowjob, with her dress and panties just barely on.

She gags on his BBC, but in a fun way. Natassia then lays back on the bed with her long legs open widely. Soldier Boi gets in position for a torrid bareback side saddle drilling next. Natassia jerks off while getting pounded and reveals her large, firm breasts.

Natassia also gets a tremendous doggy style fucking! Then she rides Soldier Boi’s rock hard prong in the reverse cowgirl position. Her cock swings this way and that and in circles until she jerks off again while riding her man’s turgid organ. See how the rest of this fabulous Omar Wax production plays out.

Also check out the exclusive TS Dreamland PornOCD Interview with Soldier Boi and the official website.

You can Watch the Free Trailer on Shemale.XXX

Rob Yaeger’s Slow Fuck With TS Beauty Casey Kisses

MP4 Scene Trailer

Slow Fuck With TS Beauty Casey Kisses” on The Fuck Chronicles hits the ground running with smoldering content featuring Rob Yaeger and Casey Kisses kneeling across from each other on the bed. Casey wears a gun metal grey dress and tall sparkly sandals, making it obvious why naked Rob has developed a raging hard erection. Casey wears no panties for easy access to her cock and Rob strokes it firmly while they make out. He then exposes one of her breasts and orally pleases one of her nipples. He then positions himself behind her to help lower her dress. Once her frock is discarded, Casey bends over for an intense rim job. Casey is quite vocal about how much she loves it. After the salad tossing, Rob places his big dick between Casey’s butt cheeks and rubs it teasingly against her soft flesh. Next, Rob lays back on the bed and Casey gives him what looks like a phenomenal blowjob. She praises it’s side between bobbing her head up and down on it’s length and girth. The footage showcases Casey’s perky boobs and the swinging cock between her thighs as she devours Rob’s throbbing sex. She uses her fist to pump the part of the shaft she can’t manage into her mouth. But as she progresses, Casey manages to suck the rod down to the balls without even gagging! Soon, Casey is in the doggy style position waiting for Rob to fuck her gorgeous bottom. It’s a slow fuck indeed yet it’s strong and steady. He compliments her “long, tall beautiful body,” while pumping away and Casey moans out her pleasure. Their bareback fucking evolves into the side saddle position and a cowgirl ride follows. Casey’s ass looks exquisite in this position and she’s equally stunning when she and Rob switch into the missionary position. Casey’s cock has become fully erect and she strokes it furiously while moaning loudly! When Rob’s orgasm hits, he withdraws his tool and shoots his load across the underside of Casey’s big boner. Rob’s spunk is the perfect lubricant for Casey to jack off with. He’s inside her again and can feel the contractions of Casey’s tight ass as she climaxes, squeezing the cum out of her turgid member. “Slow Fuck With TS Beauty Casey Kisses” is also available on Rob’s ManyVids website. For more information about the omnisexual superstar, check out the exclusive TS Dreamland PornOCD Interview with Rob Yaeger. You’ll find two pages of raves about Rob’s amazing co-star in our Casey Kisses Category. I also highly recommend that you register free on our favorite webcam site. Give this prolific sex goddess a follow to catch her performing live on

ManyVids Scene Trailer

Sexy Big Cocked Bailey Love!

Model/Producer River Stark presented the debut and follow-up shoots with gorgeous Bailey Love. Radius Dark is responsible for her third set. In this one, the Green Bay, Wisconsin fox is Sin City wishing she had a big dick to deepthroat. She pinches the pert nipples of her natural 32D tits and stands up asking if we like her little pink outfit. “This is what you want, isn’t it?” Bailey asks with her back facing the camera, raising the hem of her skirt just above her g-string. Lawda mercy! The camera pans down Bailey’s bare curvy legs to her platform heeled feet and cruises back up to her magnificent bottom. She says she likes having her butt spanked and claps it hard to prove it. When she faces the camera again, her smoothly shaven nuts are working toward escaping her thong and the outline of her cock is clearly visible. It’s so cute the way she later deceptively describes her cock as “little”.

Bailey takes a seat next and proceeds to ask if we like her g-string. Moments later, her cock is fully exposed and she confesses her love for dick. What she loves most about dick is the hot, sticky, salty man-cream it produces. She likes pussy and girly cum too, she clarifies while curling her fingers around the shaft of her rod. It expands rapidly as she strokes it firmly and Bailey knows that everyone watching her masturbate would love to suck it.

It doesn’t take long before Bailey’s bulbous cockhead is straining up towards the ceiling. She plays with her ball sack that’s hanging before her g-string pouch, perfectly presented for tea bagging. I’m left-handed so I picked that trait up about Bailey from previous displays of her jerking off. She stands up after awhile to remove her dress and we get an aerial view of her lowering it down her lovely legs and stepping out of it. Her amazing boobs are now in full display and her cock stands out from her creamy thighs raging hard now! As she resumes stroking the hard shaft, she begins moaning softly. Bailey seemed seriously horny at the beginning of this update, but now she’s really into it. She pauses her fap session to remove her tall platforms for her foot fans and does some teasing with her pretty peds.

When she resumes her fap session, a big bead of clear pre-cum emerges from her swollen cockhead. Bailey tastes some of it and says it tastes sweet like strawberries. I’ve only described about three quarters of this sizzling hot Shemale Yum update.

For more information about this absolute stunner, check out caramels-interview-with-bailey-love which is exclusive to TS Dreamland. Also don’t miss the phenomenal scene with Bailey Love fucking stunning Valentina Love on the hottest trans lesbian website on the Net! Check out the TGirls.Porn Bailey Love Profile!

You can Watch the Free Bailey Love Trailer on

Sister’s Attrition: Jacquie Blue, Morena Black on ParaPerv

MP4 Scene Trailer 

Since the dawn of time, there has been a battle between good and evil depicted in ancient writings including the bible. The scene starts with Jacquie praying for divine intervention reciting the Lord’s Prayer asking for help to prevent her from breaking her vows she made, vows of non sexual contact. She repeats her prayers, but they go unanswered and she throws the bible away and this awakens the evil demon who hears her prayers and thinks it time to test her vows.

Jacquie is laid alone in the darkness and Morena arrives and begins feeling her body. Jacqui cannot resist and begins sucking Morena’s nipple. Morena grabs hold of Jacquie’s head and thrown down and begins spanking her ass with a paddle. After her ass is struck repeatedly her head is forced towards Morena’s ass and she begins licking. Morena is fully erect and directs Jacquie’s mouth towards her big erection and slowly teases licking her cock head. Then taking it deep down her throat. With Morena now controlling the pace pushing her head down.

Jacquie has her panties removed Morena licks her ass with her fanged mouth. The demon Morena pushing her cock inside her ass slowly. Her big cock penetrates her ass while Jacquie moans with pleasure. The camera is close up now and you can see every stroke of the penetrations. The pace increases. Anal follows in missionary and Morena rolls back her demonic eyes to the heavens above pleased she has turned one more religious follower into her sex slave. Jacquie sucks on Morena’s nipples while she strokes her big cock and she blows her load on her face.

This is Scott at @PornOCD on Twitter. For more information about the Paranormal Perversions Sister’s Attrition film, follow @TSJacquie, @tsMorenaBlack and @ParaPerv.

Double Creampie Threeway: Jonelle Brooks, Kartoon

MP4 Scene Trailer 

Double Creampie Threeway is a scorching hot bareback video and photo set on! I don’t really get it when people think that Jonelle Brooks of Native-American and Hungarian heritage is Asian or Latinx, but then again, she did relocate to Thailand to teach kids English and to prepare to wed her longtime love, Trevor. Then it makes sense, especially for newer fans of this porn icon. If you’re like me however, you’ve seen them on a gazillion times in hardcore action and know something a thing or two history and exciting lives.

Sample Photo Gallery 

Kartoon’s tight ass is loaded up with two creampies during this hot TS and POV threesome! The scene opens with Kartoon posing and stroking solo before she’s sucking girl cock and guy cock. She moves back and forth, slurping on one while her hand strokes the other. Next both trans girls please the POV orally. Kartoon is laid back and her backdoor is lubed up. The POV is first inside Kartoon. With her snug butt is stuffed with dick Kartoon licks on Jonelle’s nipples. With her backdoor stretched, it’s now Jonelle’s turn. She jackhammers into Kartoon, giving a world class fucking. The POV brings his cock to Kartoon’s mouth completing the spit-roasting. Plenty of gapes and ass-to-mouths as the couple takes turns fucking Kartoon. All the attention brings Kartoon to ecstasy. Kartoon’s cock is stroked, and she sperms all over herself while being barebacked. As she orgasms, Kartoon’s rosebud winks open and both Jonelle and the POV unload inside of Kartoon’s willing opening. The sperm is pushed inside Kartoon giving a proper breeding. What I especially love about this scene is the rare sight of her fucking another trans girl silly. Kartoon is not just another Thai model out there trying to make it. The 5’7″ (170cm), 132 lbs (60kg), 36A-28-36 star from Pattaya with her 6.5 inch cock and tight body is a major That trans model. Also check out the updates on