TGirls.Porn Review: Jenny Crystal & Salina Samone

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Here’s a little interracial something-something to get our beloved members salivating as GroobyGirls Jenny Crystal and Salina Samone combine beautifully and spoil us wide mouthed admirers with a delightful ass tapping, girl on girl display! Let cocks and cum collide – it’s update time on TGirls.Porn!

Producer Radius Dark presents Jenny and Salina kissing on the bed, and feeling each other up. As soon as Salina parts her thighs, Jenny moves in for her big dick and begins fondling it. Although it’s not fully erect, yet, it’s a lot to handle with one’s mouth at half mast.

It doesn’t take long for Jenny to get Salina’s monster cock rock hard, and it’s her turn to get sucked on soon. One detail I absolutely must mention right now is the total nudity of each partner. They both have glorious porn star bodies and are both supporting boners at this point.

Salina’s head giving sequence is pretty long and enjoyable, leading to some frottage (cock rubbing), and then Jenny sucks Salina again until she’s ready to get fucked!

Jenny decides she wants to sink down into a vicious cowgirl ride that starts slowly. Their bareback sex switches into a reverse cowgirl railing. 

In retrospect, Salina seems to have been thinking, “I’m just getting started.” She goes into serious power fuck mode once she had Jenny’s petite form beneath her in the doggy style position!

Missionary position sex comes next and I’m going to stop things here as not to spoil how these babes cum! I’m a sucker for intimacy between two hot chicks and I love that this TGirls.Porn update ends with a sweet kiss.

Review Written by @tscaramel on Twitter 

DeliaTS Review: Through A Black Veil

“A striking statuesque woman with a knowing look seduces in enchanted woods wearing nothing but a see-through black dress. You can’t stop watching, trying to get a better view through the sheer black veil dancing over her perky hard nipples and thickening she-cock. Her plump femrod coyly juts out of the slit in her dress when she moves, taunting you before being cloaked behind fabric again. She strokes her big fat clit through the voile. She reveals, rubs and plucks her suckable long nipples. And she masturbates herself until she shoots her hot white cum all over her black dress and tastes it to show you how yummy her jizz is.”

I got that synopsis from the blog. Isn’t it hot?! I love the erotica, the complete photo set and especially the movie! The title says it all, but the video is so striking with Delia in the woods in the sheer black frock.

You can vaguely make out the details of her large breasts and nipples. You can see the outline of her cock and more, but it isn’t until she draws the part aside that you realize she has an erection.

Eventually, Delia fully exposes all of her naughty bits and there’s even a bit of bare foot content. Delia’s intense masturbation begins at the midway point, about 5:30 minutes into the video. It reaches a fever pitch when the music stops and several moments later, Delia shoots a huge load of creamy white cum across her wispy black garment.

This update is shot lovingly by Delia’s gorgeous cis wife Trixie Fontaine of The irony of calling this “amateur porn” is that is exceeds the production value of most trans studio work. Take the tour for more!

Sean Michaels’ Trans Slayer Review

Watch The Trailer

The plot that supports “Sean Michaels’ Trans Slayer” is a spy movie spoof. The title has nothing to do with trans women being more likely to be victims of sexual violence than cis women. “Slaying is just a euphemism for fucking voraciously. 2018 marks legendary mainstream star Sean Michaels entering the trans genre and that’s huge for the adult trans niche.It’s created a lot of buzz and even if years long Michaels’ fans don’t follow him on this journey, they’ll certainly talk a lot about it.

If you’re thinking that this movie includes the trans stars developing raging hardons and shooting big cum shots, that does not happen here. The four scenes here with Lena Kelly, Natalie Mars, Janelle Fennec and Khloe Kay are all about Sean being satisfied. Khloe portrays a Moneypenny type of character who informs “Mr. Dick” about his mission that will help him find a dog.

His contacts, or rather, “allies” are introduced in the order in which he’ll meet them. This is a clever director’s tool to showcase each trans performer in solo before the real action begins. The wardrobes are luxurious and production value insanely high. Lena Kelly comes first, beginning a striptease all in white, a bodysuit and stripper platforms.She bares her full breast and jerks off outdoors before Sean meets her in a mansion wearing a sharp black suit. After she blows his extra long cock, rides it and gets her pretty face splattered with jizz, gorgeous Natalie Mars has her “Ally #2” outdoor modeling showcase.There’s no time wasted on plot development in spite of the spy music still playing. Natalie simply gets Sean’s huge cock out, gives him head and him fuck her and cum on her tongue.

“Ally #3” is radiant Janelle who also poses and strips outside. She masturbates her erection and she’s the first actress to meet Mr.Dick outside in this movie. But they take the actual action indoors. The blowjob sequence is especially striking because of their contrasting skin tones. If you’re here for mainly the interracial aspect, this might be the most visually captivating scene for you.Her facial is absolutely torrid!

Finally, we get to the actress director GenderX director Jim Powers exposed to us first, the alluring ingenue Khloe Kay.She joins casual jeans and t-shirt Sean in a black lingerie get-up. and also receives a big facial at the end. This is a solid A production that’s pure glamour- thin on plot development but heavy on beauty and hot sex.

Black-TGirls Review: Jada Dickens Is Horny Again

MP4 Scene Trailer

Description: Jada Dickens is back! Jada is without a doubt one of our favorite models and we are always happy to have her back with us! Looking gorgeous as always, Jada can’t wait to start playing with her cock! Watch her stripping, posing and having fun in another hot solo scene brought to you by KilaKali!

Bio: Birthday: 25th January
Location: Kansas City, Missouri

Kansas City’s own Jada Dickens is a fresh young model that I have known for sometime. She is a pre-cum queen. She was oozing for most of the videos Jada was born to do porn. That adorable face nice little bubble along with a huge cock you can’t go wrong with her.

Review: 2 out of 10 Jada Dickens photo and video sets are hardcore. She does just fine all on her lonesome in her 10th set – a solo performance. Jada introduces herself while standing and she proceeds to move the top of her fishnet outfit downward. She exposes her lovely jet black nipples and the smooth brown tone of her slim midsection.

Jada then pulls her get-up to about mid-thigh, instinctively turning to show off her exquisitely curvy bottom. So she’s completely naked, posing playfully on the table that was behind her moments ago. She rubs her cock gently but spanks her ass hard! Then she hops back onto the floor and presents more of her supremely fuckable rear end, talking dirty all the while.

When she sits back in a deep chair, Jada finger bangs her tight ass, then does the same in full frontal. Jada twerks and flexes her butt cheeks effortlessly and there’s no mistaking how tightly her ass could grip your cock! As she develops an erection, she swings it around like a pendulum. Her intense masturbation begins about halfway through the scene and her erotic dialogue doesn’t end. This seriously hung cutie pie is one tremendous model/performer!

GroobyGirls: Kasey Kei Enjoys Hard Fucking Review

MP4 Scene Trailer 

Description: Just introduced to the world a few weeks ago by Jack Flash, Kasey Kei is definitely one of the hottest Grooby Newbies to make her debut this year. Absolutely stunning! Today, she makes her hardcore debut! We know you were all waiting to see this cutie getting her tight ass pounded hard and so did we! Watch her enjoying some heavy ass-fucking by Smash in this amazing hardcore scene until she gets a facial all over her pretty face!

Bio: Birthday: 8th October
Location: Florida

Kasey Kei is from Japanese and American descent. She hails from central Florida. When Kasey walked through the door she knocked my socks off. Kasey has flawless silky smooth skin and a nice uncut cock. She is a natural in front of the camera and finished with a nice load of cum in her 2nd set.

Beautiful Kasey made her debut in October of 2018 and her climactic encore performance in November. We didn’t have to wait long to see her here again and “Kasey Kei Enjoys Hard Fucking” exceeds my expectations. I wouldn’t say it’s plot-driven, but a little dialogue set up the scene like it’s date night for a new couple. Smash Thompson is one of the newest male sensations from the Sunshine State and he’s a great addition to trans porn. But more on that later.

Kasey is a natural performer. Her acting skills are so seamless I forget she’s saying words from a script. She’s also petite so it’s almost bizarre to think of what she’s gong to do with big Mr. Thompson’s big ole’ dick! Well, she’s quite accomplished at sucking a great amount of her partner’s huge cock while alternatively helping him get his and her clothes off. The topless babe still has her panties on while giving Smash head. When she stands up, Smash rises with her and lowers her undies. Her uncut schlong is stiff and Smash strokes her uncut length as they kiss.

When Smash gets Kasey settled down in the sofa, he swoops down to give her a loving blowjob. I think it’s a big turn on to see a muscle alpha stud sucking a girl’s cock. Kasey sure seems to love it. When the begin to move the action into the bedroom, I literally freeze the movie because the sight of Smash and Kasey with their hardons jutting from their amazing bodies so striking.

Their bodies aren’t the only amazing things in this scene. There’s also lots of intimacy and the fucking is incredible! Watching Kasey’s boner bouncing all over the place as she gets railed is a thrill. So is imagining what it must be like to take such a massive organ on. It can’t be easy and what I really love is that Kasey doesn’t try to make it seem easy. It finally dawned on me that this production is pro porn with everything I love about amateur porn in it – real passion.

TGirls.XXX Review of Jessica Fappit Cums For You

MP4 Scene Trailer

Description: Once again, gorgeous Jessica Fappit returns on TGirls.XXX in another smoking hot solo scene shot by Omar Wax! Horny as she always is, Jessica brings her toys one more time and she’s about to give that tight ass of hers some nice fucking! Watch her playing with her dildo until she makes herself cum!

Bio: Birthday: 19th November
Location: Midwest

Jessica Fappit is a cute college coed from Dallas. Jessica is very early on in her transition and just started living full time as a girl. She has started doing web cams and was very excited to model for us. We spent some time talking about makeup and boys and sex and by the time we started shooting, this shy little college cutie started showing off her sexy side.

Caramel’s Review: If I had an orgasmic meter for porn videos I review, this one might break the dial through the glass. I mean, I have my favorite Jessica Fappit videos, but then there are a few classics like this one that can’t be surpassed. As we begin, Jessica is shown wiggling her perfectly round butt wearing a tasteful white dress. She’s posing barefoot between the window and the bed, already beginning to talk dirty. You might find that your cock is growing to be painfully hard even before she really begins her striptease. When she’s down to just her bra and panties, each ridge of her frame is displayed perfectly. When she straddles the bed with her back facing you, the panel of her undies is so incredibly thin and revealing.

After removing her bra, Jessica tweaks her nipples and emphasizes how sensitive they are. Once they’ve grown fully erect, they remind me of pencil erasers. Then comes the moment she pulls her panties down to expose her bare cock. There’s all kinds of goodness to follow. Eventually, Jessica throws her sexy legs and pretty feet in the air to lubricate herself for some finger play. A purple vibrator comes next and she works that loudly buzzing toy while moaning very loudly. The last photo I’ve included isn’t from a final cum shot. That’s just a photo shot while Jessica’s cock was oozing copious amounts of pre-cum while toying her ass! She plays with her elixir that so many of us would love to taste. The fun doesn’t stop there with this extraordinary TGirls.XXX update!

For more about this trailblazing performer, check out the text and photo PornOCD Interview with Jessica Fappit and the follow video follow-up YouTube Interview with Jessica Fappit.

Jessica Fappit YouTube Interview

My First TS Scene #04 Review

Aubrey Kate: Lilly Ford’s 1st TS Scene Black Friday Sale 

Description: Tottering on high platform heels with a plump camel toe swelling inside her short shorts, adorable young blonde Lilly Ford is giddy with anticipation for her first scene with a TS: Lilly gets to play with T-girl superstar Aubrey Kate! The statuesque TS beauty pins down petite, submissive Lilly, dribbling spit into Lilly’s mouth. Aubrey licks the tiny tart’s shaved pussy, and Lilly gives Aubrey’s she-dick a slobbery blowjob. The busty, glamorous T-girl passionately fucks Lilly’s tight twat and pretty face. Finally, as Aubrey jacks off, Lilly licks her ball sack and then laps up the cum.

Sample Photo Gallery

Review: Superstar Aubrey Kate closes out “My First TS” in a fashion similar to the way she opens the DVD – with an explosive bareback hardcore scene! Lilly Ford is scene first with an off-camera Aiden Starr giving her a brief, yet incredibly sexy interview. There’s a lot of eye candy of course, but what Lilly has to say is also a tremendous turn on. Then there are the camel toe short short, skimpy top and skyscraper platform heels she wears to take things to a whole new level of sexiness.

MP4 Scene Trailer

Next comes Aubrey Kate in perhaps the most sinuous hoodie ever created. She explores Lilly’s petite frame with her tongue on the patio, then takes her indoors to explore the contents of the camel toe I just mentioned. Lilly makes a feast of Aubrey Kate’s big boobs next and some intense frottage leads to a killer blowjob!

“I love it when you push me around…make me your bitch,” Lilly shouts a moment before Aubrey Kate eases her erection inside her tight pussy. Obviously she’s being handled roughly with her first TS. She’s fucked in the missionary position and doggy style exactly the same way! As a matter of fact, this railing is consistently rough and tumble in a variety of positions with resuming oral and back to the fucking again.

Flash Scene Trailer

As far as the quality of Scene #04 goes, it would be at the top of my list to share with someone who’d never seen a trans woman rail a cisgender woman before. This final scene wraps up my review of “My First TS” on and this DVD is amongst the best of the best in every niche across the board.

My First TS Scene #03 Review

Sexy Alex Harper’s First TS

MP4 Scene Trailer

Description: Big-assed, all-natural porn star Alex Harper takes a luxurious bubble bath in anticipation of her exciting first date with a T-girl, lingerie-clad Lena Kelly. Redhead Alex closes her eyes and sticks out her tongue; Lena thrusts her hard she-cock into Alex’s open mouth. After a lewd and intimate 69 session, the tattooed, platinum-haired TS cutie slides her stiff boner into Alex’s trimmed twat and fucks away. The trans goddess feverishly pounds Alex’s pussy, finally dribbling hot cum into the redhead’s open mouth.

Review: Alex Harper fans have known this ginger beauty also as Rose Ballentine, Rose Lorali, Rose Leeann Ballentine, Rose B, Alex Crawford. She’s been in the adult industry for about 3 years and when I took a look at the porn star filmography of Alex Harper, I was so impressed by the body of work she’s compiled so quickly! You should take a look at the Alex Harper Profile on Evil Angel.

Sample Photo Gallery

I can’t rave enough about the trans superstar Lena Kelly who’s one of my all-time favorites. is her amazing individual website in conjunction with the ever-expanding TransErotica network.

Sexy Alex Harper’s First TS” begins with the redhead naked in bubbly bath water in a brief interview with (off-screen) director Aiden Starr. The conversation is titillating as are Miss Harper’s bare tits. The ladies confess how they love working with one another. Then Aiden directs Alex to get on her hands and knees in the tub with her face over the edge, her eyes shut and her tongue sticking out. She’s then presented with one of the best things that could happen in one of this DVD’s four scenes – the stiff cock of Lena Kelly aiming for her open mouth.

After a receiving a delicious-looking, yet brief blowjob, Lena has Alex turn around in the tub to play with her butt and pussy. There’s more cock sucking, but now it’s time to take things to the next level. This is when Lena invites Alex to follow her to the bed. Lena is then treated to a handjob and a rimjob! Alex gets her pussy wickedly eaten and the girls arrange themselves into the 69 position. After about 14 minutes of this 32 minute scene, Lena begins easing her hardon inside Alex’s pussy. Lena comes up with methods of fucking Alex that display acrobatic talent. This is one of the reasons why she’s one of my favorites – she fucks in ways that only an experienced performer can.

Flash Scene Trailer

Whenever I see a cisgender female performer with a trans woman performer, I ask myself if the cis girl has ever been fucked by a trans girl before. In this case, Lena asks Alex if she enjoyed getting fucked by a trans girl for the first time. All I have to say about that is, if there’s ever to be a second one, she has some mighty big shoes to fill.

My First TS Scene #02 Review

Chanel Santini: Ginger Banks’ First TS

MP4 Scene Trailer

Description: Willowy blonde Ginger Banks is new on the porn scene, and she can’t wait to lose her trans virginity with glamorous Chanel Santini! Ginger sucks Chanel’s stiff she-cock. The pretty XXX newcummer lewdly rims Chanel’s asshole. Tall TS queen Chanel eats Ginger’s pussy and then shoves her hard boner in. Chanel passionately fucks Ginger and embraces her in an intimate 69 session. As the trans goddess masturbates, Ginger sucks her balls, rims her butthole, and then laps up Chanel’s hot cum.

Review: I’ve raved so many times about Chanel Santini, and I’m about to do it again, but let’s get to Ginger Banks first. Chanel’s co-star is a webcam model, adult film star, feature dancer, YouTuber and entrepreneur. She’s been nominated for “Web Star of the Year” and “Crossover Star of the Year” at the 2019 XBIZ Awards.

This is the Northern Arizona cisgender woman native’s first time in a production with a trans woman. The “My First TS” performance in incredible and to give you some insight as to what makes Ginger tick as a person, here’s a recent quote: “I have gotten so much further by being nice than I ever could have by being mean. Your ego can take control of your thinking in this industry, so it is important to surround yourself with people that help keep you humble instead of making your head bigger”.

Sample Photo Gallery

Chanel fans ought to know that her co-star in “Chanel Santini: Ginger Banks’ First TS Review” on also has a warm and sweet personality. That still matters to many of us, believe it or not. And it shows in the main scene with Chanel and Ginger if not even more in the Behind-The-Scenes footage.

We begin with (off-screen) director Aiden Starr conducting a pre-production interview with Ginger who is so excited about getting fucked by Chanel. Then something shocking happens while Ginger is gushing about Chanel. As the camera zooms out, we see that Chanel is sitting at the other side of a sprawling leather sofa with a hardon jutting from her stocking thighs.

Flash Scene Trailer

Chanel adds that one of the things she’s most excited about by Chanel is that she’s still pretty new to hardcore porn. That’s a bit of an additional turn on for me because it indicates that Ginger might not really know what she’s in for. Ginger stated that she’d followed Chanel on Instagram, but is she truly aware that Chanel can top like nobody’s business? Well, the interview evolves into Ginger and Chanel’s first kiss within the first two minutes and she’s soon to find out what getting railed by this trans superstar is like.

The fellatio footage is incredible to me because Ginger sucks cock like her main goal in life is to make one’s dick explode fast. But Chanel manages to hold back from cumming and delivers the type of cunnilingus only a true pussy lover can. Believe me, I know. The bareback fucking session is so wonderfully long! Chanel starts laying pipe about 8 and a half minutes into this 21 minute scene! If there’s not enough foreplay in the beginning, there will be more of it between fucks. The intimacy is fantastic and the way Chanel and Ginger kiss is exquisite. Aiden Starr’s direction helps to make this session a masterpiece right down to the last second. The 2 minute post-coital BTS footage is great, too!

My First TS Scene #01 Review

Aubrey Kate: Joanna Angel’s First TS

My First TS Synopsis: Director Aiden Starr, purveyor of all things kinky, erotic and exotic, initiates exquisite porn beauties into the world of trans sex! In ‘My First TS,’ uninhibited cis females dive into gender-bent adventures, losing T-girl virginity in sessions of mutual exploration and hot fucking! Elaborately inked MILF of and busts her trans cherry in an anal date with tall, blonde TS contract girl Aubrey Kate. Tattooed Aubrey pumps Joanna’s asshole with she-dick, and Joanna eagerly laps up comely Aubrey’s cum. New on the scene, willowy blonde Ginger Banks can’t wait to give glamorous T-girl Chanel Santini a blowjob. Chanel passionately fucks the pretty newcummer, who eats Chanel’s hot jism. Big-assed, all-natural Alex Harper goes from a luxurious bubble bath to an exciting fuck with platinum-haired, lingerie-clad trans goddess Lena Kelly. Adorable, young blonde Lilly Ford is positively giddy as she submits to trans superstar Aubrey, who drills the tiny tart’s shaved pussy and fucks her pretty face.

MP4 Scene Trailer

Scene #01 Description: Kinky, tattooed MILF Joanna Angel has experienced many wild perversions, but she’s never tasted a trans girl before! Tall, blonde Evil Angel TS contract girl Aubrey Kate initiates sexy Joanna into this new world, shoving her hard she-cock into the porn queen’s mouth. They share a lewd 69, with Joanna rimming Aubrey’s ass. Joanna lies face down on a padded bench to let fishnet-clad Aubrey fuck her juicy pussy. Joanna takes an anal ride on Aubrey’s stiff lady-cock and eagerly laps up T-girl cum.

Sample Photo Gallery

Review: The opening of Scene #01 begins with scantily clad Joanna Angel being interviewed by director Aiden Starr (off camera). It rapidly evolves into an arousing interview as Aiden focuses on Joanna’s curvy rear and the exercises she obviously employs to maintain it. Joanna helps direct our attention to the tiny wrinkled rosebud she insists is ready. Along with the lovely eye candy, I’m fascinated by the personal aspects Joanna shares, such as how she loves having the opportunity to be a performer for now and to allow others to worry about directing and production. Suddenly, Joanna is surprised by Aubrey’s entrance in the middle of the interview. It only takes about 3 and a half minutes for the sex to get underway.

Flash Scene Trailer

As for the sex, the passionate kissing and aggressive foreplay that precedes it, leads to some rough, extreme naughtiness! Many viewers will find that the cunnilingus, rimming and cocksucking techniques these adult industry professionals employ are as educational as they are arousing.

Aubrey Kate delivers a bareback pipe laying session that comes in waves of resuming foreplay seemingly right before points of impending climax. Joanna makes her vaginal railing and anal pounding seem like the world’s most pleasurable activities in existence. When Joanna and Aubrey compliment each other at the end of the scene, I’m in 100% agreement that they’re both absolutely amazing. The Behind-The-Scenes footage is so intimate and fun – the icing on the proverbial porn cake.

Sharnell Dupree & Soldier Boi Fuck Hard Review

MP4 Scene Trailer 

Description: One gorgeous Grooby Newbie makes her debut today! Everybody, meet Sharnell Dupree! This gorgeous young girl discovered by Omar Wax introduces herself to the world with nothing less than a banging new hardcore scene! Sharnell is sexy, horny and she can’t wait to get that tight ass of hers pounded hard! Watch her Soldier Boi fucking her in her very first scene… She loves it!

Stunning Sharnell Dupree from Kayenta, Arizona is incredible in her debut with TEA winning Soldier Boi of Texas. Soldier Boi is fantastic as usual. The scene opens with Sharnell being seduced from her French tip pedicure and up.

The Native American beauty has a pleasant look on her face of being pampered, admired and eventually aroused by the attention. As she’s stripped to her skivvies, Soldier Boi focuses his admiration on Sharnell’s curvy bottom. He gives her a loving rimjob on the sofa and proceeds to help her rise to her feet to be introduced to his cock. He’s still fully dressed and she’s deliciously naked at this point.

Sharnell sinks to her knees on the floor to deliver what looks like an amazing blowjob. Moments later, her high-pitched voice can be heard asking Soldier Boi to fuck her while he gets into position behind her on the couch.

A doggy style pounding evolves into a cowgirl ride with soft moans and deep groaning from the sexy couple. My favorite sequence of their fucking happens to be where Soldier Boi thrust his big dick in and out of Sharnell from below and her body is displayed full frontal. Her pierced nipples are clearly visible as is her stiff, jiggling cock. I’m going to let you see for yourself how many other position changes there are in this gorgeous XXX update on!

Sexsomnia: Amilia Onyx Dreams of Hot Trans Lesbian Nurse Kayleigh Coxx

MP4 Scene Trailer 

Description: Amilia Onyx is a busty beauty who is in dire need of Nurse Kayleigh Coxx’s help. She can’t stop rubbing her horny pussy while she sleeps. She’ll wake up fucking whoever is laying next to her. She has no control over her crazy nocturnal sexcapades. To get to the bottom of this, Amilia participates in an eight-hour sleep study under the close observation of Nurse Kayleigh Coxx. The minute Amilia slips into sleep she wakes up in the same old familiar fuck fest dreams she visits every night. Amilia is bossed around by the big-titted, latex clad nurse. What starts as sweet deep kissing and slow seductive breast licking quickly escalates to a sloppy spitty cock sucking. As she gets roughly throat fucked Amilia gets incredibly turned on. Kaleigh licks her wet, pretty hole before fingering her while holding a vibrator on her eager clit, pulling multiple orgasms out of her. Amilia’s eyes roll back in her head as she moans and cums over and over again. Kayleigh bends her over and fucks her deep in doggy style, filling her entirely with her throbbing cock. Kayleigh flips her over and watches while her rock hard dick is ridden by Amilia’s dripping wet cunt. She continues to drill the sweet pussy as the soft pink pussy lips wrap around her shaft. Amilia’s huge natural tits shake as she’s fucked relentlessly. After falling to her knees she takes the nurse’s sweet lady cum on her tongue. Amilia jolts awake, out of breath, sweaty and with her panties drenched. She is more freaked out then ever. Could the hot nurse have seen what goes on in her filthy mind? Her desperate pleas for answers are met with the nurse’s mischievous smile and coy denial.

Review: Both Kayleigh and Amilia have worked on before, but not together. A lot of fans are so used to Kayleigh bottoming in her hardcore scenes, but she confesses to director Sadie Lola that she really enjoys topping, too. Believe me, it shows.

Sadie describes this impending scene as full of “sensual domination” “Sexomnia” action unfolds with Miss Onyx explaining her problem to Nurse Coxx in the medical office. I think you’ll love the way the discussion sequence evolves into the sleep study in which Amelia is topless and barefoot on the exam table with the nurse snapping her latex gloves on. Amelia’s body is so luscious and it’s such a tease seeing Kayleigh with her uniform still on.

The transformative sequence comes with Amelia falling into her sleep state having the very type of fantasy she described to Nurse Kayleigh. Only now, Amelia is dressed in lingerie and Kayleigh is in a more of a fetishistic latex nurse’s uniform.

The moment that gets my she-cock pulsating is the first kiss between Amelia an Kayleigh. On top of their beautiful contrast comes Amelia raising the hem of Kayleigh’s latex dress. An already stiff cock emerges and gets sucked with wild abandon. Kayleigh goes efficiently muff-diving next and Kayleigh drives Amelia nuts with manual masturbation and the help of a magic wand vibrator.

After the second fellatio sequence, I’m pretty sure that Kayleigh is soon to ease her stiff cock inside Amelia’s pussy. Then it happens! Kayleigh delivers an incredible, multiple position changing fuck until she can no longer resist cumming! Between the Upper Floor and Families Tied, this is Amelia’s 4th performance. Kayleigh has been on twice before but this is her debut! Check out Kayleigh’s profile out here:!

TGirls.Porn Review: Kendall Vuitton & Khloe Kay

MP4 Scene Trailer 

Description: Somebody fetch the hose ‘cos we are on FIRE! Presenting two highly in-demand ladies who have propelled themselves onto the world stage with recent debut appearances across our sites – Kendall Vuitton and Khloe Kay – a sensational pairing combine for this all-star edition of an update, shot with finesse by Omar Wax….you’re welcome!

Everybody, meet Kendall Vuitton! Just introduced to us by Omar Wax, this stunning Chicago girl has an amazing body, long legs and a perfect ass!

Review: Kendall Vuitton of Chicago, IL and Khloe Kay of Las Vegas, NV are just two fine ass girls chillin’ in the kitchen in lingerie. Khloe is full of compliments for her friend, who returns her kindness. She doesn’t shy away when Khloe asks Kendall to rise and model her outfit, or when Kendall playfully squeezes and slaps her curvy ass. In fact, she gets her turn to play a little rough with Khloe’s protuberant butt, too!

Khloe initiates the first kiss and she lowers her hand quickly to cup Kendall’s panty bulge. She then exposes what’s bulging and sinks to her knees to give it a good, long sucking. Her cock gets so big when it’s fully erect. Khloe does a great jog orally pleasing it in the kitchen and also when they move into the living room.

Khloe develops a boner while she’s giving her buddy head. Kendall holds her own while sucking Khloe to a full on stiffie! Next, Khloe has Kendall rest on the sofa on her hands and knees while she gives her a rimjob and jerks her off. They change positions for Kendall to toss Khloe’s salad.

Khloe is in the doggy style position as Kendall prepares to ease her big dick inside Khloe’s tight ass. I can’t help but judge how well a top can fuck and if this were a test I conducted, Kendall would pass with flying colors. She rails Khloe magnificently in the reverse cowgirl position and side saddle, too.

I never get the impression that Kendall and Khloe are real life lovers. This is a suck and fuck session and it’s extraordinary, albeit with very little intimacy. But I’m keeping my eye each performer from this TGirl.Porn update because there careers in adult entertainment are capable of reaching the heights of super stardom.

Review written by @tscaramel on Twitter.

BlackTGirlsHardcore Review: Gorgeous Girl & Soldier Boi

MP4 Scene Trailer 

Description:Gorgeous Girl is a super sexy girl with a smoking hot slim body, long legs and an amazing ass! This girl has been one of our favorites ever since she made her debut a year ago! Today, she makes her hardcore debut here on and we can’t wait to see her in action! Watch her enjoying herself as Soldier Boi pounds her tight hole hard in this smashing hardcore scene brought to you by Omar Wax!

Gorgeous Girl says, “I’m a young, slender glamour girl. Not arrogant but confident in who I am and what I strive to achieve. Some guys are intimidated by my strong personality, but overall I do have a gentle side. I’m more of a versatile bottom. Be nice to me and I will satisfy your every desire.”

Review: Gorgeous Girl is doing what her name suggests while seated, wearing a black fishnet body stocking with fuchsia trim when this update begins. She rubs her nipples in her direct confrontation with you and the camera zooms out to reveal that Soldier Boi is watching her from the end of the long sofa. He takes a seat next to her and begins touching her upper torso and breast, nuzzling against one of her exposed nipples.

Soldier Boi encourages Gorgeous Girl to rise from the sofa and we get a closer look at her figure. She’s petite and slender yet with curves in all the right places. Gorgeous Girl allows her man to strip her slowly and to playfully smack her firm ass. Her bottom is soon raised high in the air as she rests on her hands and knees on the couch for whatever is to happen next.

She’s completely naked as she receives a prolonged rimjob and then it’s her turn to help get Soldier Boi undressed. The muscular stud’s shirt comes off but he’s sliding his cock in and out of GG’s mouth before they get his pants off. He challenges her to suck as deeply down along his long rod as she can and this girl is talented!

Next, Gorgeous Girl assumes the doggy style position she had her salad tossed in again. But this time she’s about to get penetrated by Soldier Boi’s stiff cock! The ex-military hunk fucks Gorgeous girl in the reverse cowgirl position next, side saddle and in the missionary position.

The position changes don’t end there, but I don’t want to give away everything you’ll see on By the way, I raved about this stunning trans model twice before and you can read those at Gorgeous Girl Caramel’s TGirls where I talk about her performances on

I’ve raved about Grooby Award winner Soldier Boi so many times I’ve lost count. My UK Adult DVD Talk reviewer friend Scott presented his PornOCD Interview with Soldier Boi in January of 2016. If you’re a male aspiring adult industry hopeful, you should definitely read that interview!

Review written by @tscaramel on Twitter.