GroobyGirls: Beautiful Ivory Mayhem!

MP4 Scene Trailer 

Following her smashing hardcore debut released a few weeks ago, gorgeous Ivory Mayhem is back on Grooby Girls with a brand new solo scene, another one produced by Radius Dark! One of this year’s hottest debutantes returns looking sexy as hell and ready to have fun! She brought her toys too and she is ready to give that sexy ass of hers some nice fucking! Watch her playing with her dildo and stroking her cock just for you!

Description: One look at Ivory and there’s no doubt that this girl is going to break hearts on A natural beauty and genuine sweetheart who has only recently started her transition means we can only expect great things from her. Ivory loves big, black cock and can’t wait to do hardcore in the near future. Her slender ass, ample cock and thick cum shots promise great things. I can’t wait to shoot her again!

Hi, from Caramel. That description of Ivory was written at the time of her debut and encore performances. She didn’t get any BBC for her 1st hardcore performance on the world’s longest running transsexual porn site. She did get someone wonderful however, the handsome and hung Tony Orlando most well-known from the kink and fetish genres.

I’m here to discuss Ivory’s latest Grooby Girls solo performance, but allow me to touch on her hardcore scene with Tony. There’s so much great trans porn to cover, it’s impossible to review every scene when it’s released. This Ivory and Tony update almost escaped me, but it’s a beauty to observe. We begin with Tony and Ivory already in progress, making out on the bed, scantily clad. By the time their cocks are exposed, they’re hard already. Ivory is first to perform fellatio.

What’s sexier – the way Ivory’s face and body look or the way she sucks Tony’s big cock? I’m talking about Ivory in a bra and panties, let alone laying on her back with her erection pointing up towards the ceiling! Tony jerks Ivory off while giving her a rimjob. They trade oral favors again before Tony gives Ivory the fucking of a lifetime!

Tony is already a major porn star and as long as Ivory stays in the game, she’ll go straight t the top, too! You’ll agree I’m sure once you see her go from the red hardcore theme to her blue-themed update, also shot by Radius Dark. I think Ivory’s big dick is as hard as it was with Tony at the beginning of both scenes. Ivory wears black stockings and tall sandals with her blue lingerie. She’s already jerking off when this update begins.

She’s absolutely riveting to watch playing with nothing but her hands and with a large dildo. And you can thank Ivory’s producer for presenting her with not a stitch of clothing on eventually in this extraordinary update!

Review written by @tscaramel on Twitter. 

TGirls.Porn: Becca Homicide & Jean Jezebel

MP4 Scene Trailer

Description: Another week, another nut busting classic from your good buddies here on TGirls.Porn! This week it’s Femout.XXX babes Becca Homicide and Jean Jezebel ( Interview with Jean Jezebel) bringing the heat in a steamy session of sweltering TS on TS antics. Go get ’em!

Biographies by Radius Dark:

Las Vegas, Nevada’s Becca Homicide is on the goth side of things, with her piercings, black hair, and tattoos. She stands 6’2″, but is completely submissive. She rarely tops, but loves to bottom. She’s a musician in her spare time and is new to the Seattle area. You’ll definitely be seeing more of this girl in the future. Becca is one of the best models I’ve worked with in terms of taking direction and coming on time. Very easy to work with, so kudos to her.

Jean Jezebel is a West Coast (Washington) girl who receives many compliments on her eyes and she loves her freckles. She’s gone to school for both biology, which she considers the science of sex. She also went to culinary school and loves to cook.

She says she’s a bit of a nerd, who plays video, card, and board games. Sexually, she’s a bottom who loves to be the center of attention. She loves to get off by satisfying people. Gorgeous redhead Jean is kneeling on the bed when stunning Becca straddles the mattress to give her a kiss.

They’re both wearing checkered brassieres and black lacy panties as they kiss like trans lesbian lovers who haven’t seen each other in ages. The first display of nudity revealed is Jean’s puffy pink nipples when Becca lowers her bra. Jean also has a growing bulge in her panties, but more on that later.

Jean returns the breast admiration and lowers her lover’s panties. She gives Becca a brief cock sucking before getting one in return. Becca’s tea baggiing and deep throating has Jean soon moaning loudly.

Becca gives Jean a rimjob after sucking her prick t oa full blown erection. Both girls are gloriously nude by the time Becca hoers above Jean for an intense 69 session. Becca gets her lovely cock sucked again, plus her sexy ass eaten.

Then, Jean applies protection to her erection and begins humping Becca doggy style. Two pair of lovely breast jiggle and Becca’s cock swings beneath her as Jean drives her hard organ in and out of Becca’s tight ass! I’ve just described half of this amazing TGirls.Porn update that ends with two extraordinary cum shots! This production is one of the best of the best!

Review written by @tscaramel on Twitter.

TransErotica: Nikki Jade Taylor Fucks Lindsey Love

MP4 Scene Trailer 

Bras, panties and sandals are all trans superstar cam model Nikki Jade Taylor and gorgeous cisgender girl Lindsey Love are wearing while making out on the sofa. There’s passionate kissing followed by oral, mutual breast admiration. Lindsey helps Nikki get out of her panties next, exposing her lovely uncut cock on

Then, Nikki gets down to the business of eating Lindsey’s pretty pussy. She jerks off while carpet munching. There’s more deep kissing and finger banging, another round of cunnilingus and then it’s time for Nikki to be orally pleased. Lindsey gets on the floor and sucks Nikki’s dick to a raging erection!

Soon, Nikki’s big tits are jiggling and her hard cock is bouncing as she prepares to straddle Lindsey on the floor. It’s a good thing there’s a soft rug and carpet beneath Lindsey because she’s about to get powerfully drilled! A missionary position railing evolves into a bucking bareback cowgirl ride.

he couple pauses from fucking for a moment and Lindsey gives Nikki a rimjob. Nikki then hits that curvy ass doggy style and then it’s missionary again with Lindsey rubbing the bulb of a magic wand vibe against her clit.

But that toy isn’t need for long to keep Lindsey stimulated. Nikki gets treated to another rimjob and she gets her smooth balls tea bagged while jerking off on her back to an impending climax. She gets her ass fingered with multiple digits and then she stands up getting ready to cum.

Nikki jacks off furiously and shots a big load of creamy white spunk across Lindsey’s pretty face on! Register free to see Nikki LIVE on

TSPussyHunters: Shiri Allwood Leads Trusting Alana Cruise Into The Haunted Fuck House!

MP4 Scene Trailer 

Sometimes I like to watch the opening and closing director’s interview that comes with a update to see how well the actors get along. If they haven’t worked together before, the body language is usually more intimate in the post-porn interview. This is the case with the Halloween special, “Shiri Allwood Leads Trusting Alana Cruise Into The Haunted Fuck House!” opening and closing sequences. I haven’t dated a cisgender woman in about a decade, but I remember loving the sort of closeness that can develop after sex. That’s what I looked forward to with this scene which seemed challenging because of the story line. The team responsible for this incredible production include directors Sadie Shaw, Fivestar, and Porno Bobbie.

The official synopsis reads, “Sexy blonde Shiri Allwood talks her friend Alana Cruise into breaking into a creepy abandoned house where a reclusive old pervert once lived. The girls are fascinated when they discover some kinky sex toys. Shiri becomes possessed with an unknown compelling energy that permeates the house. Alana is a little frightened, but trusts Shiri and willingly plays along with her friend’s desires. Shiri blindfolds Alana and soon has her friend over her knee, groping and spanking her butt cheeks. Being blindfolded is a turn-on for Alana and she forgets they are in a dark, musty old house.

Shiri doesn’t stop with the spanking. Her fingers reach underneath Alana’s panties, fingering her pussy and playing with her asshole. Alana’s moaning gets Shiri even more turned on, and makes her want more. Alana, still blindfolded, can feel Shiri’s mouth on her pussy. She can feel Shiri’s tongue caressing her clit. When Shiri commands Alana to undress completely, the spirit of the house compels Alana to willingly obey. She happily allows Shiri to attach nipple clamps to her tender breasts. When Alana is ordered to remove Shiri’s shoes, she soon finds herself kissing and worshiping Shiri’s bare feet and licking her toes. Soon she finds herself worshiping Shiri’s now very hard cock.

Alana is hungry for her friend’s cock. She sucks it hard and deep, driving Shiri wild. Something in this house has made Alana a cock sucking demon. All Shiri can think about now is putting her hard cock in Alana’s wet pussy. Alana is all too eager to bend over the couch and let her friend have her way with her. Alana lays on her back and holds her legs open as wide as she can to let Shiri drive her hard cock down deep into Alana’s fuck hole. Shiri pounds Alana into ecstasy and oozing onto her friend’s stomach. The mysterious sexual energy inside this house has brought these two friends closer than they had ever imagined.

Back to my little review, I can remember a time when photo sets were just okay. Now, they’re high quality and abundant and this one is especially fantastic. I could have used from the entire set over two dozen if it were proper to blog with more images!

Is “The Haunted Fuck House” scary? It definitely gives me the creeps before evolving into pure eroticism. Alana describing the way one of the rooms smells like old moth balls helps the viewer get a sense of realism. The seduction begins with Shiri discovering a pair of nipple clamps while exploring. Her extra heavy eye makeup makes her look adorable yet sinister. The fantastic foreplay rolls out quickly and evolves into content for ass lovers, foot fetishists, and amazing oral sequences from both gorgeous actresses. The bareback fucking is phenomenal! Get to TS Pussy Hunters from the network of smoking hot channels.

TGirls.XXX: Stunning Ella Venus

MP4 Scene Trailer

“Today, we have an immense pleasure to introduce one of the hottest Grooby Newbies to make her debut this year! Meet Ella Venus! Ella is from Australia and she flew to London to shoot her Grooby debut with Kalin.”

” This girl is absolutely stunning! She left us all speechless with her beauty and we are sure you are going to fall in love with gorgeous Ella! She has an amazing body, long legs, a perfect ass, a big hard dick and a smile from another world! Watch this cutie posing, stripping and stroking her big cock for you in her first scene ever!”

Hi, from Caramel. This tall drink of water from Sydney, Australia looks absolutely stunning undressing herself during her debut on TGirls.XXX. It’s odd for someone so gorgeous to appear a bit nervous, but I think that’s what her chuckles are about. It seems like Ella the type of modesty that’s uncommon for models and it’s quite charming.

Producer Kalin doesn’t rush Ella to expose nudity. As a matter of fact, there’s nothing revealed until we get some pretty, pink nipple action about 3:45 minutes into the video. After posing her figure from various perspectives, Ella takes a seat to remove her skyscraper platforms. Her curvy legs and dainty feet are encased in fishnet stockings and her goodies are slipping out of her black lace panties.

After showing off more of her luscious body and lovely hormone breasts, Ella stands up to give us rear and full frontal views of lowering her panties. Soon, Ella exposes a gorgeous uncut cock dangling between her thighs. The slow striptease leads to Ella stroking her big erection at the midway point of her review! This TGirls.XXX video is timed so right as well as beautifully shot! Ella looks like she’s lost in rapture while finger banging her tight ass with her huge hardon hovering above her tummy. 

Review written by @tscaramel on Twitter

TS-CastingCouch: Meet Daisy Taylor

MP4 Scene Trailer 

Producer Buddy Wood comments, ” A transsexual porn star is born!! Daisy Taylor is definitely something special and one of the hottest girls I’ve ever shot! And I’ve shot a lot! She has a bright future ahead of her if she wants! Pretty damn perfect from head to toe. Drop dead gorgeous face, curvy body with perky tits, an amazing ass that just begs to get eaten or fucked…and a surprisingly big cock. And on top of it all she’s incredibly sweet, funny and charming. A great model! We’ll be seeing much more of Daisy Taylor!!”

If I hadn’t seen Daisy Taylor in action before she was amazingly presented by Mr. Wood, I wouldn’t have known what he was so excited about. But I’m quite familiar with this stunning model/producer so I get it. He begins this update with Daisy moving quickly through the living room to take a seat on the inspiration of Daisy makes a self-deprecating joke and proceeds to describe the channel produced by Daisy and her husband.

She then describes the sexual organ she loves most and what she likes it to do to her. It’s most likely not the response you’re thinking of, but it’s a lot of fun! When Mr. Wood asks about what some of her fantasies are, I’m half expecting her to reply that she’s already fulfilled them all. But thankfully, she hasn’t yet and she puts some highly erotic images in our heads.

Daisy has been having a lot of fun creating porn and her goal is to increase her fan base. That’s true with most models, yet I never thought I’d see her in a major studio video because she clearly does so well with her own productions. But his is fantastic – the best way to increase her current stardom. So let’s move on to how well Daisy performs with one of the most celebrated trans porn producers since its inception. If you’re expecting to sense any nervous tension, you’re most likely only going to feel sexual tension. Daisy masturbates with techniques I consider to be a bit rare. In other words, Daisy doesn’t need sex toys to make a fap session exciting. I know I’m being vague, but I don’t want to spoil this update’s eroticism for you.

There are spectacular rear, aerial and full frontal views with Daisy jerking off with a look of tension on her face that reveal she’s most likely going to cum by the end of this shoot. Then it happens! A copious amount of cum fires from the head of Daisy’s big cock! If you get this 16:39 minute HD video and 118 image hi-res photo set into your collection, they might make most of your others feel extremely jealous.

Daisy is a verified model, so take my registration offer and search hereonneptune to see her hardcore videos! Go to for more original content and to see her performing LIVE go to!

Review written by @tscaramel on Twitter.

HereOnNeptune on PornHub Premium

Black-TGirls: Ms. Rose Strokes For You!

MP4 Scene Trailer 

I’ve already raved about “Introducing Ms. Rose“, the debut, here on TS Dreamland. “Ms. Rose Strokes For You!” shot by East Coast producer Ellis deserves the same treatment. This gorgeous new model’s bio reads: Ms. Rose is a brand new, never before seen mixed Sicilian and Puerto Rican cutie with a long cock and pretty brown ass. She has no inhibitions and is willing to be a dirty girl for you. Although a little nervous for her first shoot we’re sure to see more of her in the near future. Switchable, but prefers to top pretty young TGirls and straight men. Enjoy this pretty lady as much as I did shooting her!

Ellis pretty much picks up where he left off on with Ms. Rose, some of us at the verge of cumming and many that fell completely off the ledge. The encore performance is playful with Ms. Rose posing as an Western movie bandit with her bandanna as a mask. Her top is covered for the first sequence by a sports jersey, but her wonderful lower extremities are completely bare.

Ms. Rose has beautiful skin and hair, pretty enough to model in commercials, but we’re so fortunate to see her doing porn instead for now. While obviously developing an erection, she coyly asks if we like the cute little birthmarks on her cute little cock. She’s pretty modest. The birthmarks are little, but she doesn’t have a little dick by any means. Study the way she swings it from side to side while standing. Watch the way it expands as she strokes it firmly.

Ellis captures some amazing aerial footage that puts you in the mind of Ms. Rose hovering about you with that fabulous butt of hers and gently rocking hardon. And then she talks about fucking! While jerking off, Ms. Rose talks about hearing someone moan as she fucks them slowly and deeply. That dirty talk in the encore shoot of stunning Ms. Rose on is enough to make someone completely lose it!

Review written by @tscaramel on Twitter.

TwoTgirls: Fancy Fucking with Janelle Fennec & Kami Kartel

Scene Trailer

Description: The HOTTEST PORN OF FALL 2018! This week Janelle Fennec and Kami Kartel are all dolled up and ready to go out when all of a sudden, the big fancy event was CANCELLED! Looking all hot with nowhere to go, Janelle and Kami are frustrated. All they wanted was so meet some hot guys and enjoy the fancy event. Horned up, the girls both decide playing with each other will be just as fun! This video is loaded with all kinds of great positions, doggy style, missionary, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, they’re all over the place! Don’t miss the hot load Kami Kartel blows all over Janelle Fennec’s face at the end!

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That’s the official synopsis, but of course, I can’t just leave it at that. The story unfolds with Janelle and Kami all dolled up for an event. After looking forward to it for months, they learn together that it’s been cancelled. Janelle laments that she was ready to meet some hot guys at this black tie event, adding that she’s all horned up. It’s the same for Kami. But Kami questions that they need guys and Janelle looks gorgeous to her. A touch on the knee leads to hand holding and a kiss on the lips.

Videos Page

A little tongue action comes next and Janelle tell Kami she should see what she has on underneath. We’re all dying to find out, Janelle! We see her lace stocking tops held up by garters. When she turns her back toward Kami for assistance in getting unzipped, a bulbous cock head emerges from her thighs. Oh, there’s no panties! And wait until you see the lingerie Janelle is wearing upstairs – her lovely breasts are luxuriously displayed in lace. Kami exposes one of Janelle’s pierced pink nipples, then the other, and rubs them both.

Janelle learns that Kami is wearing sheer pantyhose beneath her evening dress. Kami is almost fully erect and Janelle wastes no time withdrawing her cock from her hosiery. She arranges herself on the sofa to give Kami a blowjob while jerking her own cock! Both girls are soon sporting raging hardons and it’s hard to tell which on or both is going to get fucked tonight. Kami gets to do a little cock sucking and a whole lotta bareback fucking! She’s the top tonight in “Fancy Fucking” on – 28 minutes and 40 seconds available in 1080P (Full HD) 1.42GB, 4K (Ultra HD) 6.31GB, 480P (SD) 336.47MB and 720P (HD)671.90MB Formats!

Review written by @tscaramel on Twitter.

TGirls.Porn: Anastasia Coxx & Scarlet Rose

MP4 Scene Trailer 

Anastasia Coxx

Description: It’s a hung Tuesday special as packing hotties Anastasia Coxx & Scarlet Rose get balls deep and nasty under Radius’s lights! Two very horny trans girls, one killer production – go feast your peepers on the tgirl goodies in the update area this instant.

Scarlet Rose

TS Dreamland fan favorite and Caramel’s Interviewee Anastasia Coxx meeting Scarlet Rose under the direction of Mr. Dark is one of the most exciting and arousing events of 2018. I’m used to most TGirls.Porn scenes beginning with the impression that the actresses are real girlfriends. Sometimes they’re real life girlfriends indeed. However, I don’t get that vibe with Anastasia and Scarlet. I’m 100% convinced that they’re seriously turned on by each other from the moment the foreplay begins.

There’s just something so special about the brief nose rubbing and touching as their lips meet. The mutual breast admiration footage is wonderful as both girls have such lovely boobs. For those anxious to see what’s going on downstairs, Scarlet lowers Anastasia’s panties while on her knees to expose her expanding cock and smoothly shaven ball sack.

She kisses the swelling head and engorged shaft before taking the bulb inside her mouth, only concerned with Anastasia’s pleasure. Anastasia is equally unselfish. She doesn’t even bother touching her own hardon while bringing Scarlet’s cock to a throbbing erection.

I love a good sword fight. The standing frottage while kissing more passionately than before is exquisite. That’s followed by a POV blowjob from Anastasia. Then we get to see Scarlet sucking Anastasia in the same format. At this point, the question I have is which gorgeous ass is going to be penetrated in the next few moments. Get to TGirls.Porn to see for yourself.

Review written by @tscaramel on Twitter

Transsensual: Lena Kelly & Smith

MP4 Scene Trailer

“You Move Me” is the title of this update. The official scene description from the website reads: Smith reveals that he and his gorgeous wife Lena Kelly must join a witness protection program, which will move them to the Midwest and leave their luxurious life in Beverly Hills behind. Lena loves her older, distinguished husband Smith, but this is asking a lot. Smith know the best way to convince her. Smith takes Lena in his arms and makes out with her, sucking on her pouty lips. Lena drops to her knees and takes Smith’s cock into her mouth, working up and down the shaft craving a taste of his thick member. Smith simply cannot wait to fuck Lena’s tight ass. Lena spreads her firm ass cheeks, welcoming Smith into her ass. Smith works feverishly, pumping in and out of Lena’s ass as she begs for more. After fucking her in a frenzy Smith unloads his hot cum on Lena, and they both collapse into each other arms to consider their future.

Sample Photo Gallery

That’s a hot and horny synopsis. I’d like to add a few thoughts about what makes this scene work so well. Lena Kelly is one of the most successful talents in the industry due to her amazing looks and her actual acting ability. Smith is a veteran actor and any trans woman working with him could easily be made to look silly if her acting chops aren’t up to par. I don’t even care too much for a lot of acting in porn, but sometimes it’s absolutely necessary, especially here when is part of a full movie.

Flash Scene Trailer

Even though Kelly is still fully dressed right before she wraps her lips around Smith’s cock, he’s already hard. Don’t be surprised if yours is too. The excitement about the impending sex between these two is highly contagious! Then there’s the image of Kelly giving head with her own cock head peeking beneath the hem of her form-fitting skirt.

Her lovely legs are bare and her small feet are clad in tall, sexy sandals. Her dick soon finds its way inside Smith’s mouth while he’s jerking off and he then treats Kelly to a rimjob. Not long after the midway point of this scene, Kelly is riding Smith’s boner in the cowgirl position. The side saddle and missionary railings that follow are absolutely magnificent! And so is!

TSPussyHunters: Natalie Mars & Cherry Torn

MP4 Scene Trailer 

Booty Calls Episode 3: Natalie Mars and Cherry Torn’s Kinky Flip Fuck Description: Beautiful Natalie Mars is home alone and horny, so she calls up busty Domme Cherry Torn. Cherry invites her over and Natalie quickly finds herself suspended in tight bondage in Cherry’s dungeon. As Natalie dangles helpless in the middle of the room, Cherry brutally flogs her, then begins to torment her sensitive nipples and cock.

As Natalie’s moans grow louder, Cherry can’t resist sliding her huge strap-on into Natalie’s hungry asshole. Cherry fucks Natalie harder and harder as the ropes press tight into her pale skin. After Cherry finally has her fill and takes Natalie down from her suspension, Natalie decides that its her turn to top. She starts beating Cherry’s tits and Cherry, to turned on to resist, moans with pleasure. Natalie pushes Cherry’s hungry mouth down on her hard cock, pressing it deep down Cherry’s throat, then flips Cherry over and spanks her round ass until it turns bright pink.

More and more turned on, Natalie eats Cherry’s hungry asshole then slides her hard cock deep into Cherry’s pussy. Natalie pounds Cherry’s wet hole doggy style while continuing to spank her, then makes Cherry ride her in reverse cowgirl while she torments her ample tits.

Finally, flipping Cherry into missionary, Natalie pounds orgasm after orgasm out of Cherry. Still not satisfied, Natalie immediately starts eating out Cherry’s throbbing pussy, making her cum again. Cherry begs for more and Natalie obliges by plunging her hard cock into Cherry’s waiting ass. Natalie rides Cherry’s tight asshole as Cherry cums over and over.

She then pulls out her cock, only to slide her whole hand deep into Cherry’s gaping asshole. With Natalie’s hand buried up to the wrist in her ass, Cherry cums a final time, then Natalie slides her cock into Cherry’s mouth, who eagerly sucks it until Natalie covers her face with cum.

Get to and for all the great channels! For more of the incredible Natalie Mars, go to NatalieMars.XXX and

Tiffany Starr & Bailey Love in NYC Bondage

MP4 Scene Trailer

I don’t know if this update was previously released or if it’s from the archives. Whenever it was filmed, it’s one of the hottest trans lesbian porn scenes on this or any site that specializes in the niche. Tiffany Starr also has hardcore scenes with men on her site, but her Trans/Trans scenes are amongst the best of the best. I’m not sure if gorgeous Bailey Love was already an actual porn star when this was filmed. There’s a big difference between a porn performer and a porn star. Whatever the case, she’s certainly a top star now and it’s clearly evident here how her rise to fame came about.

Sample Photo Gallery

Bailey Love enters Principal Starr’s office as a petulant student and the principal is annoyed and tired of repeating this admonishment over and over again. It seems like Bailey is making an infraction of some sort every single day! But today’s punishment is going to be the most severe yet. Bailey doesn’t know exactly what the corporal punishment the principal warns her about is, but she’s soon to find out. First, Bailey is lifted from her seat and tossed against the principal’s desk. Upon raising the student’s tartan plaid schoolgirl skirt, beautiful Miss Starr can hardly believe the girl isn’t wearing the school issued panties she was supplied with when she got her uniform. A hard spanking begins. Bailey has one of the cutest bubble butts around and the principle renders it beet red!

Miss Starr pulls Bailey’s hair and grinds against her from behind, making her promise to be good. I’m pretty sure that when Miss Starr sits down and exposes her cock for Bailey to suck, that’s why her cock is stiff already. Well, that plus I really get the feeling she absolutely loves the feeling of dominating Bailey who looks amazing sucking her big dick and flicking her tongue across her large breasts and tight nipples. Bailey gets treated to a rim job for being good so far. In fact, she must deserve an A+ for the way she’s submitting. Tiffany fucks the hell out of the naughty schoolgirl!

TSPlayground: Guilhermina Johansen, Scene #01

Scene Trailer

São Paulo, Brazil is where gorgeous Guilhermina Johansen is from, but that’s all I know about her personal information. I’ve seen her on another site last year. This performance is far better than any others I’ve seen. Director J.D. moves his camera lense from her sandaled feet to her pretty face seductively. Guilhermina’s poses to come next are mostly from behind and quite explicit! She plays with her fun spot for a long period of time before exposing her cock. We don’t even get to see the glossy head of her pecker for almost 4 minutes. But when we do see it, we get to watch her make it raging hard with her firm stroking. Guilhermina waits about 9 and a half minutes before revealing her lovely breasts. I don’t think it will take you that long to develop a turgid erection for Guilhermina, however. But try not to cum just yet.

Sample Photo Gallery

There are more tantalizing positions to watch her contort her fine body into. Her long legs are spread wide open when she makes a torrent of creamy white cum explode from her cock head. It shoots out in big, thick ropes! What I love most about this update is that J.D. doesn’t just end the scene when Guilhermina shoots her big load. He allows her to stand up and see how her foreskin moves up along her glans again while she’s still sporting a boner. The full-on eye level views of Guilhermina are exquisite and then there’s instant replay footage of her cumming from another angle!

Flash Scene Trailer

Transerotica: Lianna Lawson and Kami Kartel Fuckathon

Lianna Lawson of Las Vegas, Nevada and Kami Kartel of Orlando, Florida are sitting across from each other topless. The only clothing they’re wearing is fishnet stockings and tall stripper sandals. Their lips meet in a passionate kiss and their pert nipples and breasts rub together.

Scene Trailer

LiannaLawson.XXX and lays back next to let adult industry newbie Kami make her way from Lianna’s tits to her swelling cock. She continues to make eye contact as she sucks and slurps up and down Lianna’s rod. The girls French kiss again and then it’s time for Kami to get some head. Kami returns that favor by tossing Lianna’s salad. Kami develops a rock hard erection and eases her bare boner deep within Lianna’s tight ass as she lies back on the couch. Kami gives Lianna a hard and fast missionary position drilling, then gives it to Lianna doggy style!

Sample Photo Gallery

After giving Lianna a powerful railing, it’s time for her to get fucked! She straddles Lianna face to face, but this isn’t a romantic lovemaking session. It’s a pounding that evolves into the reverse cowgirl position. I absolutely love intimate trans lesbian scenes, but this is a knock down drag out fuck session that has Kami’s tits, balls and cock flopping and spinning around all over the place! A doggy style fucking comes next with Lianna pounding away until Lianna creampies Kami’s tight ass on Lianna’s new website and on!