Chelsea Marie in Hot For Transsexuals #03

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Official synopsis: Kinky director and scene player Aiden Starr’s friends from the TS world show us the alluring, mysterious reality of gender-bent dating — in each scene of ‘Hot For Transsexuals 3,’ a feminine, horny T-girl hooks up with a bold male adventurer for forbidden fun. Tattooed Chelsea Marie’s huge bulge expands her bikini panties. Chad Diamond deep-throats her big boner. She fellates him ass-to-mouth and they trade hard-slamming butt fucks. Exotically pretty Tori Mayes and Chad share passionate mouth kissing and 69. Tori’s little dicklet twirls as she rides the man’s meat. Gorgeous Alexa Scout has pretty tits, long legs, a big butt and a gaping bunghole. She tickles Lance Hart’s taint and laps his balls; skin-slamming sodomy makes her grip the bed. With a butt plug lodged in his sphincter, she strokes him to orgasm and they French kiss. Slim natural redhead Mandy Mitchell totally swallows tattooed, pierced Mike Panic’s erection. She deeply rims his rectum, massages his prostate and feeds him the anal flavor; Mandy sits on his face so he can taste hers. She spits his jism into his mouth!

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Review: The color saturation of Chelsea Marie’s Scene #01 with Chad Diamond in Hot For Transsexual’s #03 enhances her natural beauty and would make her talented tattoo artist proud. It also reminds me of the other intensely high production values many of us take for granted with productions. Chelsea poses standing with a cool soundtrack playing in the background and then moves gracefully on a bed. She bares and fondles her luscious breasts and writhes about with her goodies escaping her panties. Next thing you know, she’s stroking her cock that’s almost as hard as in can get, and that’s mighty hard! Withing 2 minutes, the filming evolves into more traditional film qualities and Chad enters the frame, joining Chelsea on the bed. He’s obviously been having fun watching as he’s already got a raging hardon as he dives in between Chelsea’s legs face first. Chad gives Chelsea deep blowjob, jacking of while she squeezes her big tits.

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Eventually, Chelsea’s brassiere is discarded and Chad moves upward to devour each breast and nipple. He bobs his head up and down on her rock hard pecker next and by this time, his hung beautiful partner is totally nude. Chelsea scoots up on the bed on all fours next and gives Chad’s long dick a good sucking with her own hard spike swinging between her thighs. This is a different sort of porn scene that I’m used to for Chad. His brilliant sense of humor isn’t utilized this time, but I totally understand why. There’s so much intense foreplay and switching bareback sex with leaves no time for being funny! His job here is to fuck Chelsea like a machine and hers is to take it like a champ. Chad rails Chelsea in the doggy style position, withdraws and jacks her off while she’s kneeling and sucks her cock yet again. Chelsea’s arousal is plain as day and she’s primed to give Chad a fucking of a lifetime! At this point where Chelsea is fucking Chad silly, we’re only at the midway point of the scene. I’m going to leave the rest for you to enjoy for yourself on with just a couple of things to look forward to. The volume of both actor’s cum shots is porn star perfection and gorgeous Chelsea is wet in four ways; sweat from furious bareback fucking, lactating breasts, and creamy white cum from her own powerful cock and Chad’s too!

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Boss Black Babydoll 2x Creampies

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5’5″ (166cm), 132lbs (60kg), 5.5 Inches (14cm) Thai trans girl Boss is perhaps one of the finest models on from the network ever! When her scene opens, she’s standing in a room wearing a black babydoll and matching fishnet stockings. She’s not wearing panties so you can see her bare cock and balls gently swaying before her thighs.

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As this is a POV shoot, the guy whose legs she arranges herself between while stroking her expanding cock is yours. Boss jerks her pecker to a full erection with pre-cum oozing from the cockhead, then turns around to give you an explicit rear view. There’s no mystery left about the tight ass you’ll be fucking after she sucks you off.

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Boss gives you a blowjob with great eye-contact, licking from tip to balls and takes the cock deeply in her throat. She tea bags your nuts carefully and climbs on top of you for a cowgirl bareback ride! Her pink, sprung cock bounces as her bottomless ass-pussy engulfs your plunging rod. She loves the way your stroke her hard spike while fucking her. Then she takes a reverse cowgirl ride on your throbbing tool. You don’t stop pumping your hips upward until you’ve creampied her tight ass. 

As you recover from your powerful climax, it’s time for back to lay back on the bed and make herself cum. She gazes at up you smiling cutely and jerks off with one pretty breast and nipple exposed. 

You capture the creamy white cum spurting out of Boss’s swollen cockhead and she spreads her buttcheeks to give you one last look at the deposit you’ve made. You can see what’s trending in the Ladyboy Gold network when you get to and it’s also fun to click on “Newest” to see if you’ve missed anything.

TsPussyHunters- Jessica Fox & Barbary Rose

Our exclusive 30% off Special Offer for FULL ACCESS to all 30 channels continues with this update. The TS Pussy Hunters synopsis reads: Jessica Fox has had enough of her lying cheating husband. She wants a divorce. When the attorney asks for details, Jessica goes into explicits. Both girls get totally aroused by the stories. The attorney decides to go pro boner with her hot client. Hot red head attorney sucks the TS cock, gets fucked in the pussy and ass. This is “Divorcee Arouses Herself and Attorney Talking About Cheating Husband”.

Director Ariel X provides opening and closing interviews where we learn what turns Barbary on first. She’s got nine killer scenes on including a sizzler with Kelli Lox on TSPH. Jessica has three pages of scenes on her Kink filmography! If you’re wondering if she also had multiple scenes on TS Seduction, the answer is a resounding yes!

Jessica’s detailed account to the attorney is both funny and seriously arousing. I could imagine Barbary getting wet for Jessica during the opening sequence because it’s vocally to torrid. Things really heat up with the passionate kissing and Jessica’s cock is raging hard when Barbary exposes it for the first time. Jessica’s anal pounding is as powerful as her vaginal thrusts and Barbary takes these railings like a champ! The evolution to full nudity while fucking on the sofa is proper considering both badass bodies and the footage of Jessica slapping Barbary’s ass red is delicious. Judging by the look on the pretty redhead’s face when she catches Jessica’s big cumshot, the jizz is delicious too! Barbary Rose is a queer femme, kinky switch whose career in the adult industry started in 2014 after years of nude and fetish modeling and doing cam shows. Barbary enjoys doing live XXX and fetish performances at events, starring in adult films, making custom clips for fans, and producing her own photo sets and video clips. You can learn more about her on Take advantage of our Kink Unlimited 30% off package deal.  

Brazilian Transsexuals: Adriana Rodrigues & Thayla Santos

Thayla Santos is relatively new to the adult industry. She’s incredibly verse, yet she’s featured bottoming for legendary Adriana Rodrigues on However, she fucked the hell out of a man named Kampfer about four months ago on the same time this hot scene went live.

When the Brazilian Transsexuals video filmed by Louis Damazo opens, both girls lay across the bed and kiss passionately. Neither of them seem nervous at all and Adriana is first to get down to breast and nipple sucking, while stroking Thayla’s cock to erection. More and more clothing is shed and Adriana’s blowjob continues as she strokes her own massive erection.

After getting her thick, dusty rod sucked on for quite some time, Thayla does her best to deep throat Adriana’s big cock. It’s not a wet and messy blowjob, but very precise with firm shaft stroking and tea bagging when her partner stands up on the bed. They trace places and Adriana’s schlong is raging hard. She’s ready to fuck and begins banging Thayla hard and fast in the doggy style position.

Both horny trans girls are completely naked throughout a variety of position changes. Thayla’s wails are sexy and loud while she gets railed side saddle while beating off. The missionary position fucking is mesmerizing and you can tell that they’re close to achieving orgasm at this point. Adriana withdraws from Thayla’s tightness and jerks off while kneeling above Thayla’s big jiggling tits.

But it’s Thayla who explodes first, sending rapid jets of creamy white cum across her pubic region. There’s a surprise twist at the end. Someone is fucking the hell out of Adriana, yet their body is out of the frame. Whoever it is railing Adriana caused her to shoot a white load of creamy spunk across her tummy! Contrast is what I love most about, but I didn’t see that coming.

UK-TGirls: Oh Sasha….

On January 6, 2017, I raved about Sasha De Sade and her multi-site debut (here). I love seeing someone who knows the ins and outs of BDSM on a site features the niche often, but that doesn’t make the lifestyle its primary fetish. It’s obvious that Kalin who produced her scenes knows this ever-evolving, fascinating world well also which makes for authentic performances.

I take BDSM seriously and never enjoy seeing people playing around with it with no genuine idea about what they’re doing. As this seen opens, Sasha looks stunning in a quilted jacket and a bondage get-up while exposing herself in the kitchen area. Her breast and nipple play is followed by a slow and sensual striptease. Her butt show is magnificent and it includes some deep finger banging with one leg on the counter top.

Next, she simulates fellatio with an enormous black dildo. Sasha also jerks it to show you what her dainty hands would feel like for someone fortunate to have them stroking their cock. She sits on the floor next and begins penetrating herself with the large phallus. Sasha doesn’t try to pretend it’s not an easy task to take the toy down to the base.

With both feet firmly planted on the floor, Sasha hoists her tight ass up and down on the toy with pure honesty and lust. Further into the shoot, Sasha holds a favored breast firmly and jerks off while fucking the massive toy. She continues beating off and pumping the dildo in and out of herself on a red chair placed in the middle of the room. It seems that this process is gradually becoming easier for Sasha and more pleasurable.

She eventually end s up back on the floor again, pumping the toy in and out of herself and stroking her erection rapidly. Ropes of cum shoot out of her cockhead to land across her bondage outfit and skin. She looks absolutely beautiful tasting her own cum. When I mentioned that is a multi-site, that means it’s part of a network of 7 other amazing trans porn sites. You can also enjoy watching this incredible performer LIVE on    

You can Watch Sasha’s Free Trailer on


TS Playground – Tiffany Taillon & Spencer Fox

MP4 Scene Trailer

Handsome Spencer Fox sits on the bed with beautiful Tiffany Taillon introducing her to us when this video opens. He squeezes her big jugs and kisses her full lips. That turns into a passionate French-kissing session with Spencer developing a boner in his fancy briefs. He helps Tiffany rise to her feet and has her twirl around in her one-piece swimsuit. He spanks her full bottom lightly and devours Tiffany’s big tits when she exposes them. Tiffany crouches down before Spencer when he sits at the edge of the bed. She then gives him a deep blowjob.

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While Tiffany plays with her bare boobs, Spencer applies oil to her thunderous thighs. Tiffany grabs Spencer’s big dick when his briefs disappear and she strokes it firmly. She also tea bags his balls and squeezes her tits around his shaft so he can fuck them. With her swimsuit still on, Tiffany gives Spencer a lapdance next. When she stands up, there’s a huge bulge in her colorful garment. Then her thick, cone-shaped cock is released and the bulbous head points toward the ceiling. She strokes it firmly while Spencer stands behind her.

Flash Scene Trailer

Spencer helps Tiffany discard her swimsuit and crouches down to suck on her big, thick cock. Naturally he jacks himself off and he gives her a rimjob when she lays face down on the bed. Her ass is incredible and we see how gorgeous her breasts are again when she lays back to fondle them while getting her cock sucked. Finally, Spencer eases his bare cock inside Tiffany’s big, remarkable ass!

Completely naked Tiffany’s big cock oozes streams of pre-cum as she gets a powerful bareback doggie style railing! She strokes her erection while getting fucked hard and fast. Then she lets her hardon go. It bobs and sways as do her big tits and I’m going to end my summary of this excellent scene right here. I highly recommend that you see how it ends!

Misty Long & Soldier Boi Fuck Their Brains Out!

Misty Long aka Mistyy Longg and Toni Michaels is stunning in her hardcore scene with TEA nominated super stud featured in the exclusive TS Dreamland PornOCD Interview with Soldier Boi on This is the sister site of that has launched countless careers of black trans girls, something I’m particulary thankful for. Every serious trans porn fan, reviewer and model knows precisely which adult websites support black trans and male performers more than any others. These sites are #1 in this niche.

“Hi, everyone. I’m your explicit black tgirl from Va. I love being verse with the right men that can take my joystick and give me a hard pounding too I can usually be found in the local clubs dancing and getting my drink on. Now that we are getting to summer I will most likely be out the Ocean Front in Va Beach, so look for me in my sexy bikini on the strip. I’m really hoping you guys like my solo shoot so that I can have a chance to do a hardcore. I just love sucking on nice throbbing cocks, and while I usually top more than I bottom, I just might be willing to let the right guy into this tight pleasure palace if he can work it right. *wink* xoxo ” These words are from straight from the source on where she has 4 stunning photo and video sets! Check out her Toni Michaels Profile on Black TGirls.

The confidence these adult industry actors display is empowering and they both have great acting chops in the building intro sequence with Soldier Boi dropping by to see his gorgeous friend. Misty invites him inside dressed as a bespectacled naughty schoolgirl with her big tits spilling out of her crop top.

MP4 Scene Trailer

The enclosed trailer pretty much shows you what goes down after the initial makeup session on the sofa. I just have to add that this is perhaps my favorite scenes ever from the opening moments to the torrid creampie ending! – Phoebe Gets Hard For You

Hi, from Scott aka PornOCD. Phoebe Longoria appears on filmed by KilaKali and she sits on the bed in a see-through outfit that leaves zero to imagination. She announces to the camera she wants a BIG dick inside her and repeats this will shaking her ass. She slowly touches her bulge and moves her underwear to let her cock out. She has a cheeky sexy smile. Her body is slim-toned and long legs add to her sexy look.

She turns away from the camera with her ass in the air and shakes her cock. She shows her open ass, slaps her booty and tells the viewers she is a naughty little girl and we agree. Taking off her bra, she feels her pert boobs, flicks out her long tongue and she wants to cum badly. With a cheeky smile, she throws her bra and top towards the camera, showing just how long her legs are, raising them to full extension and removing her underwear.

She wants to know where we can find a Big Cock!! Playing with her boobs and cock she talks dirty right into the camera. She gets comfortable on the bed and gets her cock fully erect and continues to slowly masturbate. Her lubed cock slides slowly between her hands. Her pleasure sounds like it’s getting slowly louder as she continues to masturbate.

Teasing and biting her lip, she cums on her inner thigh and her love juices slowly drip down from her cock. A nice little scene and for fans of solo masturbation scenes, this will be right up your street with its slow masturbation leading to a cumshot! This is Phoebe Longoria’s 7th photo and video set on! I’m Scott and thanks. Head over to Twitter at @PornOCD for more updates. Until next time, keep enjoying Porn!!!

Sasha De Sade: A Star Is Born!

Sasha De Sade was already a star to me before this breathtaking production, but I’ll get to that after a brief description of her debut on the 8 site network website. This beautiful self-described kinkster has lived in an East Asian BDSM dungeon and has lived in Hong Kong, Seoul, and Beijing, but she’s recently returned to her home city of London. It made perfect sense for her to hook up with producer Kalin for this shoot and to make up for lost time in the UK party scene.

Sasha enjoys getting ‘acquainted’ with fit British guys and her favorite role in the bedroom is as a total submissive, worshiping cock and begging to be fucked. But she loves feeding guys her stiff cock too! Sasha introduces herself with a sultry voice and British accent when her video opens.

She begins to remove her coat and exposes a firm breast, tweaking a nipple and puffy areola. Her bodysuit with stockings attached bares her cock and balls which she touches lightly. After moving through a variety of enticing positions on the bed, Sasha begins masturbating more firmly.

In a new sequence she’s shown riding a BBC dildo. She then sits up on her knees and pumps the huge toy in and out of herself. She’ll be in a scene soon with one of my favorite male performers, Jeff Hardy! Sasha is also an incredible producer.

Check out her LIVE webcam performances on my favorite webcam site! You can watch her free trailer on