Bailey Jay Update

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“I Love To Suck Cock and Eat Ass” is Bailey Jay doing the obvious with her hubby. Although it’s shot in the bathroom, it’s not overly bathroomy if that makes any sense. It’s filmed in POV and profile fashion by her man and features Bailey Jay exposing the large orbs of her breasts while sucking the extra-long prick. One other camera most likely on a tripod captures the side action and the feature model strokes her big dick while giving head. She tosses his salad too of course and we’ve seen how turned on she gets with this combination of oral sex. She blows a load of creamy white cum and then takes her husband’s spunk on her tongue and laps up the remains.

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“JOI: Let’s Cum Together” is another jack off instruction video with Bailey Jay asking you to take out your cock. She shows off her new pedicure always fully aware of and satisfying her foot fetish fan base which is absolutely huge.

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She’s wearing a black velvet dress while seated and when she stands up, you can see that there’s a big boner underneath. Her big boobs are already spilling out and she lets her large cock spring out little by little.

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“I want you to think about my fat girl cock in your hand,” is the type of dialogue she proceeds with and the jerking off commences. Goodness gracious her cock looks enormously thick!

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A tight close-up catches the big hanging drop of jizz that emerges from her swollen cock head. She eats some of her own nectar after this powerful orgasm.

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I threw in a couple of photo sets for good measure and it’s always a good idea to take the full website tour to see more updates.

I hope you’ll take a look at all the updates!

Shemale Strokers: Luna 4

MP4 Scene Trailer 

Lovely Luna wants to thank you for cumming over. Are you ready to play…or, do you want her to put on a show for you first? She begins by unfastening her sexy top, so that she is only wearing a plaid skirt, thigh high stockings, and black heels. Her all natural boobs are growing bigger…would you like to suck on them? And when she slips up her schoolgirl’s uniform, you can see the outline of her huge cock through her tiny pink panties. She teases the shaft through the material, causing pre-cum to leak out and leave wet spots all over the crotch of her undies.

Totally turned on, she pulls out her lady cock and balls to stroke with both hands. She bends her knees up to her chest, exposing her tight ass below the heels of her yummy feet. With her fingertips she teases her perineum, and then works her way up to her veiny balls and drippy head. Playing with her strings of pre-cum, she brings herself right to the edge, making her dick quiver and pulse.

Then, with her balls hanging down and cum dripping out her tip, you fuck her doggy style. She pushes back against you until you blast her whole with your own juices. Finally, with an orange vibrating dildo up her whole, she squirts out a huge load of spunk all over her trans girl titties. That’s a superb synopsis of Luna’s latest performance. This is the site I saw Luna on first and she just keeps getting better and better. I’m so impressed with the way she learns more and becomes more comfortable being filmed. She aptly calls her striptease a “show” and slowly removes her naughty goth schoolgirl outfit. The process is incredibly teasing with full nudity top and bottom except for the panties her dick oozes pre-cum into.

When she finally exposes her cock it’s hard and it’s big, more oozing droplets of pre-cum past the midway point of the scene. Luna’s moans become increasingly loud wile she’s toy fucking her tight ass. There’s slow motion footage of her big loud creamy white cum shot at the end of this fantastic update!

Redhead Cutie Brooklynn Cums!

MP4 Scene Trailer 

“Brooklynn’s Most Awaited BTG Action!” on Black TGirls was something I didn’t see coming but it was a spectacular debut. Her profile that goes with the scene presented by Omar Wax reads:

“Hi, I’m Brooklynn. I’m originally from Long Island New York. I grew up in the suburbs and moved to Atlanta when I was 11. I love to sing, do hair and make-up, Is actually just graduated from cosmetology school. I don’t like inconsistency and I’m huge on communication. Some of my desires include; 3somes, 1-on-1, passionate sex, role play. I’m more of a lover than just a “fuck.” I like romance and passion. I’m on hormones, have been for 4 months now. I’m pretty passable and pre-op. That’s all about me!”

Her dress has a sheer insert strategically placed to show off the shelf of her perky bottom when she lifts one leg on the counter. Wow, this newbie is stunning! Her ass is perfectly rounded and she’s not shy about showing every millimeter of it once it’s fully bared. She’s a grower. Her cock looks so cute and tiny until she gets aroused. You’ll see it begin to stiffen when she removes her dress and renders herself completely nude.

A leg and foot admirers segment comes next and then Brooklynn holds one breast and uses the other hand to stroke her stiffening shaft. Then she’s got a full-on boner. In her follow-up scene also filmed by Mr. Wax, Brooklynn models in her red dress like a seasoned professional model. She’s completely naked within the ninth minute or so seated, standing and kneeling.

Brooklynn is not shy about showing off her amazing ass explicitly with its big pucker. She simulated getting fucked before laying back to stroke her big cock. Then it’s off to climax land and the stunning new performer breaths heavily while making her erection shoot puddles of cum across her tummy. This is an incredible update!

TS Seduction: The Many Faces of Aubrey Kate

MP4 Scene Trailer 

Barbie bitch Aubrey Kate is a Latex Goddess being served by male slave Tony Orlando. Aubrey lets Tony worship her latex, heels, legs, ass, gorgeous tits, and her cock. Next, Aubrey takes a bath while Tony licks her beautiful feet and toes. Pleased, Aubrey lets her slave feast on her ass and suck on her cock. Finally Audrey gives her slave a good anal pounding until they both cum hard! This TS Seduction set’s photos are spectacular also – not just the video. There are 12 of some of the best images I’ve ever seen on this killer website. I’ve come to expect this studio to pull out all the stops whenever Aubrey Kate drops by and they’ve done it yet again. Tony Orlando’s great performance is partially due to being a fan of Aubrey although he’s never worked with her before, plus he’s a lover of latex. He also has a foot fetish so what better model to work with could he have been presented with?

“The Many Faces of Aubrey Kate” begins with the actress using her slave as a foot stool so the Domination/submission element appears as if it’s already in progress. Tony is bent over in skimpy undies that I’d almost swear are panties and with that body, this is one of my initial loves for this scene from the start. I love it anytime a video includes Feminization and Tony rocks a pedicure also. He’s smothered with Aubrey Kate’s latex dress after worshiping her high heeled feet. He gets to devour her tits and must thanks her when he finally gets to suck her cock. Tony gets his world-class bottom spanked hard and beads of pre-cum stroked into the fabric of his skivvies by Aubrey’s deft hand.

Her cock is raging hard at this point but naturally she keeps her cool. A bit of frottage follows with dual boner rubbing before we’re transported to Aubrey Kate laying in the bath still in her latex. The foot worship is bare this time around and when Aubrey Kate has her cock sucked again, it’s evident this time how much she’s loving this situation. Then comes some rimming and the chemistry between the actors is magical right before Tony gets his tight ass soundly fucked in the next room. This is one truly great Kink Unlimited – and erotic hardcore art film.

Shemale Yum: Sexy Venom Cums!

MP4 Scene Trailer 

Venom Sinn of Portland, Oregon informs us that she’s going to cum by the end of this Shemale Yum update produced by Radius Dark. With glasses on she looks studious but more like a graphic designer or an art director than a librarian. She’s on the bed wearing a lightweight black cowl neck sweater dress and black panties. As she rubs her body, Venom reveals that she’s got a blue bra on underneath.

She opens the bra to exposes big round circles of nipple and aureole and caresses her hormone breasts firmly. When she pushes her boy shorts down, her cock head is fully exposed and the shaft is almost fully extended. She strokes it firmly and except for her jewelry, Venom is now completely naked. She’s squeezes one of her tits firmly enough to show that she bruises easily and that she’s lactating. There’s even more milk to pour from her other nipple, so much that it surprises her. She has very long legs to match the long dick that’s fully erect while she lays back to beat off. A glass dildo and magic wand feels so good that it makes her eyes roll back in her head.

As Venom buzzes away, fucks her tight ass wit the sex toy and jerks her raging hard member, it’s pretty much obvious that she’s going to cum. But we’re only about halfway through this scene. Near the end, Venom uses one hand to buzz her cock head with the vibrator and to stroke the shaft with the other. Her lithe form shudders uncontrollably and presses her cock head against her tight tummy and streams of cum pour out across her skin!

There’s a superb close up sequence of Venom working out the last spurts of cum from her big lovely cock at the end of this update.

Kendra Sinclaire & Natalie Mars

MP4 Scene Trailer

Damian Cain is the director of this TS Playground scene that begins with Kendra Sinclaire as a Domme leading Natalie Mars across the floor by a leash. Natalie is her furry collared submissive complete with a tail in her hot butt and all the appropriate undergarments. Kendra is ready to see some cock and Natalie complies with her wishes by lowering her panties and exposing her goodies. Natalie removes her bra also to expose her lovely breasts.

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The beautiful submissive instinctively knows it’s time to lay across her Mistress’ lap. The sex kitten purrs as her tail is played with The furry butt plug is replaced with a huge pink double dong. This is the first two of multiple sex toys in this scene utilized. Natalie can take a toy fucking so deeply! She does it by herself as she watches Kendra get up to remove some clothing. She displays her incredible ass and smooth shave cock and balls an a few moments later she’s shoving her big cock down Natalie’s throat. This sexual warm up stiffens Kendra’s meat and she arranges herself behind Natalie to rub her hardon against Natalie’s back door. She teases us all and finally drives her bare cock inside Natalie’s tight ass!

Flash Scene Trailer

Kendra gives Natalie a powerful doggy style ramming then sits back to remove her high heels. She then gets her bare feet sniffed and licked and her pedicured toes sucked as her big dick points up toward the ceiling. She jerks off while her other sexy foot is worshipped. I’d suggest that if you’ve got a foot fetish to cum at this point and save the rest of the video to cum to next time. If not, stick around to see Kendra’s full balls tea bagged and and her butt eaten. Soon afterward you’ll see Natalie hard dick flipping and spinning in circles as she rides Kendra’s boner in the reverse cowgirl position. I’ve only described less than the first half of this gonzo trans lesbian sizzler on

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Shemale Yum: Cassidy Quinn Gets Naughty!

MP4 Scene Trailer 

Gorgeous Cassidy Quinn is all over the place this week in porn terms and that’s a wonderful thing. Her total domination over ravishing Jenny Flowers is perhaps the finest trans lesbian videos of the season. But the solo scene of “Cassidy Quinn Gets Naughty!” is also brilliant!

Radius Dark is responsible for both exquisite productions. First things first, let’s begin with a quick yet horny description of the solo scene. Naturally I think of all adult industry actors as extremely sexual people. But Cassidy Quinn seems to exude sex from every fiber in her being. I’m still trying to figure out how she got black-lined green panties to match her party dress let alone how she knew the frock would go so well with her fetish boots.

Cassidy makes this masturbation a very vocal one-on-one event. She rubs clear beads of pre-cum out of her cock head once she’s fully aroused. When she’s down to just her heels she makes her raging hardon hang and bounce in the air. Cassidy then asks if you want to see her pretty toes and unzips her boots one by one. Then it’s a bit of foot fetish posing before she mentions how much she wants your cock in her ass.

She shows you just how much she wants your hardness by fucking herself with an orange sexy toy while beating her turgid meat. Then this video evolves into a display of Cassidy at her horniest. I could be wrong though. I’d have to look at her first two videos once again which is easy enough to do. And tempting.

MP4 Scene Trailer 

But for some reason I just can’t seem to get past her scenes on TGirls.Porn especially her most recent one Cassidy & Jenny Flowers. You won’t want to miss that either!

Bianka Nascimento: Bianka Fucks A Lovely Couple

MP4 Trailer Gallery

If I hadn’t been familiar with the voracious sexual appetite and versatility of beautiful Bianka Nascimento this is the video that would have informed me. But I was a big fan since her website launched so I already knew that. With that said, she still continues to amaze me.

Sample Photo Gallery

If I’d been unaware of what I was watching, I’d think that this cute European guy was proposing marriage to his super pretty blonde girlfriend. I see no wedding rings and the video plays out in the beginning like a romantic movie. As it turns out, the surprise that Jimmy has for his lovely lady is Bianka! She’s more excited and happy than shocked. This seems like a conservative couple on the outside but freaks in the sheets on the inside. Perhaps they’ve done this sort of thing before.

Flash Scene Trailer

Whatever the case they sure look gorgeous doing it. What I really like is that the couple seems like so many I know of – with a straight male and gorgeous girlfriend who are turned on by sex with trans women. Add a fox like Bianka Nascimento and you’ve got porn magic that emulates real life. Watching both girls go down on hung Jimmy is on fire and so is seeing the couple giving Bianka head. The blonde gives Jimmy a blowjob while Bianka eats her pussy and it only gets hotter from there.

Jimmy does a great job fucking his girlfriend while she sucks Bianka’s big cock and then comes my favorite parts. After Bianka face fucks Jimmy while he bangs his babe, she fucks the girlfriend. I mean she totally rails her in the missionary and reverse cowgirl positions!

Then she bangs Jimmy while he fucks his girl in a killer daisy chain. This isn’t a short sequence either. Bianka is just incredible and this scene ought to be a serious contender during the awards season at the end of the year. The way Bianka and Jimmy shoot big loads of cum across the pretty blonde’s breasts at the end is a classic porn three-way moment not to be forgotten. It’s available now on and!