TS Aubrey Kate Returns To Shemale Strokers

Aubrey Kate returns to Shemale Strokers as a dominatrix who puts you through the paces as a submissive. You’re really not worth her time, but she’ll allow you to gaze at her lovely bare breasts, kiss her feet and suck her pedicured toes one by one. She even bares her perfect ass for you, knowing how you want to get at her rosebud.

She knows you’re dying to see her stroke her cock until it gets fully erect. Today is your lucky day. You know you want to suck it and taste her precum. Aubrey flexes her ass muscles to show how tightly she’d flex around your stiff cock if you were lucky enough to fuck her.

Keep sucking Ashley’s pretty toes while she jerks off. She still has about 12 minutes left to torment you. She grabs a dildo and the plastic cock is far bigger than your pathetic little penis. She fucks herself with it since your little junk wouldn’t even be a match for a fake cock!

“Give me a hardon, bitch!” she orders while pumping the toy with one hand and her pretty dick with the other. Aubrey caresses and squeezes her big tits while getting deeper into her self-pleasing. She wraps her soft soles to show you how she gives a footjob. Don’t you wish her small, high-arched feet were stroking your stiff member? When she blasts a fresh load of cum clear up to her face, wouldn’t you want to taste it and give her a cummy kiss? Sorry, you can’t do that. You’ll be lucky if Aubrey Kate allows you to lick her tasty cum off her face or the wetness she’s spread across her sexy little digits.

Venus Lux and Aubrey Kate

“Aubrey’s First Time” is about the Las Vegas blonde having sex with another transsexual. The sizzling 19 minute video begins with blonde Aubrey Kate kissing Venus Lux on a bed. They stroke each other stiff and Venus makes an amazing show of sucking Aubrey’s cock. She actually deep throats it and working with a pretty big dick. In a 69, Aubrey sucks Venus’ equally large member. One of these beautiful ladies cums hard while getting fucked. I’d love for you to see for yourself which one it is.

TS Aubrey Kate Gets Raves On TsSeduction.com!

TS Aubrey Kate resides in Las Vegas, but is often described as a California Dream Barbie with a cock. This hot, toned, blonde, blue eyed Domme skull fucks, ass fucks and shoots her cum all over stud Rod Dailey’s face  in a cowboy bar . After watching the 33 Flash Streaming Minutes and saving this TsSeduction.com scorcher for keeps, I wasn’t surprised to see other members’ positive responses. Aubrey Kate even shows off a little of her two stepping talents before giving Rod a down to the base blowjob!

The spike-haired cowboy is surprised that she’s been hiding a cock in her panties, but he doesn’t resist when she coaxes him to get on his knees and start sucking it. Actually gagging on it, I should say. Aubrey Kate looks stunning while fucking bent over Rod from behind. For pansexual peeps like me, Rod Dailey of www.roddailey.com is a treat to the eyes also with his muscular arms, thighs, taut butt and nice cock. But I digress.

More position changes follow and when the tantalizing top is close to cumming, she makes him prop himself up so she can fap while gazing at his protuberant ass. While she lies back stroking her sizable cock, Rod opens wide to catch her torrent of cum! Some of it splashes across his face, but nice try, stud. You’ll get to know more about Aubrey Kate and Rod Dailey in closing interview I found to be quite surprising!

TS Aubrey Kate and Lance on Shemale.XXX

I remember Lance from the website of the gorgeous model/performer who filmed this 20 minute film, TS Lucia Matthews. Lucia has been filming a tremendous amount of work and has become one of the best directors in adult entertainment in a short amount of time. I think that it helps that she’s spent so much time in front of the camera and knows just want we want to see. Aubrey Kate and Lucia both live in Las Vegas and I was hoping they’d hook up to make some porn someday. My horny dream came to fruition and the 20 minute result is incredible to watch! So here a preview from the generous 197 image photo set!

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Lucia’s site no longer updates as she’s moved on to produce amazing porn for us, but you can still join! Click here for a Lucia Matthews Photo Gallery in case you missed out on her tremendous archives and take the Shemale.XXX tour.