TransAngels: Domino Presley and Gabriel D’Alessandro

In “Stepsister’s Big Secret” Gabriel visits home and finds a note from his Dad that he and his mom are going out for the evening. His stepsister will also be out and she usually doesn’t return until very late. So for this trip he’s got the house all to himself. He carries his luggage up … Continue reading TransAngels: Domino Presley and Gabriel D’Alessandro

Beautiful Domino Presley Highlight Her Booty!

“Oh, you want me to get naked already?” Domino Presley asks after introducing herself on in this update. There’s no bra beneath her midriff-baring top, so her full, luscious breasts are rapidly exposed. She then begins popping the buttons of her denim-cutoffs open. But before taking her shorts off, she shows off her curvy … Continue reading Beautiful Domino Presley Highlight Her Booty!

Domino Presley & Richie

Megastar Domino Presley has mastered the art of adult industry multi-tasking with a new hardcore with super cute Richie on Shemale Yum, her own ts-dominopresley website and webcam performances. Buddy Wood films Domino greeting Richie, undoing her pants and opening her legs for a moment. She’s sitting on the bed and gives us a … Continue reading Domino Presley & Richie

Domino Presley in Simply Me

Your feelings about Domino Presley could go in a variety of directions including the extremes of adoring her personality and looks to hating them. If I were the jealous type, I’d absolutely despise her. I’m one of those fans who can’t decide if she looked hotter when she first launched her TS-Domino Presley website or … Continue reading Domino Presley in Simply Me

TS Domino Presley on Bob’s Tgirls

Domino Presley is so breathtakingly gorgeous to me, I’m usually at a loss for words when I see her photo sets and videos. This time it’s no different. Bob Maverick of Bob’s Tgirls has done another magnificent job, don’t you think?   It’s been a long time since Domino Presley has been on Bob’s Tgirls and … Continue reading TS Domino Presley on Bob’s Tgirls

Domino’s Now Serving Weiners

Superstar transwoman Domino Presley returns to Shemale Yum in good humor and horny as hell! Watch her cook and serve up some hotdogs in the nude while stroking her delicious cock at every opportunity! I love that she got grill marks on those hot dogs and I’d love to leave some lipstick marks on her … Continue reading Domino’s Now Serving Weiners