TS Chelsea Poe

Chelsea Poe aka Lacey Lust looked so sweet and innocent to me with her glasses and pearls. That’s until she whipped her dick out, gyrated on the bed naked and started begging to be fucked and humiliated! I’m loving the sounds she makes while fucking herself with her purple toy like a total slut as I watch the 15:22 minute Shemale Yum video that goes with these photos.

I can see why kinksters and foot fans are going nuts for this sexy minx who describes her sexual identity as gender queer. Videographer Radius Dark really captured her in some amazing HD closeup shots while she watched some porn on a laptop. She used to goth jet black hair in her earlier webcam days. Personally, I like her better as a redhead.

There’s a world of potential for the whip smart and gorgeous Chelsea Poe!

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