TS Melainny Vilhena Looking Hot

I think this is the longest Tranny Surprise movie I’ve ever downloaded and I’ve got several videos from this long-running site. One full hour! She gets picked up by Yago who is one of the biggest stars in TS adult entertainment. Right away, I know that she’s going to get sucked off, have her salad tossed and fucked silly. Yago doesn’t bottom for tgirls – not on film at least. By the way, the tranny surprise in this film is Mel reacting to the enormous size of Yago’s prick.

Mel gets down to stripping right away once behind closed doors and we get some great views of her large boobs and her flaccid, uncut cock. She pulls her pink panties to the side and starts stroking herself. This girl has one average size but mighty dick that stands out before her. Suddenly Yago’s huge boner appears before her face. Mel seems intimidated yet gets down to sucking the head and first couple of inches without protesting.

This Brazilian transsexual appears to be a beautiful mixture of every racial origin under the sun. Beads of pre-cum ooze from her stiff penis as she straddles Yago for a hard reverse cowgirl railing. I didn’t expect her to jump into a railing like this so soon and I’m very impressed!

Then she turns to face him and Mel’s amazingly curvy ass is on display. She takes it doggie-style next, talking dirty in Portuguese, then gets a missionary pounding. She strokes her cock furiously with her big, lovely breasts bobbing and swaying. I’m wondering how much of this she can take since I’m not even halfway into this movie. Yago does however allow her a few breaks, but Mel uses them to suck him off again. She’s on her back getting fucked just as hard as before and spurts a little white cum. Yago shoots a huge load of spunk across her pretty, bespectacled face.

300 photos compliment this scorching video! 

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