Venus Lux and Leah Cortez In Shower Hunter

In this 42 minute TS Pussy Hunters film, the beautiful porn star webmaster of hooks up with the gorgeous 24 year old 5’4″, 114lbs Puerto Rican Leah Cortez aka VTec Barbie. After a brief opening interview, the action begins with the girls exercising at the gym. The hung transsexual is sitting on a bench wrapped in a skimpy towel and she’s stroking her big, stiff cock while watching the hot bathing Latina.

In the shower, Leah bathes herself with Venus eying her like she’s a protein shake. I don’t know what turned me on more, Leah’s showering or seeing Venus masturbate.

Leah is fascinated that Venus has a cock and when the TS pulls her hand down to stroke it, there’s absolutely no resistance. In fact, she straddles the bench to perform a gagging, wet and messy blowjob on her new friend. Then they sit back to watch each other masturbate until Venus decides she wants to fuck Leah from behind on the bench. Venus tells Leah what she wants to hear while railing her bareback. She pulls out to finger the girl’s smooth-shaven pussy while jerking off, gets Leah on her back and starts fucking her again.

The HD footage is incredible and the sex is as loud as it is lewd. Intimate kissing and fondling follows in the shower and if you don’t lose it before Venus starts fucking Leah again, you’ve got a better orgasm threshold than I have. I’ve only described the first 30 minutes.

Download the full-length movie on TS Pussy Hunters and don’t forget to take the Official Venus Lux Website tour.  


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