2 thoughts on “TS Carmen Moore: The Website

  1. Wow Carmen you are very hot n sexy.

    Here are 2 poems I wrote
    The Kind of man that I am

    I am the kind of man;
    Who would move the hair away from your eyes and kiss you then tell you how beautiful you are.(AND YOU REALLY ARE)
    Who would SING to you at random moments :)
    Who would never be afraid to tell you I loved you no matter who was around
    Who would stay home on a friday night just to make you dinner and then watch a movie cuddling under the same blanket ;)
    WHo would be upset if someone was rude or disrespectful to you
    Who can make you laugh like no one else could
    Who would take you to the park and hold your hand, and or give you bear hugs.
    Who would make out with you in the pouring rain or blowing snow
    Who would tell his friends about you and smile when doing it

    But mostly I want be your bestfriend and give you my heart

    What Can I Offer You

    I offer you my eyes to see your beauty inside and out
    I offer you my ears to listen when you have something to say
    I offer my voice to tell you how those things you love to hear
    I offer my arms to hold you when you are scared need that hug at the beginning and end of the day
    I offer you my shoulder to lean or cry on
    I offer my legs to help carry you when you are down
    And I offer you my heart and soul which are yours until the end of all time

    I was wondering if you have a fanmail not an internet address for fans to send you birthday cards and stuff?
    Thank you very much

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