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Happy Belated Birthday to beautiful Thaina Lozado aka Little Trish, one of my all-time favorite adult performers, who was born on September 17th! I had no question that she had the right stuff to be featured on Hung Shemales. It’s sad that the original TS Mariana Cordoba website is no longer updating, but the producers of Hung Shemales launched her site. All they had to do was transfer what they decided was some of her best content to HS since they own the rights.

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TS Mariana Cordoba and Her Photographer

TS Mariana Cordoba rubs herself through her panties while some horny dude lying on the bed jerks off while filming her. She whips out her enormous cock and starts masturbating in time with her videographer. Mariana helps him out by briefly beating his meat and slapping her dick against his and giving him a footjob. Mariana continues to masturbate until she blasts her pearly load on his throbbing tool. Watching this beautiful and hung Latina cum always gets me totally aroused.

TS Mariana Cordoba In Active “I Drilled Him”

“Active” or “I Drilled Him” is one of the latest TS Mariana Cordoba films I’ve downloaded. She looks beautiful as ever and those looks enhanced by her cute male partner. They feel each other up while standing next to the bed. The guy is pretty well-endowed but his cock is almost dwarfed by the size of Mariana’s massive sex organ. He does his best to suck it, but he can only manage getting the head and first inch or so into his mouth. She doesn’t seem to mind and his sucking has her fully erect. Watching Mariana Cordoba rub her hardon across the dude’s rather feminine looking ass is an amazing sight. The gorgeous gives him a doggie style fucking and then takes him while he lies on his back. They both jack off furiously after their humping session and they almost cum simultaneously on the guy’s flat stomach. Mariana looks very pleased with their 20 minute performance for us. Now here are some photo galleries to whet your whistle:

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TS Mariana Cordoba

I was recently asked which transsexual websites I’d most regret never joining and who are some of the most beautiful performers I’ve ever seen. They wanted me to narrow my answer down to ten models. TS Mariana Cordoba was one of the first to come to mind. It’s not because she’s one of the most well-hung ladies in the history of TS adult entertainment. In terms of exquisite beauty and a huge archive of work, she’s the closest person that falls into the category of the proverbial “Perfect 10″ to me. Click on each photo for a larger image.

If you only allowed yourself to subscribe to only one TS website in your life, I hope you’d have Mariana Cordoba under serious consideration. Take a look at her latest updates.

TS Mariana Corboba

Mariana Cordoba has such nice legs and it’s almost a shame to see them covered up in boots. But I get the dominatrix look totally and wear them myself and I’m glad she’s not hiding much else.

Who was that masked man (who got to fuck Mariana Cordoba)? I don’t know but I have the movie and there is nothing comical about it. This black stud is pretty well-hung himself and wore Mariana out!

Mariana would make the ultimate maid, but I’m wondering if I could handle all she has to serve.

TGirls who film themselves stroking their cocks until they cum are a dime a dozen in the Internet. But no one else does it quite like this!

Treat yourself to Mariana Cordoba fucking, getting fucked and cumming again and again.

Mariana Cordoba by Mariana Cordoba

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I’ve been a Mariana Cordoba fan for years and I know what I’m seeing is the real thing. But if you’ve never seen her before, you might find it hard to believe your eyes. It’s not just that she’s so well-hung that makes her special. She’s also one of the most alluring and beautiful transsexuals on the planet.

Mariana Cordoba Addresses A Rumour

Here it is straight from the source: “Someone has been spreading rumors that I’m going to have sex change surgery, and I want to officially deny those rumors. I will NEVER cut off my shecock. And I have NEVER thought of doing so. The thought has never crossed my mind, and now that I’ve mentioned it, the idea really repels me. I respect those girls who have gone the whole way, but that’s not for me. Having sex-change surgery means never having an orgasm again, never ejaculating again, and for me, that enjoy sex soooooooooooooooooooooooooo much, that’s not an option. Plus I’m proud of being a shemale, and shemales have penises! I’ve never pretended to be a girl, so no need for me to get a vagina.”

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