Latina Tranny L.A. Foursome 2

Nicole Montero has updated her amazing website with L.A. Foursome Part 2 with Tiffany Starr, Korra Del Rio and Leah Lockhart! In the first installment, Nikki and Tiffany busted into the Los Angeles hotel room while Korra and Leah were making out. The foursome got underway immediately. The tough part for me, and for thousands of others, was reading “to be continued…” and watching the scene fade to black. In Part 2, Tiffany and Korra engage in a 69 while Nikki fucks Leah doggie-style. There are still 18 XXX minutes left! There’s a switch that comes as a surprise to me and someone else gets dicked down, too. Which hot hung babe is the last one to get laid? I’m not telling because I want you to check out this torrid continuing Latina Tranny series. It ain’t over yet!

Tiffany Starr Fucks Brittney

Tiffany Starr wants some sex and wakes up Brittney who doesn’t even seem to be aware of where she crashed the night before. Sometimes nights like that will have you sucking a stiff cock early in the morning. A good blowjob earns Brittney a blowjob as well as a sound fucking.. Tiffany rides her doggie style first, then gets blown again. Next, she spoon fucks Brittany and there are more position changes to come. Brittany faps out a big clear series of streams while getting railed and she takes Tiffany’s big creamy white torrent of cum on her face. Brittany makes a big show of sucking Tiffany’s cock clean and says, “I’m so yours.” twice before the video ends.

Tiffany Starr Fucks Chelsea Poe!

Fucking Mystic star Chelsea Poe appears on Tiffany Starr’s bed. When Tiffany asks who she is (just go with me on this), Chelsea pounces on her and gives her a big kiss. Tiffany already has a raging erection and Chelsea gets right down to sucking it. Compliments intertwine with a little name verbal humiliation and Tiffany sucks Chelsea’s dick hard while jerking herself off. In the 7th minute, Tiffany is banging Chelsea from behind. At one point, it looks almost as if Tiffany is trying to fuck Chelsea through the mattress!

This is a description of just a bit over half the video. Watch the full scene on Tiffany Starr XXX!

Shemale Pornstar – Magnificent Tgirl Foursome

Check out this explicit photo gallery! This is one of birdmountain’s best and last performances before she retired from adult entertainment to pursue a career as a mainstream photographer. Bird is the performer on the left in the photo that leads you to the sample gallery.

The hardcore video with Tiffany Starr Rebeka Refuse, Stefani Special and birdmountain is a 20 minute transbian classic you can now see on both Tiffany Starr XXX and on Shemale Pornstar. Watch the Video Preview!

Tiffany Starr Threeway Sex


Flash Preview

WMV Preview

This new video and photo set from Tiffany Starr XXX is a follow-up to The Interview which introduced us to Antonio. Now that he landed the adult industry job Tiffany gave him, he gets too comfortable and treats himself to Ada Black. When Tiffany catches them together, Tiffany is upset, but she can get over it if they don’t mind her watching them having sex. A hot threeway sex act ensues!

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Tiffany Starr in The Interview

“The Interview” on Tiffany Starr XXX is actually a Part One of Two of an erotic story that plays out in a sizzling pair of sessions. first, Tiffany interviews a guy named Antonio who wants to be in TS porn, but has no experience. Since he arrived dressed nicely and had all the right answers to her professional questions, Tiffany reviewed his resume and his cock thoroughly. Here are some video and photo galleries from this cumtastic production:

Antonio proved that he had what it takes to be a great male performer by giving Tiffany a good hard fucking. He did so well that he landed a hardcore job with gorgeous Tiffany and the hot ingenue TS Ada Black! The content is as sound as the plot and a must see on Tiffany Starr XXX!

America’s Next Top Tranny Season 14 – All Stars

Here’s a photo gallery and a 02:13 minute preview of America’s Next Top Tranny Season 14 – All Stars in two formats with Tiffany Starr fucking Sarina Valentina! These two have an instant attraction to each other and it shows on screen. Sarina and Tiffany host the All-Star Extravaganza and brought some friends along with them. Watch all of the previews to see the whole cast in action.

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Tiffany Starr, birdmountain and TS Miss Mary

I wonder what TS Miss Mary and her life partner birdmountain were expecting when they went to the set of the amazing Shemale Club photographer Nickey Milo. They knew that their co-star in this hardcore film was the hostess of  

Both Mary and birdmountain must have guessed they’d get into an intense hardcore session with their hot new friend!  

“Nurse Threesome” ends with a massive cumshot by head nurse, Tiffany Starr. birdmountain quotes, “Wait until you see how far this lady squirts; you won’t be disappointed. Of course, knowing me, I went straight for it and licked it clean, with Mary’s help. And that was that.”

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