Kaylee Kuddlez Debut Shemale Yum

I couldn’t let August get past me without mentioning the debut of a hot North Carolina transsexual named Kaylee Kuddlez on Shemale Yum. The back story about her first shoot for the site is that her photographer spotted Kaylee at the 6th Annual Tranny Awards (now renamed the Transgender Erotica Awards). These photos (and the video that goes with it) were shot in Raleigh, NC and she’s a tremendous first timer!

When asked what her best feature was, mega-hot Kaylee said it was a toss up between her cock and her eyes, but if she was a leg person, she’d have probably picked her legs. A couple of other tgirls confirmed that they loved her big cock. As for myself, I love the way she dresses, her warm smile, perky hormone boobs and as a leg girl, I love her stems, including the third one. Don’t miss the debut of Kaylee Kuddlez on Shemale Yum!

Brielle Bop Returns To Shemale Yum

Brielle Bop is a model/performer who would upset lots of fans if she went into an early retirement from the adult industry. Don’t you hate when that happens?! Thankfully, this fresh-faced beauty is back on Shemale Yum! Brielle aka Chloe Callahan from Nashville, Tennessee is now living and enjoying her time in the San Francisco Bay area.

“There was an old abandon restaurant with nice colors that made for a great backdrop,” said photographer Radius Dark about his new shoot with Brielle Bop. “Some benches with boats in the background also made very usable props. My idea for the shoot was to make it very intimate. I decided to go to a very cheap motel for the shoot, so that it was more down to earth. I also thought shooting part of it outside, so that you see her in the real world, would be interesting to her fans. Shooting with Brielle Bop, you have to endure every sentence you utter being turned around into a dirty joke. The good thing about that, however, is that she’s a good talker. When you see the video, you’ll hear her improv some great dirty talk.”

Ren Rikka Returns To Shemale Yum

Look at gorgeous Ren Rikka aka Rika T in the Shemale Yum video and photo galleries below. She can blow smoke rings, squeeze the head of her big cock with her dainty feet and so much more. She loves gaming, anime, and doesn’t allow hormones to get in the way of her libido when it’s time to fap for us.

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Stacy Jackson Returns To Shemale Yum

In spite of her multiple solo and hardcore performances, one of the most under exposed transsexuals in the adult industry is beautiful Dallas, Texas native Stacy Jackson, who now resides in Atlanta, GA. She debuted in 2005 on Shemale Yum and she can also be found on The Grooby Archives. Her solo sets are fantastic and I’ll never forget her performance railing another gorgeous TS. Here are some photos of Stacy’s latest appearance getting fucked by Tony Patron!

I’m hoping that more Shemale Yum members will request more of Stacy Jackson. Check out this week’s updates.

Kelly Klaymour Returns To Shemale Yum

Kelly Klaymour has beautiful eyes, great boobs, long legs and a fantastic ass. But like so many others, I get distracted by her huge cock and enjoying her unusual masturbation techniques. Her new 13 minute solo scene on Shemale Yum is what I consider her best to date. Enjoy her latest video and photo gallery previews!

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Domino’s Now Serving Weiners

Superstar transwoman Domino Presley returns to Shemale Yum in good humor and horny as hell! Watch her cook and serve up some hotdogs in the nude while stroking her delicious cock at every opportunity! I love that she got grill marks on those hot dogs and I’d love to leave some lipstick marks on her raging erection.

I don’t just think that Domino is one of the most beautiful transwomen on the planet. I think she’s a phenomenal person. I love her official TS Domino Presley site also!