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TS Carmen Moore is back on Shemale Strokers with another spectacular performance! In this 19 minute instant classic, You’re beside Carmen’s bed drinking in the sight of her beautiful body while she’s sleeping. When Carmen awakens, she’s not ready for you to leave. She wants to get her cock rock hard and jerk it off for you while you bring yourself off. The HD quality of this video is superb.

Cum with this Las Vegas Native American beauty on Shemale Strokers and on TS Carmen Moore.

One of my all-time favorite performers has another movie on Shemale Strokers. Hazel Tucker is mesmerizing in her latest solo video for this superb website that runs just under 28 minutes. 185 hi-res images compliment the new scene in which she’s on the phone telling a friend about her recurring dream about being a stripper. Hazel falls asleep and has the same dream again. About her “new” look, I’d say she was a 10 in the beginning of her adult career. On a scale from 1 to 10 today, I’d rate her a 15.

Hazel masturbates while dreaming and fingers and toys herself. She strokes her stiff cock while dancing, too. She’s gloriously nude by the time her lovely, curved tonsil tickler blasts a creamy cumshot. I highly recommend that you watch the whole video and subscribe to the Hazel Tucker Archive if you’re a true fan of this transsexual porn icon like me.

Shemale Strokers is the only website that Delia DeLions of Delia TS has appeared on multiple times.  That should tell you enough about how hot the long-running site is if you’ve never been there before. Click on each photo of this Pacific Northwest beauty if you’d like to zoom in. 

159 hi-res photos compliment the new Delia TS video on Shemale Strokers! 

Nov 09

TS Stefani Special on Shemale Strokers

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The latest Shemale Strokers updates are all incredible but the horniest videos are most likely to stay fresh in my mind. That’s why I’m focusing on 23 year old Stefani Special’s SMS video today. She serves it up straight with no chaser saying, “I like to get fucked. I like to fuck. I like men, I like women, I like other transsexuals, I like BDSM, I like vanilla sex…” and it goes on from there, reminding of many of very own favorite things. Then Stefani delivers a to die for 29 minute solo masturbation session that ends with an explosive climax. I filed this video into my personal “Best TS Solo Performance” DVD  collection faster than you could say, “Well, isn’t that special”.  

This 36B-28-36, 5’10″, 7″ transsexual from Dallas, Texas is one of the fastest rising stars in the adult industry.  Cum with Stefani Special on Shemale Strokers! 

Here are some of the 76 photos that accompany the new 21 minute Shemale Strokers Danika Dreamz video. Click on them to zoom in on this Canadian transsexual beauty. As a mature black Domme, I’ve had lots of part-time girls do my bidding as sissies while dressed as French maids. But I’ve never had another transsexual dressed in this classically submissive fetish wear. Watching Danika strip, tease and stroke her big cock on this amazing site is the next thing to being there.

Danika flits around the room cleaning with her feather duster and baring her big breasts. Then she lies back on the sofa to stroke her flaccid penis to erection. She rubs her rosebud with the head once it’s swollen and proceeds to give us a tremendous ass show. Danika fingers that plump ass you know you’re dying to fuck and beats off again with crystal clear closeups of her big, juicy dick.

If you’re a leg and/or foot lover, this movie has you covered. She sheds the stockings and performs a fetishist’s dream of a tease. Soon to come is the final moment we’re longing to see – Danika Dreams lying on her back and shooting a fresh load of cum directly into her mouth! This is not only a superb recent update, but one of the sexiest films on this long-running site ever!

Watch Danika explode on Shemale Strokers!

Dark and lovely Mahogony Wood is hanging outside somewhere in Chicago when she gets a surprise call from her boy toy to come over for some fun. When he doesn’t show up, she decides to have a little fun by herself. She hits the couch and starts slowly by spanking her amazing ass. Soon she goes in for the real fun and strokes her long, thick cock until she cums all over her flat tummy.

These photos are from Mahogony’s 22:39 minute video and Black Tranny Whackers is part of the Shemale Strokers network. Once indoors, this black beauty licks one of her stiff nipples with her pierced tongue and pulls of her dress. You’d never know Mahogany was packing suck a big cock inside her skimpy black panties. She gives us a great ass show while moaning in heat. Then she lies back to finger herself. Mahogany claims, with her sweet voice that her cock is about 9 inches long and I wouldn’t challenge her on that. See for yourself also on Shemale Strokers. The blast of Mahogany’s creamy white cum across her beautiful brown skin is simply incredible!

Two gorgeous transsexuals are on the prowl and when they meet at a bar, neither realizes that the other is a transsexual. They show each others’ cocks and start kissing (Why is it I always get kicked out of bars when I do this with other girls?).

After some mutual breast fondling and nipple sucking, Penny sucks Gina’s big dick. Gina is hung too and there’s some tasty looking precum oozing onto Penny’s member when they rub their she-cocks together. There’s more intimate kissing and both girls are rock hard.

Gina sinks to her knees to devour Penny’s hardon and the favor is returned again. It looks like someone is gonna get fucked right there in the bar. Guess what? They both fuck each other and do it bareback in this 48 minute film! I love guys, but I needed a hot new transbian movie like this!

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Aubrey Kate returns to Shemale Strokers as a dominatrix who puts you through the paces as a submissive. You’re really not worth her time, but she’ll allow you to gaze at her lovely bare breasts, kiss her feet and suck her pedicured toes one by one. She even bares her perfect ass for you, knowing how you want to get at her rosebud.

She knows you’re dying to see her stroke her cock until it gets fully erect. Today is your lucky day. You know you want to suck it and taste her precum. Aubrey flexes her ass muscles to show how tightly she’d flex around your stiff cock if you were lucky enough to fuck her.

Keep sucking Ashley’s pretty toes while she jerks off. She still has about 12 minutes left to torment you. She grabs a dildo and the plastic cock is far bigger than your pathetic little penis. She fucks herself with it since your little junk wouldn’t even be a match for a fake cock!

“Give me a hardon, bitch!” she orders while pumping the toy with one hand and her pretty dick with the other. Aubrey caresses and squeezes her big tits while getting deeper into her self-pleasing. She wraps her soft soles to show you how she gives a footjob. Don’t you wish her small, high-arched feet were stroking your stiff member? When she blasts a fresh load of cum clear up to her face, wouldn’t you want to taste it and give her a cummy kiss? Sorry, you can’t do that. You’ll be lucky if Aubrey Kate allows you to lick her tasty cum off her face or the wetness she’s spread across her sexy little digits.

Sep 14

Kelli Lox Returns To Shemale Strokers

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TS Kelli Lox has yet another captivating roleplay adventure to share in her latest Shemale Strokers movie! She’s talking to a guy who has never actually been with a tgirl before. “You’ve never seen a girl’s cock before,” she asks after teasing with her natural breasts, long legs, high-heeled feet and tight little perky ass.

Kelli would love your first oral experience to be with her and strokes it fully erect. That’s a lot of cock to take it, but isn’t it absolutely delicious looking? It stands straight the fuck up toward the ceiling. Well, that’s until she begins to stroke it again while fingering herself.

When Kelli stands up, her she-cock is either bobbing up at a 45 degree angle or the eye of its bulbous head it staring you straight in the face. Then she bends over, begging you to fuck her with her soft, sweet voice. I honestly don’t think you’ll ever see a more perfectly fuckable transsexual ass in your life.

I’ve seen Kelli’s tremendous cum shots many times before and knew that a major blast was soon to come once she started started pumping her shaft furiously. I highly recommend that you download her new 19 minute climactic solo scene.

Click on these 4 of my favorite photos from this beauty’s 73 image set to zoom in. I have the exact same glass work desk that Sienna Grace is working at in her second Shemale Strokers video. She strokes her stiff cock in the movie and gives us an aerial view of her cumshot. I haven’t spurted a load on my own identical glass desk like she did, but while watching the video, I was tempted to!

Sienna has said she’s really not attracted other transwomen or genetic females anymore, but that doesn’t stop me from wanting to fuck her silly! That ass is to die for and her cock looks so succulent. *sigh*

Sienna is the secretary for Mr. Sammy Mancini. While sitting at her desk alone, she becomes overcome with lust and begins to stroke her cock. Just then, a client walks into meet with Mr. Mancini and catches Sienna in the act. She apologizes, but Mr. Johnson doesn’t seems to mind. Soon Sianna is taking her dress off and exposing her perky hormone boobs and her protuberant ass. She makes Mr. Johnson’s wait worth it by shooting a load of cream all over her desk just for him.

Two Smoking Hot Sets of Sienna Grace now on Shemale Strokers