Kelly Klaymour Returns to Shemale Strokers

There’s no need for super star Kelly Klaymour to introduce herself in this Shemale Strokers video. Been there, done that. This one is a straight up strip tease / dance club video that gets right down to the action! It reminds me of way back when the Show World Center in Times Square, New York City ran a “Chicks With Dicks” striptease shows. You know the kind, with male admirers in raincoats jerking off.

There was no Internet back in those days. Thanks to modern technology, you can get a similar sex emporium experience jerk off to Kelly Klaymour all you want to in the privacy of your home. You might melt when Kelly gazes into the camera while squeezing the cum out of her big cock! I’d recommend wearing headphones to enjoy the pulsing EDM jam which thankfully ends precisely at the right time. You can watch the video preview on Shemale Strokers!

Kelly Klaymour Returns to Shemale Strokers

While selecting photos to show you that go with the latest Shemale Strokers video, it occurred to me that the 100+ images might make you cum before you even watch the scene. As I work on the very same desk, I’m realizing I haven’t really broken mine in yet. At least not the way Kelly Klaymour has.

In the 23:52 minute video, you’re the boss and Kelly will do anything for a raise. Cum with Kelly Klaymour again on Shemale Strokers!

Natalia Coxxx Returns To Shemale Strokers

Chicago’s Haitian and Cuban beauty, originally from the Big Easy, may have outdone herself with her newest Shemale Strokers video. After introducing herself outside on a bench in Boston with her laptop, she invites you inside and talks herself and you through a tremendous orgasm the same way she does on her official TS Natalia Coxxx website!

I’m just fine with my own looks, but were to trade my face and body with anyone’s for a day, TS Natalia Coxxx would be one of the first transsexuals I’d consider doing it with. I never miss anything from this fox, nor should you!

Aurora Summers on Shemale Strokers

Super pretty Aurora Summers is a young Seattle, Washington transsexual who loves to be dominated. If you’re into D/s, you’ll especially love when Aurora tells about an early BDSM experience on Shemale Strokers while stroking her flaccid cock. Then the hot, horny submissive asks what you’d do to her with her wrists bound by a spreader bar, and then shows off her round, fuckable ass. Aurora’s meaty erection bounces up and down with precum oozing from the swollen head. It finally bursts a torrent of cum across her stomach all the way up to her cute little hormone tits!

Cum with sexy submissive Aurora Summers on Shemale Strokers!

Tori Mayes Returns To Shemale Strokers

This could be the last adult entertainment performance of beautiful Tori Mayes. :(  I’m sad about this news, but Tori is a bright light who is also a talented writer and photographer. I could also see her as an executive which happens to be the theme of her sizzling Shemale Strokers video. This sexy CEO is hiring for a personal assistant position, but there are special requirements for this job. Not only does the applicant need a nice dick, he must be willing to suck her big cock first thing in the morning, and then again right before she leaves, and be willing to bang her tight ass before lunch. Here are some of the photos:

Tori Mayes has had a short, yet amazing adult entertainment career. I hope it’s not true that she’s going into early retirement. But she’ll do well at anything she chooses. Show you love for Tori Mayes on Twitter and tell her that Caramel sends her love. Don’t forget to save Tori’s performances on Shemale Strokers!

Brooke Morgan on Shemale Strokers

TS Brooke Morgan of Detroit, Michigan has a mesmerizing gaze and a domineering disposition. Her tight frame supports an ample rack and a killer ass. Brooke’s large, uncut cock looks menacing even before it expands into a raging erection.

You spy smoking hot TS Brooke Morgan out on the street and you can’t help but to stop and check her out. She invites you back to her place for a special surprise. Once there, she massages her ample rack while begging to you suck on her tender, chocolate nipples. Then you get to watch as she slowly undresses revealing her plump, protuberant ass. She invites you to slide your cock right in and implores you pound her hard! When she turns around, you can get a close look at her big brown she-cock and low-hanging balls. She strokes her massive black schlong for you until she’s spurting a load of creamy white cum! Explode with Brooke on Shemale Strokers.

Penny Tyler Returns To Shemale Strokers

The latest Shemale Strokers performance seems to have so much to offer to porn fans – ass lovers, foot fetishists, hormone breast admirers and those who love smoldering hot transsexuals with big, cum-spurting cocks.

In this video, our hung, sexy girl is bored on a Sunday and she starts thinking of ways to make it more fun. What better way to make things more exciting than to play pinball in lingerie? Hot Penny plays pinball with her huge she cock swinging free. Her big dick is getting hard, so she sits in her massage chair and starts to really make things better. She takes out her cute little titties and makes her huge member even bigger by stroking up a storm. Her beautiful mouth moans with pleasure as she plays with her little rosebud. Then the Los Angeles fox strokes and strokes until she shoots her hot white load all over her gorgeous body. She tastes her sweet cum and then decides her Sunday is not so bad. Watch the 27 minute Shemale Strokers return of TS Penny Tyler!

TS Luxury D. Love Returns To Shemale Strokers

Beautiful adult star and singer TS Luxury D. Love of make another explosive Shemale Strokers performance!  Her first cumtastic shoot was 21 minutes long and this new one is a few minutes longer.  Click on these photos if you’d like to zoom in.

The videos will make you crave being in the lap of Luxury. Keep up with this fox on her Official TS Luxury D Website and get this exclusive content on Shemale Strokers!

Carmen Moore Returns To Shemale Strokers

TS Carmen Moore is back on Shemale Strokers with another spectacular performance! In this 19 minute instant classic, You’re beside Carmen’s bed drinking in the sight of her beautiful body while she’s sleeping. When Carmen awakens, she’s not ready for you to leave. She wants to get her cock rock hard and jerk it off for you while you bring yourself off. The HD quality of this video is superb.

Cum with this Las Vegas Native American beauty on Shemale Strokers and on TS Carmen Moore.

Hazel Tucker Returns To Shemale Strokers

One of my all-time favorite performers has another movie on Shemale Strokers. Hazel Tucker is mesmerizing in her latest solo video for this superb website that runs just under 28 minutes. 185 hi-res images compliment the new scene in which she’s on the phone telling a friend about her recurring dream about being a stripper. Hazel falls asleep and has the same dream again. About her “new” look, I’d say she was a 10 in the beginning of her adult career. On a scale from 1 to 10 today, I’d rate her a 15.

Hazel masturbates while dreaming and fingers and toys herself. She strokes her stiff cock while dancing, too. She’s gloriously nude by the time her lovely, curved tonsil tickler blasts a creamy cumshot. I highly recommend that you watch the whole video and subscribe to the Hazel Tucker Archive if you’re a true fan of this transsexual porn icon like me.