Big Dick Bitch Update

Let me tell you about three of the latest Big Dick Bitch videos that I’m in love and lust with. Usually when I’m watching a blowjob video, I’m watching for pure enjoyment. But while watching Thank You Daddy, I was taking mental notes. The next time I get a big cock in my mouth like the one Madison had, I’m gonna try some of her tricks. I think the sounds she made and some of the things she said while sucking made it extra hot!

Madison made her man “un-nervous” with a little humor that developed into some cock stroking that reminded me why she’s called the Big Dick Bitch. She got it sucked to and was pretty vocal about how much she loved it. She sucked him too, made him cum and nutted even harder than he did. Did Madison get the term “Dam!!!! That Ass Tho” from the SNL Weekend News Update skit with Micheal Che day dreaming about Kim Kardashian’s ass? It sure seems that way because of the way she shows hers off on the staircase. in the bedroom, she gets her man with mini-dreads hard with her oral magic. Damn that thing is long! I started taking mental notes again. She laid back and teabagged him while he fucked her big tits. I think you’ll love it when he pour oil across Madison’s ass while she moans and grinds on the bed, then starts to fuck her. It’s doggie-style first, then missionary. Madison faps her stiff cock while getting railed until the climactic ending. There is so much cum blasting from both of them! I love me some Big Dick Bitch!