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Apr 02

Delia TS Golden Nightgown

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Delia DeLions’ wife Tasty Trixie shot 150 erotic photos to go with a MILF/wife/mommy porn video in which she says “…oh MOMMY, your BALLS are so BEAUTIFUL…”  I think Mommy’s tits and cock look beautiful, too!

Watch the sizzling on the incredible Delia TS website!

When Delia DeLions hit the transgender scene with, I had no idea she’d transition and eventually launch I love both sites, including the hardcore photo sets and videos with her wife of fame. In 2013, Delia surprised us with her first hardcore scene with a man (James Maverick). That was the proverbial gateway drug to Delia’s amazing 32 minute bareback video that I downloaded from In a torrid 57 minute and 38 second hardcore scene, Delia DeLions of and alt girl Maia Davis kiss, trade oral favors and fuck! Hung stud Christian XXX of Christian’s Shemales joins them in Jay Sin’s TS Playground #09

In a torrid 57 minute and 38 second hardcore scene, alt girl Maia Davis joins in to kiss, trade oral favors and fuck Delia and Christian. “The majority of the first half is just Maia Davis and me.” says Delia. “Christian joins the fun half way through and gives us both a thorough pounding! It’s a raunchy scene (in true Jay Sin fashion) with lot’s of gaping, rimming, spitting, ass to mouth and cum swapping. Just the kind of filthy hardcore scene some of you have been wanting to see me in for years!”

You can grab watch scene now on Evil Angel’s TS Playground #09 and on!   

Shemale Strokers is the only website that Delia DeLions of Delia TS has appeared on multiple times.  That should tell you enough about how hot the long-running site is if you’ve never been there before. Click on each photo of this Pacific Northwest beauty if you’d like to zoom in. 

159 hi-res photos compliment the new Delia TS video on Shemale Strokers! 

Delia DeLions says, “I love me some really fine 100% nylon stockings, I really do! And when they are coupled with some retro lingerie, why that’s like strawberry jam to top it off. The Pink Longline Girdle and 100% Nylon Stockings video went up last week, but I was super happy with the way this set of 157 pictures turned out. There are some beautiful shots in there!”

Click on the “First Hardcore With a Man” GIF below for Delia TS!

Oct 04

Delia TS Stroking On The Bed

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I still haven’t gotten over Delia’s “First Hardcore With A Man” hardcore videos with James Maverick and there’s also a new solo masturbation video on Delia TS. The title of the Delia TS video that comes with these wonderfully erotic photos is “Stroking On The Bed In Baby Blue Thigh Highs And Sheer Panties” and I’ll tell you a little bit about it.

This one begins with a white stocking in-your-face foot tease. With her full, lovely breasts bared, Delia begins stroking her big cock and it expands fully with clear beads of precum oozing from the tip. She plays panty games with them, wetting the diaphanous fabric, then bares her amazing ass in the room which is filled with natural sunlight. That’s part of what makes the HD quality almost make you feel like you could just touch Delia and make her spurt.

Alas, she does it all by herself since we can’t be there. I got the feeling that Delia was masturbating just for me and I think you will, too. The way she moaned intensely while shooting streams of delicious looking creamy cum.

Enter Delia TS

Since Delia DeLions has been in a relationship with her partner and co-webmaster Trixie Fontaine of Tasty Trixie for many years she’s only been seen engaging in hardcore sex with other transsexuals and genetic females. I’ve lost count of how many movies I’ve downloaded and saved to DVD from all of their websites including those from That’s where you’ll find Delia’s scorching content before she began her transition.

Delia planned the hardcore release of her first time with a man wisely resulting in off the chain website hits! There was a dalliance with a guy named Hunter in the past, but it didn’t even come close to this union. After watching the first of two parts where the handsome James Maverick spanked her for peeing in the shower, I was really anxious to see him fucking her. To say that the “On The Other Side of The Blinds” follow-up movie was worth the wait would be an understatement. To make a long story short, James fucks Delia bareback and I wouldn’t be surprised if some fans came without even touching themselves while watching their 26 minute scene. It’s really that hot!

Download this milestone erotic performance on Delia TS.

Aug 11

Delia TS Red Slip In The Blackberry Hut

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Although the title of this Delia TS movie pretty much gives you an idea of what you’re going to see, nothing beats actually watching it. Delia’s girlfriend Tasty Trixie can’t resist touching her bulge. I wouldn’t have been either. I love the way her big erection sprang forth from her sheer green panties. When she puts her swollen cockhead back inside, a mouthwatering bead of precum oozes out. Then it literally begins streaming. Next, Delia gives us a tremendous view of her curvaceous derriere. Her breasts are absolute perfection. Delia caresses her full boobs and begins masturbation her turgid cock furiously. When she lets go of it every now and then, it almost points directly to the ceiling. More clear juice slides down the shaft and her moans get louder. After Delia’s climax, she gets to taste some of her own jizz. If this isn’t enough torture, there’s some closeup footage of her licking it. I wished I could jump through my monitor for a taste!

Jul 06

Delia TS – Summer Time!

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Delia TS and her long time lover Tasty Trixie have signed the lease on a new Seattle, Washington apartment and here are some super sexy photos at the new pad. Congratulations, ladies and thanks for the hot new images!

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Jun 30

Delia TS – Shiny Purple Pantyhose

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If I’d never seen this photo of Delia DeLions before, I’d never suspect that there was a fully functional cock between her legs.

You should see the 14 and a half minute video where she raises the hem of her dress and rubs herself stiff. When Delia’s pre-cum oozed into the fabric of her shiny hose, I craved licking it off. When she began furiously stroking her hard shaft, I’d loved to have helped out with a few feather-light flicks of my tongue. Did I get into Delia TS too much? 

There’s no shame in my game. I would have sucked on the luscious tits she was rubbing and when she shot her load into the hose, I definitely would have sucked her big cock dry. Do what I did and download the full video on   

Oct 31

Delia TS – Opaque Stockings Gallery

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Delia DeLions and Tasty Trixie shot these pictures in their backyard in Washington state. They love to take pictures of each other at home, inside or outside, during every season! Wait until you get a load of the HD video that goes with this photo set. See every yummy detail as Delia spurts creamy cum on her stockings in HIGH DEFINITION!

Download The Set at Delia TS