Joanna Jet – Me and You 120 – Veranda Satin 17

You’ve got to see the photo gallery and scene trailer of Me and You 120 – Veranda Satin on! The photos of Joanna posing in and out of her purple satin negligee caused my cock to stir in my panties. Just watching the short preview clip of Joanna fucking her tight ass with the matching toy and catching a glimpse of the creamy white cum spurting out of her big, stiff cock almost made me completely lose it!

This beautiful and torrid babe falls under two categories of mine, 1) TS Producer / Director I admire the most, 2) My all-time favorite transsexual cock! Me and You 120 – Veranda Satin 17 is another Caribbean set from the #1 British TS porn star Joanna Jet!

Joanna Jet – Caribbean Vacation

I wish I could win a vacation in the Caribbean with Joanna Jet, or anywhere else on the planet, for that matter. But I wouldn’t let her get any filming done unless it were hardcore and I were the co-star. Hey it’s my fantasy and no one can take it away from me! Being a producer, director and porn star is hard work and I’m not sure if this hot multitasking fox ever really takes a vacation. Here’s are some sample galleries of the prolific British transsexual adult icon on a Caribbean island.

You should also check out the cumtastic video previews of her vacation series on the official Joanna Jet website!

Joanna Jet Update

Prolific British actress, model and director Joanna Jet is back again with new photo galleries to compliment her torrid videos. If you’ve never seen her in action, don’t miss the torrid video previews on her amazing, long-running website.

Her first professional appearance was in the year 2000 when she featured in the DVDs, “Transsexual Beauty Queens 15″ and “Shemales at the Hard Rock Cafe”, both produced by Androgeny Productions. The following year, she underwent facial feminization surgery and also became a featured star for the top transsexual DVDs titles of the time from Androgeny, Evil Angel, Devil’s Film and Anabolic, she also started her own US based production company Fringe Dweller Productions Ltd. As both a performer and a producer of transsexual pornography, she became an advocate for the acceptance of transsexuals by the mainstream adult industry and is recognized as influencing the addition of the “Transsexual Performer of the Year” category to the AVN awards in 2004. In 2010, she was the Tranny Awards winner of a Lifetime Achievement Award and she’s one of the most successful model/directors in adult entertainment. Her website is jam-packed with a tremendous bulk of solo and hardcore content with world famous male performers, gorgeous genetically born females and other stunning transsexuals from all over the world.

Joanna Jet Update

Here’s a first for British model/director Joanna Jet – a lingerie set as a redhead.

Next, an extravagant catsuit with a big black toy.

Shemale Cougar #4 features the iconic star in a hardcore session with a gimp. I love having a guy like this around the house. 

If you view flash, you can play previews of the video scenes available by visiting the Joanna Jet homepage.


Joanna Jet Me and You 102 – Green Metallic

“The good thing about now being redhead is that I can now wear green and what better to start off this new trend with something very shiny,” the UK’s Joanna Jet says. Check out the stroking, gaping and fingering Preview Video in [HD]360p format.

I don’t know how long Joanna intends to remain a redhead, but I think it’s my favorite look on her. The tight green pants that show off her bulging hard cock contrast nicely with the fiery red. 

How fuckable does Joanna look bent over? Does this photo make you want to fuck her from behind while stroking her raging erection until she cums in your hand and all over the hardwood floor? Watch Joanna’s big cock shoot a load of creamy white cum in the Me and You 102 – Green Metallic sample clip! It’s in her easy to navigate homepage tour.

Joanna Jet

I was going to lead this post with a photo from the “Padded & Zipped” gallery from Joanna Jet with just a bulge in her pants because that’s a huge turn on.  The sight of her stiff cock has been embedded in my brain for years already. But just in case you’re not familiar with her astounding British erection – here it is, mates.

I need a dress like Joanna is wearing in her “SupaGlam” set.  What a great way for a girl to show how special she is.

I’m sure you can figure out the effect her playful “Swiing!!” set has on me. ;)

I’ve been longing to give Joanna’s sexy little UK bubble butt a  good “Workout” while wanking her big she-cock for years! Stream some video previews on her website now to see Joanna Jet in action! In her latest Scene Trailer – JetCam 24 New York, New York, the great city where I was born, you can see her cumming! Now that’s what I can a preview!

Joanna Jet In Shemale Cougar #4 – Picnic Treat

I knew I wasn’t quite ready to let go of the Summer when I saw Shemale Cougar #4 – Picnic Treat on the official Joanna Jet website. I can’t imagine not watching her regularly updated videos and ogling her hi-res photos sets either. In this 18:46 minute film, Joanna has a little picnic alone in the woods finds herself getting aroused and strokes her big, hard cock. A good looking long-haired guy somehow stumbles upon her and loves what he sees. So she sucks his equally large dick while continuing to stroke her own swollen erection.  

The horny stranger has the privilege of sucking Joanna’s hardness, too. Then he tosses her salad while Joanna tells him how good it feels. The HD footage is amazing!

You’ve got to hear Joanna’s lusty shouts when the stud plunges his bare cock inside the lovely Brit and pounds her for all he’s worth! Joanna is on all fours wanking her hardon furiously.

Joanna’s stiff prick releases to torrent of tgirl cream as she gets railed on her back and the handsome and lucky bastard cums inside her. I didn’t need to see his cum. Joanna spurted enough for both of them on her own and it was quite a memorable visual!

Joanna Jet – Black Lace

In the Me and You #82 movie, Joanna Jet stands in her sexy black lace lingerie set with her big cock visible through her sheer black panties. Then she sits on the sofa to give us some front and rear views of her tight body. I don’t exactly know why, but I always feel that this seductive Brit has the hardest cum shooting schlong in TS adult entertainment.

She lies back to stroke her tool with her well-lubricated fist and her dirty talk is replaced by intense moaning. Then comes a classically huge Joanna Jet cumshot! Photo Set (#712) comes with 9 large hi-res pictures.

Joanna Jet by James Johnson – Tiffany Jet Parts 1 and 2

After releasing “Tiffany Jet” set in black & white, Joanna Jet asked her photographer James Johnson to also give it some color, but in a style that reflected the era; and what a great job he did of it too!

Whenever Joanna Jet releases a photo set and/or video, I make it a priority not to miss them. This is one area of my TS porn house that’s always in order. What I wouldn’t do to suck that legendary cock, get railed by it and to fuck Joanna’s perfect creamy  ass silly! *sigh*

Step Mommy Has A Cock – TS Pussy Hunters

This is a feature fantasy role play starring the sexy Joanna Jet and introducing Bianca Stone. Bianca is a spoiled little rich college student living in an apartment where her dad pays the rent. She never really sees her international business man father who is often far away for many months at a time. When he announces to Bianca that he has remarried and that his new wife, her new English stepmother, will be paying her a visit in the US, Bianca is pissed! How could her dad send a strange woman to see her? Bianca plays to be as bitchy as possible to her new mommy until the woman leaves.

When Joanna arrives, Bianca fixes the Brit an awful cup of tea and acts like a total bitch. There’s no milk for the tea and when Bianca goes out to get some, Joanna paces around the well-appointed but messy house. But she’s exhausted from jet-lag and soon falls asleep on the couch. When the brat returns, Bianca decides to have a little devious fun. She ties Joanna up and pounces on her. She decides to tie her new step-mother to the sofa by the ankles and wrists with heavy rope. Then she straddles and shakes Joanna awake, tearing off her dress! Joanna resists. Bianca knows her father would never believe she did this to her new girlfriend. When Bianca strips Joanna until her cock is exposed, the TS tells her that her father doesn’t tell her everything. Bianca wasn’t expecting her step-mom to have a penis, but it’s so hard and delicious looking, she can’t resist sucking it!

The tables turn rapidly and Bianca is addressing Joanna as Ma’am now and releases her from her bonds. This hung TS is going to show the pretty young brat what true domination is all about. She ties Bianca up and goes easy on the girl first by eating her out and tossing her salad. Joanna sits on Bianca’s face with her hard cock bouncing up and down. Then she French kisses Bianca, skull fucks her and shoves her hardon into Bianca’s pussy.

Bianca looks submissively gorgeous tied spread-eagle on her back and so does Joanna whose thrusts become harder. She pauses only to lick Bianca’s pussy again, rub her clit and tease her rosebud. At this point, we know that Bianca is going to lose her anal virginity! In the following scenes, Bianca remains tied up, but both women are gloriously naked. Another forced blowjob ensues, and a hard spanking that has Bianca screaming! Joanna fucks her pussy doggie-style and makes the bitch beg for another ass-fucking! Joanna is very vocal and I love it when she says things like, “That’s such a nice young tight little ass.” I love when I get to say that! Joanna discovers a huge hidden black vibrator to work on Bianca’s clit while railing her. Bianca succumbs to a toe-curling orgasm. Joanna flips her over for a missionary fucking using the vibe to stimulate Bianca’s clit and the cock pumping in and out of that pussy. Joanna fucks her like a jackhammer and pulls out to shoot a huge load of creamy white jizz into her mouth. In the closing interview, Bianca explains that the best part for her was the roleplay. Joanna is a power top, so it was a bit of an adjustment to act submissive. She did an amazing job switching! Download the 48 minute film on TS Pussy Hunters and take the Official Joanna Jet Website tour! 

Joanna Jet In Shemale Cougar #4 – Park Lunch

In this big ass 1.01GB film, the British businesswoman with something extra  Joanna Jet  finds a guy reading The Sun. Actually, he’s got a porn magazine behind the pages. When she sees this, Joanna decides to help him by giving him in blowjob right there in public. She plays with herself while sucking the stranger’s fat cock and he leans over to fondle and suck on her full breasts. When she lifts her skirt and places her pretty ass before his face, he kisses it and then Joanna turns around. He’s not upset at all the she’s got a big, juicy penis standing at attention. He gives it a good sucking and tosses her salad. Why don’t things like this ever happen to me when I go to the park?

Joanna gives her new friend another blowjob while stroking her erection. Then she straddles the guy on the bench to ride his cock bareback. Watching Joanna’s big tool bouncing up and down while she gets fucked hard is everything. I’m only 8 minutes into this 20 minute film so far! Visit Joanna Jet to watch the video preview. You’ll find it in the “Scene Updates” section.