Tara Emory In “Trailer Park Tara”

There weren’t enough people joining Tara Emory‘s website, so she’s forced to live in a run-down trailer on the side of the road, and whoring her body to anyone with a few extra bucks to spare. This dollar-store whore says “Shame on you!”

Just kidding. However, you SHOULD join The Official Tara Emory Website so that she can avoid this fate in real life!

The Dauphine Madame de Emory in “Masquerade”

“Let me eat cock!” said the Dauphine as the peasants clamored at the gates of her palace at Versailles with their torches and pitchforks.

Inside she was having the most succulent sex parties that the French aristocracy had ever seen, before facing the guillotine!

But maybe they’ll do more to her than just take her head, not if she gives them head first!

Enjoy Tara’s latest set! Much more of her can be seen at her site Tara-TS.