Pink in Bubbles Denim Mini Bareback

It’s awfully hard to me to narrow down to just a few photos from an exquisitely explicit photo set with over 250 images of pretty Pink. It’s a tough job, but somebody’s got to do it. I had to reduce these shots from the original 2000x1333x24 sized hi-res collection. Ontop of that, Pink’s new hardcore Ladyboy Gold video shot straight to the top of my list of all-time favorite bareback scenes on this unbeatable Thai adult site. The barely legal aspect of Pink with her pigtails, braces and even more suggestively nature of her blowing bubbles isn’t what gets me going. This chick is 23 years old and I would have been even happier if she’d been portrayed as her actual age. But with stats of 5’7″ (167 cm), 108 lbs (49 kg) and 32C-25-32, she fits right into the wildly popular age play niche. Her co-star is played down as a mystery man, but I knew immediately that he was the male megastar Christian XXX of Pure-TS. The video begins with Pink playing with her cell phone and bubble gum until they’re replaced by Christian’s enormous cock. I could go on and on about every detail of the multiple position changes, but my favorite sequence was in the last three quarters of the video. Pink’s hair was down during the reverse cowgirl railing with her hair down and raging hard uncut cock bouncing up and down. The sounds she makes while getting fucked are absolutley incredible to hear. Don’t miss this torrid scene on Ladyboy Gold and you can also watch the preview and many, many more on Ladyboy Tube.

Jame in Precum Barebacking on Ladyboy Gold



I rarely rate anything in life A+, but this is one of those rare occasions. If you haven’t seen 23 year old, 5’9″ (175cm), 112.3 lbs (51kg), 34C-26.5-33, Jame getting fucked bareback before, you have two chances to on Ladyboy Gold. In her latest scene, Jame’s huge cock is already rock hard when we see her stroking it while sitting barefoot on the bed. An even bigger dick enters her mouth and it’s on like popcorn. This Thai stunner says all the right things in English the get her stud’s montrous member pumping in and out of her in a variety of positions. Jame takes a big facial like she loves it and blasts a nice creamy white cumshot herself! The large file (1.1GB) of this 29:59 minute bareback scorcher makes it seem like you can jump right into the action. A 240+ hi-res photo set compliments the HD video. Ladyboy Gold celebrates its 9th Anniversary this year! This team continues with the same mission strategy as when they strated – being the premeir SE Asian niche program focusing on 100% exclusive content with member satisfaction in mind. For a video preview of Jame and the star of Pure-TS Christian XXX on Ladyboy Gold, click on “Newest” on the amazing Ladyboy Tube website.

Mos and Christian on Ladyboy Gold

Little Buns Lingerie Bareback is a torrid HD video and photo set with Christian XXX of Pure-TS and Mos, a 21 year old, 5’5″ (165cm), 99 lbs (45kg), 33C-24-32 transsexual. This is her second Ladyboy Gold set. The video opens with Mos dancing slowly with Christian standing behind her. As with most recent LBG videos, the male is never entirely focused on. So Mos begins to strip and then sinks to her knees preparing to suck Christian’s cock. He has a monstrous tool as it is, but it looks even bigger when petite Mos handles it. She has braces, but that doesn’t stop Christian from forcing not just a blow job, but a fierce skull fucking. Mos tells him she loves his cock and she doesn’t seem to be intimidated by it which surprised the hell out of me. The beginning of this scene is like a BDSM flick without the props and gear. It would definitely fit into the Domination/submission niche. It’s not easy for Mos to sink her cute little ass all the way down on Christians big dick, but is that easy for anyone? I really get the sense that although it must hurt, Mos truly loves being impaled. They move from reverse cowgirl to doggie-style fucking on the bed where Christian pins one of her arms behind her back and slaps her ass while fucking her. The missionary POV footage is incredible and the more Christian dominates Mos, the more she seems to want it. Her uncut cock looks bigger than the reported 6 inches when shot at close range, smaller when it’s spinning around like a hard, horny propeller. At the end, I’ve never seen anyone who looked more hungry for a man’s cum. You can watch a video preview of this scene on Ladyboy Tube.

Yoko on Ladyboy Gold

“Ball Tie Sperm Release” on Ladyboy Gold starts off with 20 year old, 5’6″ (170cm), 125lbs (56kg), 34D-26-35, 5.5″ (14cm) Yoko in pigtails and in a bikini. You can watch a 3 minute Video Preview on Ladyboy Tube. But what happens after the preview ends? The scene reopens with Yoko in a sheer white negligee with a dildo and she starts sucking on it. You get a pretty good idea of her cocksucking skills before she starts jerking off again. The sheer force of her cumshot is so hot to watch you might want to play it over again. And again.

Ladyboy Gold Chains, Pain and Pleasure

In “Chains, Pain and Pleasure” on LadyboyGold, 5’5″ (169cm) Lisa strips out of her geisha dress quickly and immediately begins stroking her stiff 4″ (10cm) cock. But then she’s suddenly changed into a to die for latex BDSM bikini and she’s cuffed and chained. She dances around and unfastens the cups her top, exposing her lovely breasts again. Then she reveals her uncut dick and again, it’s raging hard. The Bangkok sex kitten runs the chain around her boner and squeezes it tightly. I’ll bet she likes it rough, the way I like it. Then she’s in an erotic state of concentration, stroking her meat furiously. Lying back on the bed, you get a frontal view of creamy white cum spurting from the head of her penis. For a three minute video preview, click on “Newest” on LadyboyTube!

Femboy Sky

Flash Video Previews

I love fucking submissive femboys and Sky’s Ladyboy Gold debut really got me going! I’m old enough to be this 18 year old cutie pie’s Mom, but I wouldn’t let that stop me. Sky is 5’5″ (166cm) and weighs only 99lbs (45kg) with a sweet 6.3 inch pecker I’d love to wrap my lips around. 30A-24-33 are his or her measurements and Sky looks adorable with braces.

At first I thought my bbc would be too much for Sky, but if he can take the hung stud’s cock in the video, I know he could take my 8.5 black inches! I never wish I was 18 again since I didn’t know anything back then. I’d just rather suck and fuck one like pretty Sky! Watch Sky get railed and creampied and check out the updates on Ladyboy Tube! I wouldn’t be surprised if you played with yourself watching the long video previews.

MJ Returns to Ladyboy Gold


Video Preview

Petite MJ aka Mary Jane is one of my favorite transsexual performers and she’s back on Ladyboy Gold for her 5th amazing scene. Her stats are 5’7 (171cm), 117 lbs (53kg) and her lovely cock is 6 inches long when fully erect. She has a gift for being able to cum multiple times in a session. Do I care that I’ve downloaded a video named “Winter Bikini” when it’s over 90 degrees where I live in Florida? Nope, and I don’t think you’ll mind either! You can also see Mint on Ladyboy Tube where you might end up cumming just watching the previews!


MJ on Ladyboy Gold and Ladyboy Tube

Thai Ladyboy Lookme – Pajama Bareback Teen

In a brand new Ladyboy Gold video, teen Lookme coaxes a hung white guy guy into two creampies with her tight, insatiable ass! Lookme gives a sweet blowjob before getting fucked. Then she lowers her young bottom down on the erect cock, sliding the bareback pole deep inside of her. She rides cowgirl for the first creampie and with her ass filled with sperm, Lookme continues to ride. She lays back missionary and jerks herself off, shooting a rainbow of cum from her big dick! The cum even hits her in the face! The guy is so turned on he wants to cum again and pounds Lookme’s ass until she gapes. A big cumshot is deposited in Lookme’s willing rosebud. There are also bonus photos of Lookme in a pink see-through mess top and black panties! Also visit Ladyboy Tube for extended previews.