Yasmin Lee Returns To TsSeduction

The famous Yasmin Lee is back on TsSeduction.com in an action packed shoot chasing down poacher Alex Adams in the California Wilds. A tense chase scene is followed by hard fucking, foot worship, dominating blow jobs and the seductive power of this beautiful, high-profile transsexual and her eight inch cock!

Big news for serious fans like me of this amazing porn and mainstream actress – There are four other shoots coming up with the incredibly hot, sexy, multi-talented Yasmin Lee.

Yasmin Lee Returns To TS Seduction

A multitude of mainstream moviegoers were shocked, amazed and amused by the Thai, Cambodian, Chinese and Brazilian actress Yasmin Lee’s full frontal nudity in The Hangover Part II as “Kimmy”, the transsexual sex worker who had sex with Stu, played by Ed Helms. today, Yasmin Lee is one of the most well-know transsexuals in the world and I realize that I might be preaching to the choir here. So let me get on with what I thought of the latest of Yasmin’s 30+ TS Seduction movies.

The plot this 48 minute movie unfolds quickly. Sex therapist Lee tells Cameron Kincade to get undressed and he complies. Then Yasmin shows him several porn photos to find out what turns him on. He’s not sure about the action in the transsexual photos, but finds the models beautiful. He finds it hard to admit that he’s ever want to be in the submissive role.

He definitely doesn’t want to perform oral sex on a transsexual. However, Yasmin has private photos of him doing just that. Having him right where she wants him, Yasmin “forces” him to go down on her. The hardcore footage is bareback and although this isn’t really a BDSM film, Yasmin Lee has proven once again that she’s on of the finest transsexual dominants in the adult industry.

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Yasmin Lee: Shemale Idol

Transsexual pornographic film actress Yasmin Lee, who played the role of transsexual stripper-hooker Kimmy in The Hangover: Part II gets her huge cock sucked by Gabriel D’ellasandro in “Ladyboy Adventures” at Shemale Idol! I think her mainstream Hollywood performance was the only time I’ve seen her beaufiful member flaccid, but I’d gladly take it soft or hard.  

TS Yasmin Lee

Yasmin Lee is flawless and with her smoldering sex appeal and coy seduction, she takes another man’s mouth and makes him worship her long, thick cock at TS Seduction.If you like watching Yasmin’s hard dick get wet and swell with cum until it unloads her man’s mouth, then stop reading and start watching.

A Yasmin Lee Kink.com Retrospect

26 year old Yasmin of L.A. is at TS Seduction. Again! At her T-Girl Fantasy site she quotes “Most people perceive me to be very dominant and that is very true. However, to be a great top you must also be a great bottom. I guess I can say that ultimately, I would prefer to settle with a guy that is versatile and extremely sexually open. A Mona Lisa of what my future be if I could paint it is to be with both a guy and girl. In this relation, we would be emotionally connect and commit to each other but open sexually.” It would be pointless for me to go on after that. Enjoy the previews!

June 30, 2010

June 9, 2010

April 7, 2010

February 3, 2010

January 6, 2010

December 16, 2009

September 23, 2009

July 22, 2009

May 6, 2009

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Yasmin Lee In Silence Is Denial

Rocky has never met Yasmin, never had his cock and balls tied, never begged to cum.Yasmin  fucks his face while he is tied to an inverted water dunking chair. Then she ravages his ass with his body bound in wooden stocks, his mouth wrapped around a dildo while his ass takes her stiff cock in a brutal fucking. At the end of every scene Yasmin jerks Rocky to climax and when he begs to cum, she stops, leaving Rocky with crippling desire and frustration.

After another round of hot, heavy ass fucking, Yasmin has her own climax and she unloads several bursts of cum into his mouth. This incredibly intense scene ends with Yasmin taking Rocky’s finally allowed cum in her own mouth. But the hottest part of this scene is all of the commands, all of the chemistry and desires are demanded by Yasmin without her speaking a single word. 193 hi-res photos, 7 movieclips, 39 streaming and downloadable minutes.

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Yasmin Lee

A jealous wife hires Yasmin Lee to help catch her cheating husband in the act. Yasmin has more than incriminating photos in mind – she lures the horny guy back to her hotel room, cuffs his hands, blind folds him and gets him so riled up he willingly lies back for a blow job. Willingly, that is until Yasmin pulls out her 8 inch hard cock and rams it in his mouth. He resists, insisting that he’s not into this kind of sex. Yasmin swings his hips around and rams her cock into his ass, fucking him every which way – doggie, missionary, spoon – anyway she wants, every inch of her inside him, tossing him around the bed like a fuck toy. He takes as much as he can until he has no choice but to cum from her pounding.