TS Michelle Firestone and Bianca Dagger

I wouldn’t miss an opportunity to see Michelle Firestone in anything, especially not her second TS Pussy Hunters video. This Halloween special opens with a brief, yet informative interview by director TomCat before the action begins. Michelle has put an ad in the local paper looking for a cheer squad girl who is willing to have her picture taken in an old mansion while tied up. Only the brave need apply. Bianca Dagger is not scared – after all she has good boundaries and a good head on her shoulders. The charms of Michelle are so mysterious and sexual – it’s like a heat that comes off her cooled body. Bianca feels her pussy soak when Michelle looks eyes with her.

The girls kiss, then take things slow, all the while Michelle is imagining what her cock will feel like in Bianca’s mouth, ass and pussy. Bianca feels the bulge in Michelle’s panties and she too, can not resist. The girls fuck and cum BAREBACK and just when Bianca is drifting off into a post orgasm nap, Michelle bares her teeth and claims her prize. I can hardly believe that 5’2″ (157cm), 36B-26-36 real-life Yoga teacher Bianca Dagger had been in the adult industry for 5 years already! Well actually it makes sense when you see the way she sucks cock and takes the jackhammer pounding from svelte Michelle’s 7″ dick. You might find yourself wishing you could lick Michelle’s cum off of Bianca’s smooth, pretty pussy at the end. Bianca says it was the best anal sex she ever had in the TS Pussy Hunters exit interview!

TS Foxxy and Dylan Ryan

There’s no, “Oh my God, you have a cock!” revelation in the 47 minute “Nurse Sex” video on TS Pussy Hunters and in fact, TS Foxxy doesn’t even expose her stiff member until 20 minutes into the scene. She’s already driven Dylan Ryan half crazy with her erotic foot play, finger fucking and muff diving. On top of that, the introductory interview with director TomCat gave me time to catch up with these two major porn stars recent exploits and settle in for the main event. I can never settle on what I love seeing more between a squirting pussy and a cum-shooting cock and this top drawer video still leaves me mystified (yet totally satisfied). Click on each image for 5 different preview formats.

TS Foxxy | @TheDylanRyan | TS Pussy Hunters | Kink On Demand

The League of Extraordinary Transsexuals

Join Vaniity as Wonderella, Courtney Taylor as Super Squirter, Will Havoc as Panty Thief, and Honey Foxx as Hungaliscious in an epic display of crime fighting and sexual punishment. The adventure starts on TS Seduction and concludes on TS Pussy Hunters in this featured shoot crossover. Click on each image for video previews in four different formats!

TsSeduction.com is proud to present the incredible feature presentation, The League of Extraordinary Transsexuals: To Catch a Panty Thief starring Vaniity as Wonderella, Courtney Taylor as Super Squirter, and Will Havoc as The Panty Thief! This two part feature ends with a cliffhanger on TsPussyHunters.com and includes Hungaliscious played by Honey FoXXX! And now on to the episode: In an abandoned warehouse deep in the docks of Metropolis, Wonderella dangles helpless in the strength sucking powers of Panty Thief’s bondage. She cleverly distracts the villain to activate her distress beacon hidden in her super bra. Super Squirter dashes off in the invisible plane to save Wonderella and punish Panty Thief. Who better to dish out punishment than these two fine heroines of justice? Panty Thief pays for his crimes with his face, ass and cock as the super sisters wring him dry and soak him wet with their own juices. Wonderella’s super cock does some super fucking which would make most mortals snap in half but she wields her powers perfectly and together her and Super Squirter, milk two loads out of Panty Thief’s cock after making him fuck like a stallion, and take a pounding. The chemistry is electric and the sex is so intense there are times you may have to turn away from your screen to save yourself from pure sexual overload! The incredible threesome ends badly for our heroines though as Panty Thief uses their distracted cum bliss after glow to tie both girls up with Wonderella’s golden lasso of power! The girls need help – their only hope is Hungaliscious is watching the distress screen back at head quarters. Will Hungaliscious save Wonderella and Super Squirter before Panty Thief steals the golden panties? Tune in to TsPussyHunters.com to find out!

After an incredible threesome of “punishment” for the Panty Thief, the ladies were relaxing only to be ensnared in Wonderella’s golden lasso. Will they escape?! TsPussyHunters.com presents Part 2 of a cross-site feature update with the incredible Honey FoXXX playing Hungaliscious. After a narrow escape from the villainous, Panty Thief, our heroines fly high above the city in their invisible plane, patrolling for evil. When the city is safe and sound, the ladies return to their headquarters for a special kind of R&R. Their hot threesome is full of epic fucking, squirting pussy orgasms, exploding cum shots, and incredible deep throating skills as everyone – including Vaniity and Courtney taking turns sucking Hungaliscious’s huge cock!

TS Pussy Hunters – Honey FoXXX and Katrina Zova

Honey FoXXX has an 8″ cock to fill Katrina Zova with bareback. When Katrina playfully lets Honey know she’s got a kinky desire for butt plugs, Honey shows off her cock and it’s on!

In a rare switch scene for TsPussyHunters, the girls switch roles with Katrina fucking and near fisting Honey’s tight ass before the tables are turned again and Honey bangs home an epic orgasm of cum that covers Katrina’s mouth!

Brenda Von Tease and Bella Rossi on TS Pussy Hunters

Brenda Von Tease is a gorgeous 5’8″ 34DD-26-36 transsexual with a juicy 7″ cock who has made her mark in the webcam world. But this is her first actual porn scene and her performance is fantastic! She’s paired with major porn star Bella Rossi, whose 5’5″, 34DD-24-34 petite frame molds wonderfully to Brenda’s svelte, taller one. Their chemistry is quite refreshing and erotic to witness.

In this 41 minute bareback TS Pussy Hunters film, Brenda and Bella sneak into their boss’s office late at night to snoop through his desk and sit in his expensive leather chair. When Bella finds the rope and a ball gag, Brenda’s face lights up and the innocent snooping leads to Bella being tied to the desk, her nylons ripped open and her pussy being licked and finger banged.

The naughty interns become frantic with the possibility of cumming in the boss’s office and Brenda can barely contain her growing hard-on that is pressing against her own panties. When her cock bursts out, Bella is eager for her to shove it in her pussy and Brenda does not disappoint!

They fuck bareback all over the office, with Brenda dominating Bella and using her hot body in all kinds of sexy positions. Bella shows off her perfect tits and ass and her incredible cock sucking skills. These two are made for each!

Jessica Fox in Dorm Room Punishment

TsPussyHunters.com presents “Dorm Room Punishment” a feature shoot starring the star of Jessica The Fox and genetic girl porn stars Milcah Halili Orbacedo and Wenona! First year Milcah and Wenona are acting like typical co-eds – yelling on their cell phones, exercising off the cafeteria food, playing obnoxious music at top volume – everything that drives the Resident Assistant insane. But Jessica Fox is not the typical RA. She takes matters into her own hands and makes the girls pay for their annoying amateur habits.

First, Jessica storms into Milcah’s room and punishes the hot little fucker with her swollen cock. A long blow job keeps the noise down and when she fucks Milah’s pussy the sounds coming from the dorm room are much more appealing to Jessica’s ears. But an RA’s work is never done. There will always be another loud mouth down the hall and no sooner is Jessica back in her dorm room, when Wenona starts up with the medicine ball and high kicks. Jessica busts into Wenona’s room and throws her on the bed. Jessica uses the fitness and endurance of Wenona to full capacity as she fucks her senseless – fisting her pussy and even fisting her own ass while she drives her cock into Wenona.

Jessica The Fox and TS Pussy Hunters

Class Attention: Kelly Klaymour Punishes with Her Huge Cock

I just don’t get why this niche isn’t more popular than it is. Do men feel left out when viewing lesbian, transbian or transsexual/genetic female sex? I don’t get it because this is an example of amazing porn! This is the second TS Pussy Hunters scene for TS Kelly Klaymour and the fourth for Rox Rox and their TS on GG experience shows! Kelly is a petite 5’6″ minx with a 7″ cock who is a literally a perfect fit for 5’9″ Roxy Rox.

In “Class Attention” on TS Pussy Hunters, Nothing will stop these two private academy hotties from fucking in detention! TS Kelly Klaymour and Roxy Rox grab at each other, pull up their uniform skirts, groping, kissing, and grinding. Roxy asks if the rumors are true asking, “Do you really have a big cock?”. Kelly answers by moving her panties to the side and show Roxy what she desperately hopes is the truth. Kelly’s thick cock slaps at her pussy, then slides it inside her. The fucking is epic, fast and hard. Kelly keeps her cock deep inside Roxy, pulling out only to feel her squirt everywhere and lick at her wet, fresh fucked pussy.

Jessica The Fox and Katrina Jade on TS Pussy Hunters

“This video was a lot of fun and i got to check this off my bucket list and fulfill a fantasy of mine,” Katrina Jade said about her cumtastic TS Pussy Hunters feature with the star of Jessica The Fox! In the movie, Katrina is a little handsy in the wrong way at the castle. She sneaks into Peter Acworth’s bedroom and attempts to steal some of his prized art. Her plans are thwarted by sexy security bad ass, Jessica Fox.

Jessica catches Katrina in the act and throws her to the couch in a body slam that scares her breathless. Now she will be punished accordingly – first she will be tied up, slapped and humiliated, then she will be left tied spread-eagle on Peter’s four poster bed waiting all night for someone at any time to come in a fuck her.

It’s a long night in bondage, and when the morning sun comes, it is Jessica who gets to have Katrina’s tight pussy all to herself. She fucks her, using her pussy like a fleshlight, fucking and fucking until she explodes cum all up her body.

Check out Katrina Jade Fetish Model on tumblr and Jessica The Fox

Bound Pussy: TS Venus Lux and Jessie Parker

This is a rare and awesome treat – Venus Lux completely dominating a bound up Jessie Parker. Venus cums twice, makes Jessie squirt and scream her name while cumming.

Bound and helpless, all Jessie can do is offer her pussy to Venus who needs no inviting to take what she wants. She cuts off Jessie’s clothes and plows her hard cock into her pussy until she cums. But Venus is not an average Domme. Her cock is hard again moments after cumming and she uses it to fuck Jessie’s throat while demanding she squirt. All this would be enough for most Dommes and subs, but not for Venus. She fucks Jessie again cumming one more time all over her belly while Jessie looks her deep in the eye with her smeared make-up and fucked out face. Hard bondage, a well-worked sub and two cum shots for one of the best TS tops in the business Venus Lux – this is TsPussyHunters.com

Venus Lux and Bella Rossi on TS Pussy Hunters

Watching each of these hot ladies strip down for bed in each other their separate bedrooms is extremely erotic, especially when Venus begins playing with herself in bed. While rubbing her sensitive boobs, she strokes her cock to a rapid erection. Back in Bella’s bathroom you can tell she’s got some naughty thoughts developing in her head. She rushes into Venus’ room half-naked and they get right down to making out. In the opening interview with Tomcat the director, Bella said she loved having her big breasts mauled and I can see that Venus was paying attention. Next, their in bed totally nude and kissing passionately. Bella gives the lovely transsexual a loving blowjob. The wide angle HD footage shows off how gorgeous they are from head to toe.

Bella knows that her partner’s breasts love attention, too. She goes at them fiercely and performs another cock sucking. That big, beautiful dick stands up at a 45 degree angle and higher when it’s not in Bella’s mouth, between her pendulous boobs in deep inside her pussy. By the way, Venus fucks Bella bareback. I love it! She sucks the redhead’s sexy little toes while railing her and the passionate kissing never seems to stop. Talk about good chemistry!

Venus fucks Bella doggie-style next and I love it when she grabs her own tits and let her jacking hips do all the work. I also love when she grabs Bella by the next to pound her with jackhammer thrusts. It’s as Venus swore to herself that she was Bella’s fucking by her was going to be the best she ever had. We chicks with dicks have something to prove and it looks like Venus did it.

I loved Bella’s shuddering climax and seeing Venus blast her creamy white cumshot in the final scene. This movie goes straight to the top of all my favorite TS Pussy Hunters movies.

Check out all the latest updates and take the Venus Lux Entertainment tour.   

Jessica Fox and Aleksa Nicole Return To TS Pussy Hunters

Jessica’s previous films for the site include “Kinky Bar: Getting Glory Hole Mouth Fucked by Sweet Transsexual Cock” with Charity Bangs, “The New Neighbour is Evil: She Hunts Pussy with Her Cock”  with Alice Frost, “TS Jessica Fox Dominates a Brand New Girl” with Alya Marie, “TS Jessica Fox Fucks the Tight Pussy of a Brand New Girl!” with Tracey Sweet, “Eva Lin, Jessica Fox, Venus Lux Gang Bang Orgy with Maitresse Madeline” and “Power Tops and Power Bottoms” with Roxy Raye.

There is nothing on Aleksa’s personal “No List” so there are no limits to what TS Jessica Fox decides to do with her. In this TS film, Aleksa is surfing the Web at work and sees that her first TS Pussy Hunters video is up and running. She’s so turned on reminiscing that she hikes up her skirt while watching it and makes herself cum. The next day, her boss Ms. Fox is extra hard on her at work. She knows that Aleksa has made a porn video with TS Foxxy from spying on her employee’s laptop.

In “Punished by The Boss-Lady’s Cock For Watching Porn at Work” even when Jessica confirms what she saw on Aleksa’s laptop, the pretty chick denies it. So Jessica forces her to watch what she did while sexually harassing her. Obviously Aleksa is turned on by her boss tossing her salad and slapping her sexy bare ass hard. Jessica knows that Aleksa loves cock, but had no idea that her female boss had one. So an enforced blowjob comes next with lots of verbal humiliation. Next, Jessica bends Aleksa over the desk and fucks her pussy bareback from behind. Jessica looks especially hot when she pumps the subordinate next in the missionary position and we get great views of Aleksa’s big bouncing breasts and curvaceous bare legs. Her lusty screams are incredible, too. Aleksa is forced to suck Jessica balls deep until the dominant transsexual decides to sit on the couch for a reverse cowgirl bounce. Both ladies are completely naked by the time they do it doggie-style again. Jessica’s hard thrusts are as fast as lightning until she pulls out. Aleksa pounds her pussy with a squirting orgasm and sucks Jessica’s cock after it spurts out a creamy facial! I loved the closing interview with Tomcat that wrapped up this amazing movie as well.  

Visit Jessica The Fox and Aleksa Nicole

TS Danni Daniels and Daisy Ducati

Danni Daniels is always at the top of my list when I think about the world’s finest Mistresses. She’s absolutely gorgeous to me and an S&M expert. TS Pussy Hunters provides a fine description of her new 41 minute film with a beautiful girl named Daisy Ducati, but I’m adding my own two cents after having viewed it.

When Daisy approaches the alternative rock star Ms. Daniels as a star-struck fan of her albums, the acting is well done by both ladies. Danni takes advantage of the moment to restrain her devoted fan in a bathroom stall. With a talented tongue and a huge toy she happens to have, Danni devours Daisy, departs for a few moments, then introduces her to glory hole sex. Keep in mind that TS Pussy Hunters is all about transsexuals who enjoy GG’s to the fullest. I actually picked up a few new tips about how to please a genetic girl while watching this film.

25 minutes into the video, Danni gets into toe sucking and a bareback railing that blew my mind. Because Danni is so tanned and Daisy’s racial origin is a mystery to me, is so light-skinned, I didn’t really think of this as an interracial session. Their physical contrasts do add something extra special, but I just saw two beautiful women having sex – one submissive controlled by a seriously dominant one with a huge penis. I loved the explosive ending and the closing interview with director Tomcat that followed. Enjoy this TS Pussy Hunters film from San Francisco’s legendary Kink Empire.    


TS Stefani Special and Cherry Torn

I’d bet any amount of money that Cherry Torn is more experienced with transsexuals than TS Stefani Special is with genetically born females simply because of the amount of TS movies she’s co-starred in . However, Stefani is a true TS Pussy Hunter in my opinion. No transsexual who isn’t into GG’s could have made such a passionate movie.

I watched very closely to see how Stefani treated Cherry throughout the entire 34 minute film. The forced skull fuck ended when Cherry started gagging on Stefani’s big dick. Kudos for giving the girl’s throat a break. Then she ate and fingered Cherry’s lovely pussy almost exactly the way I would have. Stefani took time to orally tease and please Cherry’s petite high-arched feet before sinking deep inside her in the missionary position. It wasn’t necessarily a gentle fucking. There was lots of hard ass slapping and the doggie-style railing was even more rough.

There were moments when Stefani banged Cherry with jackhammer thrusts. I don’t know how Cherry managed to totally deep throat that big cock to the base after that fuck, but she did it. I loved watching Cherry’s large, luscious breasts bounce up and down when she straddled Stefani for another pussy pounding. I love the way Cherry had her mouth wide open and tongue sticking out to receive Stefani’s big cum shot. I also adored the sensual cummy kiss that followed. In the closing interview, Cherry said she loved the doggie-style fucking the most. I don’t have any favorite segments. I loved it all!  

Watch “Cat Fight Sexy Time” on TS Pussy Hunters