Kelly Klaymour and Milcah Halili on TsPussyHunters

On TS Pussy Hunters, Milcah Halili is curious about bondage and she’s shopping for some gear. She enter’s Kelly’s Kink shop and gets more than she bargained for. or. She goes into the back room where she’s handcuffed and Milcah willingly submits to the beautiful TS hostess of Kelly kills it in this scene because bondage is in her wheel house. The same goes for the 5’3″, 36-27-36 versatile bottom, Milcah Halili Orbacedo! It’s not long before Kelly is pumping her massive bare cock in and out of Milcah’s pretty pussy. But the sex begins with an unreal blowjob. I can’t believe how much dick she can take down her throat without gagging! As far as the chemistry goes, look closely at the way they kiss and how Kelly eats Milcah’s quim. The thirst is real and I’ve yet more than a handful of MTF transsexual stars who work so well with and truly adore cisgender females as much. I’m not sure if Milcah could take the full length of Kelly’s big dick very often because we see so much of it as they’re fucking. But I think that if you threw Milcah’s pussy in the air, it might come back down as sunshine, judging from the way it made Kelly cum TWICE. Don’t miss this incredible TS Pussy Hunters update and be sure to visit

Kink on Demand – TS Nina Lawless







The advantage of being a Kink on Demand member is having full access to both transsexual sites and cisgender male and female content as well. If you’re more specific about your porn and only interested in transsexual porn, perhaps you’re only a fan of the one or two of the transsexual sites. Gorgeous Nina Lawless is magnificent on both of them – with Corbin Dallas on TsSeduction and Beretta James on TsPussyHunters. With Corbin, it’s a hardcore scene with a punk rock theme. There’s no bondage. but it’s all about D/s. Nina is a sales associate in a record store and cocky Corbin thinks he can pick her up. The Domination/submission begins quickly with Corbin licking Nina’s boots and working his way up her legs. When he reaches her panties, he finds himself licking a big bulge in them. He has no problem with trying to deep throat the huge, hard cock Nina exposes. When they’re standing up and Corbin’s erection is exposed, streams of precum ooze from his cockhead as his shaft rubs against the hot retailer’s prick. Soon, he’s getting fucked bareback on Nina’s leather sofa. The hung, pretty Domme forces Corbin to cum in a special place in a surprise move before she blasts her own creamy white spunk. With Beretta James, Nina seduces the genetic girl after she’s spooked from scary campfire stories at Beaver Falls. While Beretta is getting ready for bed, she peeks over and sees that her hot, lean friend, Nina Lawless, is getting naked and going to sleep. Beretta starts to masturbate. Her moans of pleasure are confused as ghosts moaning to the already paranoid camper, Nina. Nina rushes over to Beretta’s tent for comfort. She’s comforted with a French kiss and they begin fodling each other’s bare breasts. Nina’s rock hard cock is standing straight up from her thighs and Beretta gasps, “Oh!” the same way I did. Beretta sinks to her knees to perform a loving blowjob. There’s lots of pussy eating and salad tossing to follow. Beretta gets all of her glorious openings stuffed – her mouth, her pussy and her tight ass. The scene ends with an absolutely amazing Nina Lawless cumshot! Consider your options with TsSeduction and TsPussyHunters or maximize you options with Kink on Demand.

Michelle Firestone and Jessica Taylor

I don’t know how many TsPussyHunters members got past the part where Michelle Firestone was fucking Jessica Taylor side-saddle with her big bare cock. I’d imagine a lot of fans of both ladies would love to have alternated between orally teasing Jessica’s pussy and Michelle’s hard shaft during this furious fucking. I know I sure did! On the incredible Kink site that brings us TsSeduction plus a plethora of other great sites, it’s Jessica’s second scene with a gorgeous transsexual star. Venus Lux was her first. Beautiful TS Michelle Firestone is the bartender in “Last Call Leads to Stranger Fucking in the Bar” and it opens with 5’7″, 34B-28-34 removing the high heels from her sore feet. Michelle is turned on while watching since Jessica really does have a sexy pair of feet. Michelle has a sexy pair of peds herself. As a matter of fact, this TSPH scene is quite foot fetish-oriented and this is how the foreplay begins. After Michelle worships Jessica’s fishnet clad toes, they start kissing passionately. Then more of Jessica’s tight body is revealed with Michelle focusing on her sexy ass. Jessica is obviously turned on by baring Michelle’s exquisite dancer’s body. She’s both surprised and elated by the pretty dick that was hidden inside Michelle’s lacy black panties. I don’t blame Jessica for not being able to suck Michelle’s long cock to the base. I don’t think I could go down balls deep myself. Michelle’s creampie after the doggie-style bareback pounding is everything! Enjoy these TsPussyHunters trailers and don’t forget to check out the updates on TsSeduction!

Nina Lawless and Kassondra Raines

It’s Kassondra Raine’s first time on TsPussyHunters and her debut on Kink as well. If I were her, I’d be feeling mighty proud of myself, especially after getting laid by the amazing Nina Lawless. I don’t think we’ll ever see Nina on the sister site TsSeduction, but this is her second hardcore performance on this hot TS/GG site. If you haven’t already seen or downloaded her scene with Daisy Ducati, you ought to. The story behind this bareback fuck flick is that Kassondra has been doing Kink Live webcam shows from her dorm on the college Campus. Word has spread like wild fire that this hot student is camming from her room. Eventually, Dean Lawless gets word. She checks in on one of Kassondra’s live shows and seeing her squirting, masturbating and even doing self anal fisting. Nina wants to have some words with Kassondra about these extra curricular activities. Kassondra is willing to do anything to be able to stay in school, even suck the dean’s huge cock and get her tiny pussy stuffed with it. Pretty Kassondra’s pussy looks absolutely delicious. When you see Nina’s massive cock released from it’s panty prison, you might not make it to the end of this 41 minute scene without cumming.  This happens about 15 minutes into the scene.  The final blowjob scene is out of this world! So is the sight of Nina’s sexy ass when she gives Kassondra one more pumping and a big, creamy white cumshot.

TS Foxxy and Beretta James in Shafted

This TsPussyHunters video is bittersweet for me with its intelligent theme that comes close to home for me. Before breaking up with my ex, I lost a whole gang of Domination/submission gear as a result of our parting. I didn’t sneak into her home to retrieve it the way the two stars of “Shafted” did. After seeing this scene, I almost wish I did and brought a friend with me! TS Foxxy helps Beretta James sneak into her ex’s apartment to get her sex toys back and end up fucking on his bed! Foxxy is the more conservative of these two hot best friends, but she’s the one who initiates Beretta’s revenge. She ties her up and fastens a ball gag inside her mouth. This is the first time they’ve ever had sex and it begins with Foxxy eating Beretta’s smoothly shaven pussy. An electrovibe is brought into play as well as some mutual breast loving. Foxxy pays oral attention to Beretta’s pretty bare feet and at this point, I realize why this is a 56 minute video. I know there’s some serious BDSM on the way, but there’s an intimate buildup beforehand. I could go on and on about this 5 star video, but I’d rather you see it for yourself. In closing TS/GG porn doesn’t get any better than this.

TsPussyHunters – Brenda Von Tease and Ashley Luvbug

If I didn’t already have a crush on Ashley Luvbug in scene #01 of Angelic Black Asses #02 from Devil’s Film and in Dick Drunk on Immoral Live, I’m smitten after seeing her Kink debut with Brenda Von Tease on TsPussyHunters (and I love her new hairdo!). If I go on more about Brenda and she reads it, she might think I’m in love with her at this point. I’m mainly dominant, but Brenda is such an experienced top, I’d bottom for her any day. Needless to say, I was wishing I was Ashley’s other Mistress while watching their scene (if Lady Von Tease allowed me to *sigh*).

This is another great video from the daring sister site of TsSeduction. In a society that we all know is definitely not post-racial, I’m sure that someone will be disturbed by the D/s dynamic of these black and white stars. As an African-American who can’t stand a lot of the blatantly racist porn on the Net, this is not an example of it. I’m not giving it a pass because of the BDSM theme, either. I’m just completely comfortable with the interaction between Brenda and Ashley, let alone highly aroused. Watch the full video on TsPussyHunters and judge for yourself.

Chaperone Sex: Kelly Klaymour Fucks Her House Arrest Girl Joey Minx

The Kink empire’s sister site to TsSeduction presents the return of Kelly Klaymour with a first time performer on TsPussyHunters, Joey Minx. After a brief interview with director Tomcat, the scene opens with Kelly telling Joey how lucky she is the debutante only got house arrest for her crime. Joey disagrees as she’s a rich, spoiled brat. Kelly sleeps on the couch in Kelly’s bedroom and awakens to the sound of Joey masturbating in bed under the covers. Joey is busted and Kelly takes her cell phone to see what kind of porn she’s been watching. It’s obvious that she’s a bottom and this is an opportunity that dominant Kelly isn’t going to pass up. Kelly goes down on Joey in ways that taught me a new trick or two, and I think I’m pretty good at it myself. There’s nothing silly about the way Kelly reveals to Joey that she’s a transsexual, “With a really big cock,” she adds.

I must admit that I’m a bit biased, since this is one of my favorite adult websites, but this is yet another TsPussyHunters scene I’d rate a solid A+.

TsPussyHunters – Brenda Von Tease Dominates Beretta James

Bound and Horny” is the latest incredible scene from the sister site of TsSeduction. It opens with a brief interview by director Tomcat. The scene opens with Brenda entering the dungeon where Beretta is restrained naked. My oil fetish is satisfied immediately with Brenda’s rubdown and there are many more still to come. Check out these video previews in your choice of 4 different formats:

Gorgeous 5’8″, 34DD-26-36 Brenda Von Tease delivers another incredible TsPussyHunters performance, this time with 5’5″, 36D-26-32 Beretta James who is tied up and spread wide for Brenda and her stiff 7″cock. This bondage, passionate sex and a switch scene has Beretta fucking Brenda with a huge strap-on. Brenda takes full advantage of the submissive Beretta who strains against her bondage while Brenda stuffs her pussy and ass full bareback! This is a perfect pairing for a hot D/s scene with a twist.

TsPussyHunters – Brenda Von Tease and Lea Hart

Lea Hart is an 18 year old queer switch aerial burlesque performer and KinkLive performer making her TsPussyHunters debut with third timer Brenda Von Tease. This week’s update begins with a brief interview by director Tomcat. It’s interesting to learn what their limitations are and what they’re into. In the video, Brenda and Lea are stuck waiting for secondary inspection in the San Francisco International Airport. They wait and they wait until it becomes clear that the agents have forgotten about them in waiting in a holding room and have gone home for the night. Click on each image for 4 different formats of video previews:

There’s no exclamation from Lea like, “Oh my God! You have a cock!” which I appreciate. TsPussyHunters videos often have humor in them, but it’s on more of a high brow level. When Brenda joked in the interview with Tomcat that she’s a lover, not fighter, I understood what she meant. Although she gave Lea a powerful fucking, there was a lot of intimacy involved. Lea shows why job is in the term blowjob and she sounds as hot as she looks getting pummeled bareback by Brenda’s big dick. When the fucking was done and it was time for gorgeous Brenda to let Lea take over while she jerked off….let’s just say I was surprised and fascinated by the ending. This was a great debut for Lea and another stellar performance by Brenda! I didn’t even want the closing interview to end! Click here to take a look at what’s going on at all the other Kink sites including TsSeduction.


TS Michelle Firestone and Bianca Dagger

I wouldn’t miss an opportunity to see Michelle Firestone in anything, especially not her second TS Pussy Hunters video. This Halloween special opens with a brief, yet informative interview by director TomCat before the action begins. Michelle has put an ad in the local paper looking for a cheer squad girl who is willing to have her picture taken in an old mansion while tied up. Only the brave need apply. Bianca Dagger is not scared – after all she has good boundaries and a good head on her shoulders. The charms of Michelle are so mysterious and sexual – it’s like a heat that comes off her cooled body. Bianca feels her pussy soak when Michelle looks eyes with her.

The girls kiss, then take things slow, all the while Michelle is imagining what her cock will feel like in Bianca’s mouth, ass and pussy. Bianca feels the bulge in Michelle’s panties and she too, can not resist. The girls fuck and cum BAREBACK and just when Bianca is drifting off into a post orgasm nap, Michelle bares her teeth and claims her prize. I can hardly believe that 5’2″ (157cm), 36B-26-36 real-life Yoga teacher Bianca Dagger had been in the adult industry for 5 years already! Well actually it makes sense when you see the way she sucks cock and takes the jackhammer pounding from svelte Michelle’s 7″ dick. You might find yourself wishing you could lick Michelle’s cum off of Bianca’s smooth, pretty pussy at the end. Bianca says it was the best anal sex she ever had in the TS Pussy Hunters exit interview!

TS Foxxy and Dylan Ryan

There’s no, “Oh my God, you have a cock!” revelation in the 47 minute “Nurse Sex” video on TS Pussy Hunters and in fact, TS Foxxy doesn’t even expose her stiff member until 20 minutes into the scene. She’s already driven Dylan Ryan half crazy with her erotic foot play, finger fucking and muff diving. On top of that, the introductory interview with director TomCat gave me time to catch up with these two major porn stars recent exploits and settle in for the main event. I can never settle on what I love seeing more between a squirting pussy and a cum-shooting cock and this top drawer video still leaves me mystified (yet totally satisfied). Click on each image for 5 different preview formats.

TS Foxxy | @TheDylanRyan | TS Pussy Hunters | Kink On Demand

TsPussyHunters – Venus Lux and Amy Faye

In this hot new TS Pussy Hunters bareback hardcore scene with the hostesses of Venus Lux Entertainment and Amy Faye, “Dr.” Lux can tell that her new client, Amy, is nervous. She’s fidgeting and constantly eying Venus to see what parts of her have been augmented. Venus likes the look of little Amy so much that she pretends to be the doctor’s assistant and leads her into the exam room where she begins to strip Amy down and fondle her ass and tits, groping and pinching her nipples until they’re hard. Amy likes the attention and the advice – Venus clearly has so much more experience in this area, plus she’s radiant and beautiful. Amy is quickly developing a crush.

When Venus asks if she can finger her pussy and rub her tongue on her clit, Amy blushes but can’t contain the growing wetness in her panties. She agrees and Venus goes in for the kill. She gets Amy riled up and completely absorbed in the idea of cumming, that she even forgets she is laying on the doctor’s desk with her legs in the air.

Venus slowly pulls down her own panties and her hard cock springs free. Amy’s pussy gushes a little – boobs and a cock? The idea is dreamy and she welcomes Venus into her hot cunt with a thrust.

Venus even convinces Amy to let her get the tip of her dick into her ass, but Amy’s ass is too new to really take a fucking. A little slip inside is about all Venus can get before returning to her pussy which is more than willing to take her.

When Venus cums it is all over Amy’s face and mouth, a load so big it looks like she has not popped in a month. Her penis shoots rivers of cum and Amy is grateful for the hot load and her well fucked pussy clenches up in post-orgasmic bliss.

Venus Lux EntertainmentTS Pussy Hunters


The League of Extraordinary Transsexuals

Join Vaniity as Wonderella, Courtney Taylor as Super Squirter, Will Havoc as Panty Thief, and Honey Foxx as Hungaliscious in an epic display of crime fighting and sexual punishment. The adventure starts on TS Seduction and concludes on TS Pussy Hunters in this featured shoot crossover. Click on each image for video previews in four different formats! is proud to present the incredible feature presentation, The League of Extraordinary Transsexuals: To Catch a Panty Thief starring Vaniity as Wonderella, Courtney Taylor as Super Squirter, and Will Havoc as The Panty Thief! This two part feature ends with a cliffhanger on and includes Hungaliscious played by Honey FoXXX! And now on to the episode: In an abandoned warehouse deep in the docks of Metropolis, Wonderella dangles helpless in the strength sucking powers of Panty Thief’s bondage. She cleverly distracts the villain to activate her distress beacon hidden in her super bra. Super Squirter dashes off in the invisible plane to save Wonderella and punish Panty Thief. Who better to dish out punishment than these two fine heroines of justice? Panty Thief pays for his crimes with his face, ass and cock as the super sisters wring him dry and soak him wet with their own juices. Wonderella’s super cock does some super fucking which would make most mortals snap in half but she wields her powers perfectly and together her and Super Squirter, milk two loads out of Panty Thief’s cock after making him fuck like a stallion, and take a pounding. The chemistry is electric and the sex is so intense there are times you may have to turn away from your screen to save yourself from pure sexual overload! The incredible threesome ends badly for our heroines though as Panty Thief uses their distracted cum bliss after glow to tie both girls up with Wonderella’s golden lasso of power! The girls need help – their only hope is Hungaliscious is watching the distress screen back at head quarters. Will Hungaliscious save Wonderella and Super Squirter before Panty Thief steals the golden panties? Tune in to to find out!

After an incredible threesome of “punishment” for the Panty Thief, the ladies were relaxing only to be ensnared in Wonderella’s golden lasso. Will they escape?! presents Part 2 of a cross-site feature update with the incredible Honey FoXXX playing Hungaliscious. After a narrow escape from the villainous, Panty Thief, our heroines fly high above the city in their invisible plane, patrolling for evil. When the city is safe and sound, the ladies return to their headquarters for a special kind of R&R. Their hot threesome is full of epic fucking, squirting pussy orgasms, exploding cum shots, and incredible deep throating skills as everyone – including Vaniity and Courtney taking turns sucking Hungaliscious’s huge cock!

TS Pussy Hunters – Honey FoXXX and Katrina Zova

Honey FoXXX has an 8″ cock to fill Katrina Zova with bareback. When Katrina playfully lets Honey know she’s got a kinky desire for butt plugs, Honey shows off her cock and it’s on!

In a rare switch scene for TsPussyHunters, the girls switch roles with Katrina fucking and near fisting Honey’s tight ass before the tables are turned again and Honey bangs home an epic orgasm of cum that covers Katrina’s mouth!

Brenda Von Tease and Bella Rossi on TS Pussy Hunters

Brenda Von Tease is a gorgeous 5’8″ 34DD-26-36 transsexual with a juicy 7″ cock who has made her mark in the webcam world. But this is her first actual porn scene and her performance is fantastic! She’s paired with major porn star Bella Rossi, whose 5’5″, 34DD-24-34 petite frame molds wonderfully to Brenda’s svelte, taller one. Their chemistry is quite refreshing and erotic to witness.

In this 41 minute bareback TS Pussy Hunters film, Brenda and Bella sneak into their boss’s office late at night to snoop through his desk and sit in his expensive leather chair. When Bella finds the rope and a ball gag, Brenda’s face lights up and the innocent snooping leads to Bella being tied to the desk, her nylons ripped open and her pussy being licked and finger banged.

The naughty interns become frantic with the possibility of cumming in the boss’s office and Brenda can barely contain her growing hard-on that is pressing against her own panties. When her cock bursts out, Bella is eager for her to shove it in her pussy and Brenda does not disappoint!

They fuck bareback all over the office, with Brenda dominating Bella and using her hot body in all kinds of sexy positions. Bella shows off her perfect tits and ass and her incredible cock sucking skills. These two are made for each!