Joanna Jet Review: Me and You 350 – Fluffy and Sheer

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Joanna Jet says, “Fluffy and sheer make for a great combination on a babydoll when you are not of a shy disposition. 😉 xxx”

2015 AVN Hall of Fame inductee, Joanna Jet has a new scene available in up to 4K resolution if that’s how you’d like to download or stream it! “Fluffy and Sheer” is also known as the Me and You Episode 350 update.

Joanna Jet starts this one dancing around in a black baby doll, panties and tall slingback sandals. She asks if the lingerie looks better with her panties on or off, promising to show you the before and after, of course.

Although she says she doesn’t need a reply, when she takes her panties off, I think her big cock enhances the sheer fabric. She crawls upon the bed and gives us a spectacular rear view with the baby doll riding above her curvy ass. As she lays back to touch herself, her penis grows longer and thicker. Joanna then bares her breasts to flick her hard nipples.

Then she fully exposes her large erection and finger bangs her tight ass. I lose count of the incredible array of positions Joanna goes through in this dazzling session of self-loving on! Watch this super hot full video to its creamy white cumtastic finale.

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