TSPlayground: Yasmim Dornelles

MP4 Scene Trailer

I first saw Brazilian beauty Yasmim Dornelles on tsplayground.com in February 2018. The busty fox with her enormous cock was directed by J.D. stripping and stroking until she came. This time she’s wearing white and shot by the same great producer/director.

Sample Photo Gallery

Yasmim introduces herself briefly and her braces are highly visible in the close-up. I hadn’t noticed them previously, not the fact that she still looks like she could be in her teens. One thing that didn’t get past me is her prettiness. I’ve seem a lot of “Queens of Cock” over the years, but Yasmim embodies a different kind of loveliness.

Flash Scene Trailer

A matching white bra and panty set, tall sandals and jewelry make up Yasmim’s wardrobe. It’s not hard to detect the bulge in her panties as she assumes different poses. But there’s no way you can tell she’s as hung as she is.

It’s mostly about breast and ass exposure in the beginning. She makes her rosebud wink before making herself develop an erection. It takes about 8 minutes before Yasmim fully exposes her long and thick, uncut schlong.

Once fully hard, her cock is monstrous. She moves between the bed and an ultra modern chair with the grace of a cat. Then when contorted in a compromising position, her monster cock releases what I’m naming the most fascinating trans cumshot of 2018. This tsplayground.com blast is shown one more time from a different camera angle for good measure!

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