TSPlayground: Emma, Scene #01

MP4 Scene Trailer

I guess that Emma is doing a cosplay bumble bee thing. It’s not doing anything for me but Emma is cute as a button. The mask thankfully comes off in under one minute. Yep, she’s super cute! She’s busty with a snatched waistline and her legs are spread open to reveal an ample panty bulge. The front panel is pretty sheer and fishnet stockings adorn her curvy legs. Emma is posing on the back and she provides a tempting rear view after her full frontal presentation. She goes topless first with her luscious orbs before showing more of her cute little butt. Flipping to face us again, Emma rubs her pantied crotch and exposes a rather thick uncut cock and a big set of smoothly shaven balls.

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Emma strokes herself off until she develops a threatening erection. Whether she’s on her back or on her hands and knees, Emma poses in a way that suggests that she needs to get fucked. Once her prick is fully hard, it has a slightly downward arc. The head almost fully emerges from it’s foreskin. When Emma pumps her dick again, pre-cum beads at the swollen head.

Flash Scene Trailer

It’s so much fun watching Emma masturbate while on the bed, but it’s refreshing to see her doing it standing too! Just keep in mind that she’s sitting on her haunches when she’s about to make her shenis spurt cum across her little cosplay mask.

Her big creamy white lines of cum are in sharp contrast against the black and yellow fabric and there’s instant replay footage at the close of this tsplayground.com gem.

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