Kacy TGirl: TS MILFs Share Stepson in Vegas!

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Description: Kacy TGirl has released its first faux-cest title as well as its first 4k production. TEA Trans-Man of 2018 Eddie Wood and Kristen Kraves play with Kacy in “TS MILFs Share Stepson in Vegas!” Its Sin City indeed with blowjobs all around, finger fucking, transsexual spanking, french kissing and TS and Trans-Man fucking! “It was a production of firsts since Eddie was my first FTM and I had not yet performed with Kristen,” said Kacy. “Eddie came up with the story line and directed so it went as easy as 1, 2, 3-some!” she added. “A fun shoot and a chance to get to know Kacy that we built upon in a later production,” said Kraves. Kacy has learned that the faux-cest genre is popular, but also must be marketed and distributed carefully. “One of my sales platforms rejected the vid as violating policies even though it only depicts relations of the step parent and adult child variety.” said Kacy.

It doesn’t surprise me that Eddie cam up with the story line because I’ve seen his erotic writing talent’s credited in the damnedest places online. What surprises me is that there’s still a platform that Kacy couldn’t promote this scene on. I was unaware that we we still living in a puritanical world where relations of the step parent and adult child variety were forbidden. This blog doesn’t abide by those rules so allow me to tell you more about “TS MILFs Share Stepson in Vegas!”

This is sort of a follow-up to the “TS MILFs Nite In of Kissing, Sucking & Fucking!” with Kacy and Kristen Kraves from early May 2018. In this scene, the two gorgeous and super busy friends have finally made time to catch up for some girl talk over glasses of wine.They begin chatting about guys they’ve been seeing and the fun they have sexually in lurid detail. Their discussion is a major turn on and it’s obviously getting t o Kacy who begins rubbing one of Kristen’s luscious legs. Kacy’s hands begin roaming elsewhere and the slow and sensuous build-up leads to a hardcore trans lesbian 30+ minute masterpiece! You can download th full video in four different formats on KacyTGirl.com.

Kacy and Kristen’s blazing hot scene is followed by a cumtastic cum solo video with Kacy you must not miss. “TS MILF In Pantyhose With Dildo Strokes and Cums” is my current favorite KacyTGirl.com solo scene. It’s beautifully filmed and it has a great soundtrack that doesn’t get in the way of the action.

Now enter Eddie Woods with Kacy and Kristen. The Vegas hotel Eddie is staying in has screwed up his reservations and Eddie has to share a room with his stepmom Kristen and his Aunt Kacy. He’s on the phone telling a friend that he might end up fucking his stepmom once again if all three of them weren’t sharing a room. There’s a possibility that Eddie could seduce his Aunt also because there seems to be a connection there.

The ladies return to Eddie’s hotel room after painting the town red and the sisters are obviously going to share one of the two beds. While Kacy is out of earshot freshening up, Eddie expresses his desire to get it on with Kristen even though his Aunt is there. Kristen is uncomfortable even talking about that, let alone doing it. Eddie promises to behave and Kristen drifts off to sleep.

Eddie is still awake with his horny thoughts however, and to his surprise, Aunt Kacy emerges from the little girl’s room in lingerie ready to play. They’re deeply engage in sharing oral sex favors when Kristen wakes up and decides to join in the fun. Find out what happens next in this deliciously kinky update on KacyTGirl.com.

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