TSPlayground: Myrelly Mello, Scene #01

MP4 Scene Trailer

I searched the Web high and low to get some background information on Zoftig beauty Myrelly Mello. I ended up with zip. All I know is that J.D. has presented one of the amazing tsplayground.com website’s hottest models ever and I’m here to tell you about it. Wearing braces isn’t restricted to teens, but I’m guessing that Myrelly is about 19 or 20 years old based on an unofficial eye candy freshness test. I know that many Brazilian trans girls get an early start on hormones and I’m thinking that’s the case with this beautiful model. The pink bodysuit Myrelly is wearing doesn’t leave much to the imagination up top. It’s fit creates the illusion of a camel toe downstairs, but that’s because of the panties she’s got on underneath. The big focus her is the shapeliness of her butt. A trim waist flares out to a full set of hips I’d describe as child-bearing under different circumstances. Myrelly’s bare breasts are a creamy pair of soft perfection and when she withdraws her cock, it’s already swelling with arousal. It’s a pretty big, uncut schlong she has there and the head fully exposes itself once its fully engorged.

Flash Scene Trailer

When she stands up with her big dick protruding from her panties, you’ll see that there’s a slight curve to it. How would you choose to try and straighten that out temporarily? Myrelly tries wrapping a string from her garment around the hard shaft, but that’s just for fun. That comes after a more explicit ass display. And there are plenty of them. I really love those that come after Myrelly applies oil to her skin because I have a fetish involved in fucking with lots and lots of oil. I love the way it adds slickness to Myrelly’s hand also, especially when she’s jerking off to make spurts of cum fly out from the tip of her stiff organ at the end of this fantastic tsplayground.com update. There’s an instant replay closeup of that tremendous cum shot too!

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