Bailey Jay: I Am Your Leader

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Bailey Jay is just joking about being our leader, but there’s a bit of truth to it when you put this video content into perspective. This is a JOI update; another torrid jerk off instructional. She’s wearing a Ouija board t-shirt, expressing her love for Horror, and pink and white CK panties. After asking you to get your dick out, she squeezes the tip of the big bulge in her panties, then begins to expose her thick, fully engorged cock. She stands briefly, then flops back down on the sofa to shake her hefty rack. Then she asks you to make your dick really hard and she pulls her t-shirt straight down to expose her lovely bosom. Then she stands again to show off her flat tummy and that panty bulge again. More bare cock follows and her phenomenal ass. She’s soon totally naked, acknowledging how she knows people wonder if she pumps her cock. Nope, her schlong is just constantly changing. Many of us know also that the lower Bailey’s hormone regime is, the bigger her cock is and the more cum she’s liable to shoot. At any rate, the closeup footage here with Bailey jerking of furiously is top shelf. Then she masturbates with her big tits shaking, pumping her rod and finger fucking her tight ass at the same time! After about the 15 minute mark, Bailey loudly crashes in orgasm, a giant pool of creamy white cum emerging from the reddish blue tip of her cock. She tastes some of her nectar and offers yet one more minute of her nudity. I guess her big cock will deflate eventually, but not during this update.

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