Joanna Jet Me and You 305 – Morning Mom

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In this “Me and You” update on your stepmom is making up her bed wearing a blue silk robe and slippers. You’ve decided to enter her room naked with a raging erection and she’s pleased to see you. In fact, just looking at you like this has caused a big, juicy boner to grow beneath her nightie!

Well, you can’t see it naked yet, but she takes hold of its substantial bulge. The points of her nipples are obviously stiff and she finally releases her cock which is in the same state. It points toward the ceiling when she’s not stroking it. A penis cannot possibly get any harder! She stands up, still masturbating, but now with just her nightie on. I don’t think it’s an accident when her rod touches the silk. Then the base of her cock holds her nightie up and she allows you to stare in fascination for a few moments. Then Joanna sits on the bed and bares her ample breasts along with her hardon which stands upright.

The telephone suddenly rings and she crosses the room with her tits jiggling and her erection swinging. Oh no, it’s your dad! She continues masturbating and talks a little dirty to him. He asks about you and she says you’re in your room studying. Wrong room. You’re studying your stepmom’s cock which is now pointing directly upward as she and your dad continue speaking.

She then gets back to jerking off with nothing on but that single lingerie item. But then she retrieves a tube of lubricant and offers you some for your cock. She then applies a generous amount to her cock too. Soon, the beautiful British MILF is on her back doing everything she needs to do to make herself cum. One dollop of creamy white cum after the other soaks her pretty blue lingerie. features full-screen streaming and downloadable video in up to HD 1080p quality and 4K 2160p!) in a variety of formats including MP4 and WMV!

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