TransAngels: Putting The D In Dinner

MP4 Scene Trailer

Description: Domino Presley is donning her sexiest lingerie and setting the dinner table to perfection for her husband. Unfortunately, this busty beauty spent so much time getting things read she had no time to cook! Thinking quick on her feet, Domino grabs a plate and gives Gabriel his favorite meal – her thick tgirl dick! After a mouthwatering appetizer, the duo make their way to the bedroom, where Domino’s tight ass gets filled to the brim with Gabriel’s juicy sausage! Moving away from her booty, this hung stud tit fucks his gorgeous wife, thrusting away at her massive boobs until he can’t hold back anymore, glazing her pretty face!

Welcome to Enter Domino Presley, one of the most downloaded trans stars ever, padding barefoot through a plush bedroom and removing her robe. She allows the satin garment to fall to her feet and gazes at her naked form in the mirror. Looking absolutely exquisite, she turns this way and that and begins to put on some lingerie. A thong comes first, bra next, followed by a pale plum dinner dress. She adds finishing touches to her makeup and slips her feet into a tall pair of strappy sandals.

When Domino enters the dining room with a pair of wine glasses and surmises the place settings, it’s clear that she’s preparing for a special dinner date with her man. Soon it’s revealed that sharp-dressed and handsome Gabriel D’Alessandro is the lucky guy. But he’s shocked that Domino spent so much time setting up the arrangements at the table but there’s nothing to eat. She tries to play it off by going into the kitchen, leaving him frustrated.

Once out of Gabriel’s sight, Domino parts her long dress, withdraws her cock from her thong panel and begins jerking off! She develops a nice, juicy hardon in the kitchen, promising Gabe that she’ll be out in a second.

Domino returns to the dining room with what she describes as Gabe’s favorite dish. The pate she holds is empty until she lays her stiff dick upon it. Who says the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach? Actually, Domino offers yet another culinary delight. It’s her perfectly rounded ass and Gabriel doesn’t hesitate to feast on it.

It may be impolite for Domino to place a high heeled foot on the dinner table, but it puts her in a better position for a rim job and cock sucking. Next, Domino grabs Gabriel by the necktie and leads him into the bedroom where she’s also going to be his dessert. But she wants a taste of him first.

Once out of her dress, Domino kneels on the floor to suck his big hardon. She gets him so hard that moments later, he fucking her doggy style on the bed. After a mulitple position bareback railing, Domino not only shoots her creamy white cum on Gabriel’s face while on her back. Her forceful orgasm sends he hot jizz all the way up to her face as well! This is one of the best of the best updates on For more of this trans icon, check out her previous TransAngels work and also visit

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