TS Playground: Gigi, Scene #01

MP4 Scene Trailer

Gigi B is a super cute and flirty model from Bangkok, Thailand who has been making the rounds on a plethora of adult websites. She poses with a few twists and turns for about half a minute, then raises the hem of her party dress. There’s a big, juicy boner underneath with no panties. We’re off to a quick start with this tsplayground.com update!

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There doesn’t seem to be a shy bone in Gigi’s body, yet she doesn’t appear to be immodest either. She just seems confident and horny. She shows off her ass with the same brazen attitude and she shoves her stiff cock between her butt cheeks to remind you that her erection is going to need to be pleased.
Gigi later clasps her fleshy butt cheeks in both hands, exposing her rosebud explicitly. When she’s posing in an aerial view, you can catch a glimpse at the shiny cock head mostly hidden by a fleshy hood.

Flash Scene Trailer

It’s clear to see why the head is so shiny when Gigi pulls her foreskin back. The moisture is pre-cum! Once she pounces upon the couch, there’s a more closeup view on her long legs. I can make out fine hairs on Gigi’s thighs and I do not know why this does not turn me off. It’s as if she’s asking, “Are you going to let a little hair stop you from getting all this?”

Gigi reveals more and more of her body including the prettiest hormone boobs ever! She hardly makes a sound throughout the entire course of her tsplayground.com shoot until she’s been jerking off for quite some time. Then you’ll here a series of soft moans as she shoots a load of cum across hr flat tummy.


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