Kimber Lee Presents… Vanity Chair

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This new update on heats up quickly with Kimber exposing her large breasts early in the shoot. The Bavarian beauty welcomes you while seated in a luxurious red dress. She then stands up next to the vanity and begins to undress. Her legs are bare and every now and then you’ll get a peek between her legs, but it’s hard to see what’s going on under there. The focus is on Kimber caressing her knockers and nipples first. A few moments later, she stands up, turning her back to you and she lowers her dress past the full round curves of her derriere. If you’re looking closely in the right area, you’ll see a hint of cock head peeking out from the backs of Kimber’s thighs. After she lets the dress drop, she turns in a full frontal view and her torso is nude.

Scene Trailer

Kimber’s cock hangs between her thighs looking massive and it’s not even fully erect yet. She straddles the vanity chair in only her pricey red bottom designer pumps and she thrusts her lovely bottom outward. She plays with her enticing ass for a bit before settling back in her chair and taking hold of her big, uncut penis.

Then a long and tantalizing fap session takes place. Kimber uses lubricant to wet her big tits and enormous schlong with about midway into her masturbating glory. She’s stroking her hard shaft rapidly and then she suddenly stops. Big gobs of creamy white cum emerge from her swollen cock head to land just below her belly button. The rest of it slides down her member and across her fingers.

Kimber milks her big cock completely dry and makes an erotic show of taking her cum as so many subscribers would love to be able to do. Also check out and for previews of all the stunning contract stars.

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