TS Playground: Ploy, Scene #01

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As Ploy says in English when her tsplayground.com debut begins, she’s from Thailand. She proceeds to reveal her perfectly rounded breasts from her lacy lingerie. It’s clear that her cock is held upward in its panty pouch. The thong is between the part of a tremendously firm rear end.

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Her prong is clearly stiffening in the panties but it’s not until she withdraws it can we see that it’s uncircumcised and that its sheath of foreskin completely hides the head. I’m wondering if it’s so tightly drawn up that it would be difficult to expose the head with my lips.

Flash Scene Trailer

But I digress. Ploy easily eases the foreskin from her cock head to reveal the shiny bulb. Then she allows her rigid tool to just hang upward as if she’s thinking, “I’ll just leave this here for awhile.

All of this action takes place with Ploy standing. It evolves in to more of a masturbatory presentation once she’s sitting upon the bed. I’m not sure if Ploy is a bottom or a top. She fully exposes her tiny rosebud but she’s all about jerking off over penetration here. Once her fap session gets fully underway, she strokes her cock with furious speed! Ploy is laying on her back when she shoots her cum across her flat tummy. When she sits up, her prick still points upward. Then there’s a classic tsplayground.com instant replay of her erotic explosion!

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