DanniXXX – The Lake and The Fisherman

Gorgeous superstar Aspen Brooks returns with a brand new hardcore scene shot by Radius Dark! She is joined by Rick Fantana and she’s ready to pound his ass hard! Aspen calls Rick to crawl over and suck her cock. Then she walks him to the bed, eats his ass and then sucks his cock. Watch Aspen pounding Rick’s ass in multiple positions until all ends up with two hot cumshots and a messy cummy kiss!

This is Aspen’s fifth TGirls.XXX performance and her second hardcore set on the site! Rob Yaeger topped Aspen in her last hardcore scene but she’s the aggressor with her new partner, Rick Fantana. Aspen and Rick have great chemistry as performers and Aspen’s thick cock and Rick’s bubble butt are the perfect match. His masculine body might be my favorite of its kind in the industry to see getting fucked! Anyone who knows me knows I’m into more feminine forms when it comes to bottoms. Rick is one of those exceptions.

Although Aspen isn’t dressed in official dominatrix regalia, she behaves like an experienced Domme from the start with a “forced” blowjob. She towers over kneeling Rick who appropriately wears a thong. Rick is allowed to jerk off while sucking Aspen’s swollen prick. No one has stated that this is an official BDSM video. However, it closely resembles one. Rick is ordered to remove Aspen’s tall sandals and his cock sucking duties continue. The aerial view Mr. Dark manages to capture works perfectly with the on goings of this sequence.

It’s crystal clear what will eventually happen when Rick is seen kneeling face down on the bed with Aspen and her big hard dick right behind him. But what happens first is a rim job from the aggressive young beauty. It continues when Rick is on his back with his girlish, hairless legs thrust into the air.

Aspens grinds their erections in her grasp and gives Rick head while jerking herself off. The moment of truth finally comes with Rick in the doggy style position with his thong pulled just below the shelf of his curvaceous ass. Aspen eases her bare cock inside him slowly. She thrusts faster and faster while grabbing Rick by the hair. Then she fucks Rick while he’s on his back. Then Rick straddles Aspen to ride her cock from above! This is not the last position they find themselves in before Aspen shoots her creamy load across Ricks face in this Domination/submission masterpiece on TGirls.XXX!

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