TS Playground: Lotus, Scene #01

MP4 Scene Trailer

Busty Lotus quietly waves and exposes one of her breasts and then the other on tsplayground.com. The irony in her stripping quickly is in that she seems shy. That’s if you look closely at her pretty face. But then she opens her legs next and thrusts her panty bulge forward. Then Lotus tweaks a nipple and places a finger across her lips. She’s not shy, she’s being coquettish! In the small pouch of her mesh undies it seems that her cock is stiff already and held prisoner. Yes, her thick member is curled back in the garment until she releases it and begins stroking it. Lotus then rises to her feet and turns around to expose her ass. Her fun spot is big. It looks like it gets fucked a lot. Lotus is wearing white fishnet stocking as she mashes her boner between her thighs. Then she stands up to lower her panties. Her cock head retracts within its foreskin but her dick remains lengthy. Very much so. I call it a prong, especially the way she slaps it and makes it spring like a diving board someone jumped off of. She gives us a double image posing in the mirror and then lays on her back with her raging hardon pointing up toward the ceiling. The things I know I’ll remember most about this scene after seeing Lotus cum is her cock play – making it bounce on it’s own and manually. Also there’s the footage of Lotus walking around the room at eye level like it’s a catwalk. After about eight and a half minutes, Lotus is jerking off intently to get her nut. Her big tits are heaving and we can hear her breathing heavier. Torrents of creamy white cum pour out of her swollen cock head!

Flash Scene Trailer

After milking her prong, she makes it bounce again and stands up to strike more sexy poses. She wags her finger summoning you to join her and then there’s a classic tsplayground.com instant replay of her huge cumshot!

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