Jasmine Set 2, Scene #01

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I raved about the December 13, 2017 TS Playground release of the hardcore scene with Jasmine and Gabriel D’Alessandro. Jasmine is one her own this time on tsplayground.com and doing just fine without any help. I’m never sure if I’m going to prefer solos over couples. It all depends on how much chemistry is between two or more people and how talented a porn star is by themselves. Jasmine is a Thai trans veteran with a ton of experience in making fans cum so let’s unwrap what she’s doing here. It’s really not complicated. Jasmine is a very pretty cougar who’s hung like a horse.

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I think of her cock as an all day sucker because it would take so much time to get every inch of her schlong covered by one’s mouth. If you’ve seen that switch fucking with Gabriel, you know the full extent of what she can do with all of her charms. Jasmine’s massive dick is far from the only thing she’s got working for her. Jasmine’s photo set and video begin the same way with her large unfettered breasts and inviting smile. Her mini skirt rides up as she shakes her body like she’s spinning an invisible hula hoop. You can see from the back that her thong can’t contain all her goodies. Even flaccid her cock appears to be monstrous in a quick flash. As we proceed, Jasmine makes use of the sofa as a prop to pose in a variety of enticing positions. She oils up her incredible ass to bring out it’s beautiful dark tone and an explicit butt show follows. I happen to have an oil fetish so it’s mind-blowing to me when she also applies baby oil to her boobs and runs her fingers around nipples. Jasmine also lubes up her big uncut rod and soon it’s raging hard. That thing is simply wondrous!

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She fucks a cock sleeve with it and it’s good to know that some sex toy manufacturer out there makes them that large. They should advertise all sizes including Coke can thick. I’m just kidding but the girth of Jasmine’s member is astounding. Jasmine doesn’t shoot her big creamy load until about 13 and a half minutes into this blazing hot tsplayground.com scene! Her huge cock and cum shot aren’t what makes this one of my favorite solo scenes of 2017. It’s the way Jasmine never produces a dull moment for so long. There’s special footage for pee lovers also at the end. Get it and also take advantage of the massive LIMITED TIME Holiday Sale.

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