Gabe and Jasmine, Scene #01

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Gorgeous Jasmine greets us with a friendly smile on Handsome Gabriel D’Alessandro isn’t concerned about being friendly right now. He knows he’s likeable and he’s distracted by the desire to devour one of Jasmine’s luscious breasts. She’s seated squarely on a white leather sofa but when Gabriel lifts one of her hips upward, we can see her huge cock mashed between her deeply tanned thighs. Gabriel swoops downward to take the swollen head inside his mouth and it’s quite a mouthful.

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Jasmine’s dark and lovely monster cock rears upward when Gabriel parts her thighs and it’s fully erect. He’s got full access to stroke the wide and long shaft while performing what looks to be an amazing blowjob. It’s regular head at first that Jasmine turns into an aggressive skull fucking. She then turns around to receive a devoted rimjob while her turgid shaft is stroked firmly.

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This torrid foreplay continues in a variety of positions including standing. At one point, Jasmine smacks Gabriel’s face while his face is stuffed with her huge cock. It’s obvious that she’s thoroughly enjoying her dominance over her partner, even more apparent when she strides barefoot across the room to retrieve a riding crop. She gives it a couple a test strokes against her threatening erection as she moves back to her victim. It’s not like Gabriel is a total boy toy who gets no sexual pleasure from Jasmine before the fucking begins. He gets treated to a salad tossing before Jasmine’s coke can of a cock eases it’s way inside him. Gabriel also gets his cock sucked before it’s his turn to experience the pleasure of fucking Jasmine’s curvaceous ass. Then Jasmine who has not gotten her fill of penetrating fucks Gabriel again in this scene which is in my top favorite updates of 2017!

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