Tara Emory: Porcelain Victorian

I had a lot of fun writing interviews for Transformation Magazine and publisher Hanna Rodgers was a pleasure to work. Meeting her in person in Florida while she was running in a marathon was the icing on the cake. I had an interview published in Transformation Magazine Issue #97 that Hanna asked me to conduct.

Once my interview with Tara was published, Hanna wrote: “I am over-the-moon excited to bring you one of the most gorgeous and talented Tgirls in the industry today, Tara Emory, in her third cover appearance for Transformation, along with a photo spread that is guaranteed to take your breath away. With limitless creativity, well-honed technical skills, and an erotic imagination which is unrivaled, Tara creates sensual fantasies that transcend all other genres of porn. And after more than 15 years in the industry this self-made pin up porn princess is going strong and looking hotter than ever!”

This coming Wednesday, December 6, 2017 Tara will be dancing in New York City! The location is Satin Dolls at 689 8th Avenue &43rd St. in Times Square, NYC on the second floor of the world famous sports bar from 5-11pm. Of course I couldn’t pass that announcement along without a few updates from her website. Tara-TS.com. More oldly-timey atmosphere in the bespectacled “Porcelain Victorian” is the way Tara herself describes a recent shoot.

You may remember that Tara used to dance at The Satin Doll Gentleman’s club in Providence, Rhode Island. If it’s your first time though, she’s experienced and smoking hot! Let me know if you have any questions about the event and if you can’t make it, there’s always a huge archive of erotic finery on Tara-TS.com!

2 thoughts on “Tara Emory: Porcelain Victorian”

  1. Tara looks fabulous ( as always ! ) !

    I don’t know what impresses me more about Tara – the imagination that lies behind the scenes that she shoots ( and the skill and ingenuity she has in creating her props and outfits ) , or the size of the toys that she inserts with such seeming ease !

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