Transitional Fantasies: Mara Nova

Shemale Strokers is transitioning to new name and website with the same awesome trans content you have cum to love. Updated 4X a week!

Scene Description: It’s a blazing hot summer in southern California, and gorgeous beach babe Mara Nova is ready to catch some rays outside. But you’d rather stay at home and cuddle up like a couple of beach bums. She’s got a super sexy tie-dye bikini, blue hair, and facial piercings. She agrees that the two of you could have more fun by staying in, so she peels off her bathing suit and whips out her huge love stick. She smacks it against her thighs and stomach, making a satisfying thud noise. Then, she bends over to show you her tight ass pussy. She instructs you to tongue bathe her from head to toe. Rather toe to head. You work your way up from her gorgeous soft feet, noticing the goose bumps that appear on her legs and stomach.

Mara is busy massaging and squeezing her perfect little titties. Next, she bends over so you can admire her round ass, especially the lady cock and balls hanging down between her legs. She wiggles around and flexes her butt hole, even smacking her yummy cheeks. Then, she backs into you and you fuck her doggy style. Finally, she lies back and strokes her lubed lady dick until she shoots a nice, white load of jizz all over her tight stomach.

Is that one of the horniest descriptions from a website you’ve ever read? If you think that’s hot, wait until you see the full length video! Going to the beach is great. It’s one of the world’s favorite activities. But so many of us would rather just stay inside with beautiful Mara Nova. You’ll totally get it when you see her stripping down to nothing in her little bedroom.

Mara is beautifully captured stroking her huge cock in a variety of tantalizing positions. Her cumshot in this update one the biggest I’ve ever seen. And I’ve seen her cum a lot! Watch and I hope you’ll also check out Caramel’s Interview with Mara Nova.

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