Delia TS: Windy Backyard Blanket Babe

Just what is a “Windy Backyard Blanket Babe” exactly? It’s gorgeous Delia DeLions of walking in the grass and settling down in the yard upon a blanket while wearing luxuriant lingerie. It’s a cinematic scene with birds chirping and the wind blowing. Things turn naughty when Delia begins running circles around her brassiere-encased large breasts.

Just as you’re making out the faint points of her nipples she closes her robe. When she reopens it, everything you were drinking in is restored, along with the bulge in her matching panties. The same mesh you were focusing on upstairs almost completely hides her stiffening cock. But you can make out quite a lot of it if you look closely.

There’s a brief slow-motion sequence shot from ground level of Delia’s incredible bottom framed by her stockings and garterbelt. Her thin robe is flowing freely and her cock is still stiffening as she withdraws it from its panty pouch. Delia is jerking off but it’s a silhouette view still hidden by her mesh panties. This is a video version of the way a classic burlesque show would play out – to have you straining with lust before you see the more explicit views the model will expose eventually. Delia then exposes her nipples next, but her bosom is still clad in her brassiere.

Her swollen cockhead emerges from her panties, then an inch or so of her throbbing shaft and gradually more. Delia begins to jerk off more intently until a frontal view is replaced by a rear one. A great expanse of side boob is exposed and her heavy cock is smashed between her creamy thighs. It’s jutting out at you fully erect. She has one of her hands clasped on one of her butt cheeks invitingly. Throughout the next sequence Delia’s legs are widely parted while she jerks off faster and faster.

But she squeezes her thighs together tightly and you know what’s soon to come. At least I do and I know that Delia is typically a heavy cummer. Where do you think her creamy white cum shot is going to land? Find out on

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