Enter Iowa Princess Juliet Sappho

Her Femout.XXX profile reads: Juliet is a new model that contacted the site. She hails from Des Moines,Iowa. She is a total bottom with guys and other tgirls. Juliet is very interested in doing a hardcore with another TS. Hopefully one day we will get a chance to see that.

KilaKali is her photographer for this promising debut and the sister site TGirls.Porn is the first place I’d look for a hardcore scene featuring Juliet. She really loves nipple play and getting butt sex. Most guys like her lips and most girls like her ass. The reason I called this debut promising is because if there are any trans tops who might be interested in Juliet, she does a good job of showing herself off.

She has a sexy stance when removing her top and her torso looks great when she’s in her bra and jeans. Juliet exposes a very lovely set of hormone breasts and she displays a charming girly girl quality when struggling to remove her jeans and clunky boots. She does a coy little show with her panties by not showing everything she’s got right away. Then she eventually lowers her panties to expose the most adorable jiggling cock and set of balls.

Juliet’s initial masturbation sequence consists of more anal finger banging than jerking off. This is where her dick begins expanding and her sexy moans are heard. She mewls wildly and then her cock isn’t so adorable anymore. It’s strong, powerful and hard! It’s so thick around the middle and Juliet gets down to stroking it more firmly while adding intense breast play.

When she stands up and turns around to smash her hardon between her thighs, you’re gonna want to smash her! Juliet puts on quite a horny solo show. I’d love to see more of what she can do on Femout.XXX and if she’s ever in a trans lesbian hardcore scene as hinted at, I have no doubt it’ll be lit.

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