Alexa Scout Hardcore with Soldier Boi

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Damien Cain presents a blazing hot TS Playground scene with gorgeous Alexa Scout addressing you as “Daddy” and asking if you like her outfit. It’s a classic stripper getup complete with pasties for her nipples and designed strictly for making dicks hard and pussies wet. It does the job quickly! So does her sexy dialogue when her lovely uncut cock falls out. Alexa knows you want to see her in this sexy outfit from the back also so she gets up and models it with her back facing you.

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Her feathered robe is so diaphanous that it would leave absolutely nothing to the imagination if she weren’t wearing panties. Correction! Her goodies just slipped out. Save your imagination for another time. You won’t be needing it much for the rest of this scene unless you’re wishing you were her co-star Soldier Boi. Alexa’s partner doesn’t arrive however until she’s posed explicitly on the leather sofa to heat you up to a fever pitch. With her shapely legs spread widely and drawn up in the air, Alexa does some cock stroking and fun spot rubbing that would make an orgasm-inducing 10 minute solo shoot. But it goes above and beyond with a storyline that provides the introduction of Alexa’s hung stud. Well, actually his big black cock enters the frame first with Alexa hovering above your surprise for her.

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Clever plot development that sets up the following action. Alexa Scout’s boyfriend helps make her BBC fantasy a reality. It’s no surprise that Soldier Boi’s beautiful black cock is raging hard before the making out begins. What cock wouldn’t be after watching horny Alexa carrying on like this for 10 minutes? After the foreplay begins, we’re only a third of the way through this fantasy interracial update! Our exclusive TS Dreamland PornOCD Interview with Soldier Boi is a huge hit and so is the official website!

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