Bailey Jay in Worship My Body

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“Worship my Body” begin with a quick once-over in the bathroom of Bailey Jay in an off the shoulder white top, a flannel shirt wrapped around her waist, and tight stretchy blue jeans. The camera drops to her bare feet for a bit of toe wiggling and tip-toe posing before it rises back up again. It looks like an impromptu shoot with clothes strewn everywhere in spite of its high quality. She shares some dialogue with her hubby about her new boobs. She’s quite proud of them and she should be. Her former 34DDD tits were super hot but sadly her current bras no longer fit. While her baring ass she says she hasn’t worked it out in two weeks. Can you guess what I’m thinking?

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Never mind. Anyway, she has pre-cum oozing because she’s been shooting all day. Bailey Jay scoops up a bit to taste the same way she usually handles her cum at the end of her videos. The way her new tits jiggle really is quite wonderful especially when she’s jerking off. After a sequence of that, we see that her man is filming while laying on his back with his pants off.

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He’s in the perfect position to have his wife swoop down for some tea bagging and cock sucking. She sits back to stroke her swelling cock again. Bailey Jay openly states her cock size but it always looks bigger to me. I guess because it’s so thick and who states the girth?

At any rate, she looks incredible beating her meat in a crouching position with that white top about her waist. She leans down to give more head while masturbating and that does it. A few minutes later and she’s spurting a load of creamy white cum! No licking it up though in this update. They’re at a hotel room – not at home.

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