UK-TGirls: Sephie Bluebell Wants You!

UK-TGirls is not just one free-standing website anymore if you missed the memo. This is the sort of thing I tell subscribers about in my occasional newsletters. It’s a multi-site including full access to 7 other great sites including Asian American, Canadian, and Russian trans beauties and 4 specialty sites.

Prolific London producer Kalin (the David Bailey of trans porn) presents Sephie Bluebell who was already burning up the scenery online before making her debut. I don’t know exactly where I first saw and read about her, but she made a lasting first impression on me.

“I’m sure you’ve seen me around,” I hear Sephie saying at the beginning of her interview. It’s almost as if she read my mind about how I’d start this write-up. I picked up that Sephie is a dominatrix but I see and feel the full impact of her effectiveness when she speaks.

Domination/submission is a big part of my lifestyle and I can tell when someone is just faking it in an instant. Sephie Bluebell is not here to fuck around. Take a close look at her corset – she means pays attention to detail and obviously means business.

She even takes you through a BDSM roleplay session in her video. Sephie flips the script when she masturbates by letting you know it’s a privilege to allow you to see it. She’s not conceited but confident and I love it when a young trans woman knows her power.

Her furry butt plug play and lubricated stiff cock stroking are sequences that might literally make you wince with lust. Aside from that she’s as flexible as a human pretzel.

Sephie uses her erotic dialogue to work you into a sexual frenzy. It’s going to be tough to hold back from blowing your load before this powerful update ends.

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