TransAngels – Jonelle Brooks and Kassondra Raine

What do you get when you put horny tgirl Jonelle Brooks and her insatiable dick-loving friend, Kassondra Raine, together in a room? One of the hottest and most uninhibited sexual encounters you’ve ever seen! From the moment Kassondra catches a glimpse of Jonelle’s juicy member, these two can’t keep their hands off each other – despite Kassondra’s boyfriend being in the next room! Watch Kassondra suck Jonelle’s flawless shemeat like her life depends on it before getting her sweet pussy pounded.

This is the official synopsis of “Seeing Is Receiving” on I didn’t expect to have a new top favorite website added to my list this late in the game. It seemed like all the top notch trans porn sites were already up and running and this one was launched with a mindblowing sense of high style and eroticism.

Gorgeous Kassondra Raine began knocking my socks off with other stunning trans performers on other sites, with other beautiful cis women and men in early 2016. But this Vegas-based ginger fox has been in the adult industry since about 2014. There are few megastar I’ve raved about like former Floridian Jonelle Brooks so many times.

When Jonelle arrives for dinner at Kassondra and her man Smith’s place after an unsuccessful date, she vents about just needing a Mr. Right Now. She’s simply horny! Kassondra has the opposite problem. She has trouble not getting laid. But it’s not simply because she has a boyfriend.

Kassondra confesses to her friend that when she sees a dick, any dick, she just has to have it. The way Kassondra talks about it has Jonelle intrigued and obviously aroused. It’s even more evident when she raises the hem of her skirt about her waist and exposes her stiff cock! Take a look at the free trailer in the ‘Scenes’ section at the bottom of the page to see more of how this torrid story goes.

Also, the iconic Jonelle Brooks has one of the finest individual websites on the Net –

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