Pinko TGirls: The Surprise

MP4 Scene Trailer

“The Surprise” is another killer hardcore scene from Mr. Andréa Nobili who was born in Bologna, Italy in 1958. He has acted in 102 adult films, directed and written hundreds of adult industry masterpieces. Gorgeous Gloria Voguel and Giovanna Calvalcanti. Gloria, the more fair-skinned tgirls is Brazilian but I understand that she resides in Parma, Italy. I don’t have any information about the caramel-skinned fox but her name suggests she could be either Brazilian, Italian or a mixture of both.

On, the beautiful  roommates converse in Portuguese as they enter their apartment with a man mopping the floor. He’s surprised that they’ve arrived home unexpectedly. A sexy blonde is giving a blowjob on the TV screen and Gloria and Giovanna take seats on the sofa to watch. The guy she’s sucking looks like a very young Mr. Nobili. The young man doing housework keeps at his work, but the girls are getting horny. They whip their big stiffening cocks from their panties!

While they’re jerking off, the guy finally whispers Gloria a question. Apparently he gets the response he’s hoping for and the next thing you know he’s kneeling to suck Gloria’s large rod. Gloria can’t seem to decide what’s more exciting to look at – the handsome dude sucking her off or Giovanna’s massive erection. The guy gets to go down on Giovanna also and then she gives him head while he blows Gloria!

I’m hoping to see some trans lesbian action also and then I see Giovanna sucking Gloria’s big hard dick! She’s actually taking turns sucking her off and the hung man. She concentrates on devouring the guy’s hardon as he lays back and gets his ass penetrated by Gloria. After the scene proceeds and everyone cums, there’s behind-the-scenes shower footage with just Gloria and Giovanna having fun. This footage displays them naked and wet from head to toe – a chance to really study their beautiful bodies as they kiss and fondle each other. This is the real surprise to me about this masterpiece!

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