TransAngels: Domino Presley and Gabriel D’Alessandro

In “Stepsister’s Big Secret” Gabriel visits home and finds a note from his Dad that he and his mom are going out for the evening. His stepsister will also be out and she usually doesn’t return until very late. So for this trip he’s got the house all to himself. He carries his luggage up the stairs and plops down on the bed to relax. Meanwhile, beautiful Domino is in the shower lathering up her gorgeous body. She’s also lathering her cock to an erection.

High production values transform this sequence into a slow motion dream state and it looks like Dad jumped the gun on the stepsister being out for the night. Gabriel spots a bath towel near the bed and heads to the bathroom to shower. Luckily, he hasn’t made enough noise to startle Domino and he drinks in the sight of her nudity through the glass partition.

As she continues lathering up with her back facing Gabriel, he also begins recording video of her on his cell phone. Both hands are busy because he’s also jacking off under his towel. Then she hears his noises and Gabriel is busted! He’s never actually met his stepsister in person and when she turns to face him with her cock exposed, he’s in shock.

Domino is pissed off that he’s been recording and he explains that she could have been an intruder. But she’s willing to consider the mix-up a thing of the past if he deletes the video.

He agrees and joins her in the shower, giving her a blowjob and bareback fucking in a variety of positions! Director Tom Moore, Domino Presley and Gabriel D’Alessandro are veteran performers – adult industry masters of the trade who know how to get things done so expertly they make it look easy. Make this a must see scene on

2 thoughts on “TransAngels: Domino Presley and Gabriel D’Alessandro”

  1. Domino has always been a beautiful woman, but this shoot captures her at her absolute best !

    Her facial features are totally feminine, and her hair and makeup are done to perfection, yet still retaining a subtle, natural look .

    But, her body ! Where to begin ?

    Domino’s breasts – perfectly proportioned and positioned for her body habitus . Nipples and aureolae symmetric and projecting forward . Just enough hang to avoid the “bolted on” implant look, yet not looking saggy in the least .

    A wonderful bust-waist-hip ratio. I’m not sure what Domino’s current measurements are, but they appear to be close to ideal .

    And that bum ! Full and round without being overdone, and, like her breasts, not a hint of sagginess .

    In short, pure feminine perfection !

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