TGirls.Porn: Alisia Rae & Hummingbird

Omar Wax presents another killer transbian set on my favorite adult website so far this year. I expected big things from these Texan beauties but I couldn’t guess how it would all play out. It begins with Hummingbird paying Alisia a surprise visit when she’s apparently just finished a bath and slipped into night wear. This is followed by some innocent platonic friends girl talk. The conversation about shopping, their close locations in their city and the nightlife continues with both girls sitting at the edge of Alisia’s bed. I’m sort of undecided on acting in porn scenes but I love a good build up to sex. Not only do these two models not embarrass themselves while conversing, they appear so natural that I didn’t notice they’re acting. In fact, it’s so impressive that I think this TGirls.Porn scene will broaden their range for future scenes. I could listen to and watch these girls talking all day and it gets even more exciting when the conversation turns to sex. When the flirting begins, it’s fire! I cannot believe the chemistry between these two but the following brief interview statements make things more clear:

Alisia: “So I’ve just finished a banging shoot with the goddess Hummingbird. As soon as I locked eyes on her long luscious legs and tiny little ass I just knew we were in for one hell of an afternoon! Having her taste me and get me all wet for her entry was just orgasmic so being the good girl I am, I just had to return the favour! Hope you enjoy guys. x”

Hummingbird: “Omar and I spoke about doing a scene on TGirls.Porn for a while and when he rang me to ask how I felt about shooting with Alisia I felt an instant bulge in my panties! I’d seen her work in her previous Grooby shoots and just couldn’t wait to get my hands and tongue all over her tight young bod…she was awesome and I’ve been having naughty thoughts about the experience ever since!”

It wouldn’t be fair to say this is Alisia and Hummingbird’s best scene especially when looking back on the Alisia Rae Shemale Yum profile and the Hummingbird Shemale Yum profile. There’s some other major studio work also to compare this to. That said, this is my favorite performance by each actress.

I’m biased however because from this trans woman’s point of view, Alisia and Hummingbird are so inspirational and they’re smoking hot together. It’s not just the fucking and cumming in this TGirls.Porn update that destroys me – it’s the intimacy and that kissing!

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