Two Tgirls: Cookie Scout Girl Gets Fucked

Kira Crash is just your friendly local cookie scout girl going door to door raising money for her troop to go to camp this summer. She’s going door to door selling DVDs when she runs into Alisia Rae who invites her inside to get a little closer look at her wares when things get crazy! Alisia Rae tells Kira Crash she’s more interested in her than the DVDs then she moves in for a kiss. Kira really wants to make the sale so she plays along with it and before you know it Alisia is fucking Kira Crash HARDCORE on the couch! After a while though Kira decides she’s had enough dick, the girls switch it up and then Kira Fucks Alisia! The famous Two Tgirls switch! After a bit of fucking Alisia pulls out and cums all over Kira’s face! Turned on from all the cum on her face Kira then blows her own load all over!

This is the official synopsis of “Cookie Scout Girl Gets Fucked” on! It’s available in your choice of 4K (Ultra HD) 8.88GB, 1080P (Full HD) 1.69GB, 480P (SD) 400.48MB or 720P (HD) 800.13MB resolution. If you’ve seen Horny Cheerleaders Fuck also starring Kira and Alisia, this encore performance between the two amazing performers shows a different side of each actress. The scene rolls out with the studio’s trademark humor but Alisia portrays more of a take charge character.

When Alisia’s adult industry career began with another studio, I didn’t know we’d ever see her playing with other hot trans girls. I think we have the producer Mayumi Sparkles to thank for that, but it all seems so natural. The way she kisses Kira makes it seem like taking dips in the lady pond is her #1 thing! Upon hearing about this release before seeing it I thought to myself, “Oh, Kira’s going to fuck Alisia into oblivion again.” Well, we do get a repeat of that, deliciously filmed, but Alisia shows off her aggressive skills with penetration also! After trading oral favors, both blowjobs and rimjobs, the girl scout fucks Alisia.

But after taking the railing of a lifetime from Kira, Alisia gives Kira a good hard pounding in return and a face full of cum! The we get a big creamy white cum shot shooting out of Kira’s huge schlong in this spectacular update.

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