Two Tgirls: Kira Crash & Jasmine Jacobs

“Two Tea Girls Take Turns Fucking” is what’s up on the groundbreaking website of model/producer Mayumi Sparkles. It features Jasmine Jacobs in her first ever tgirl on tgirl scene! Download options available are in 480P (SD), 354.96MB, 1080P (Full HD), 1.62GB 4K (Ultra HD) 7.25GB and 720P (HD) and the photos are remarkable. This just might be my favorite Two Tgirls scene ever! It begins with a little trademark humor and then the sex begins. What makes everything that leads up to the initial makeout footage so exciting is when Kira makes Jasmine think about the option of experimenting not only with guys, but with other girls too. Jasmine finds that she likes girl kissing so much that she eager follows Kira to the sofa to get more comfortable. You should also get more comfortable at this point because the makeout sequence is on fire! Jasmine makes it see like it’s really her first time as Kira helps get her pantyhose down. Her cock is already swelling when Kira takes it inside her mouth. It’s so erotic to see how sexy Kira looks while giving a wet and messy blowjob while Kira sits with her mouth open in a wide “O” enjoying it. Once Jasmine’s cock is hard enough to cut diamonds with, Kira devours her breasts and nipples, then let’s the hung redhead know it’s time for her cock to get some attention. Jasmine gets the brunette grower from flaccid to erect quickly and gets rewarded with a rim job for her amazing technique. Kira begins fucking Jasmine in the doggy style position and the footage is unbelievably hot! The crazy thing is that this scene is just past the midway point. Kira’s jackhammer bareback drilling changes into the missionary position with Jasmine stroking her big dick while getting fucked. It evolves into a position I don’t even have a name for and then it’s Jasmine’s turn to do the fucking. Kira strokes her extra-long boner with her calves on Jasmine’s shoulders and she then takes a tumultuous doggy style banging! Kira’s swollen dick swings around all over the place while humping Jasmine’s schlong in the reverse cowgirl position and I’m going to end this here. Hopefully I’ve convince you to get to to see how this scene exquisite scene with tremendous chemistry comes to an end.

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