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I think that Valenttina would be pretty enough and sexy enough to have an amazing career in porn even if she had an average size penis. But working with that horse cock between her legs has elevated her status so much faster. The official synopsis for her scene with handsome Spencer reads: Sporting sexy lingerie and a mane of dyed-red hair, aptly named Valenttina Monsterdick is one busty T-girl who loves using her huge, uncut cock on horny men.

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Lucky stud Spencer Fox wraps his mouth around Valenttina’s enormous she-meat. The TS temptress blows him, and Spencer gets on all fours so Valenttina can stuff his tight ass with her giant prick. He slurps her shaft ass-to mouth, and he cums with her dick stretching his asshole! Valenttina wanks her she-beast to a creamy climax. It’s certainly one of the most memorable scenes I’ve watched this year on evilangel.com.

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It begins with Valenttina posing solo with an alluring smile, her big tits straining against her brassiere and huge dick threatening to burst from her panties. She turns to reveal that she’s got a really nice butt also, but obviously knows what her most marketable commodity is. Spencer joins her a few minutes into the scene with an introduction and devours one of her ripe orbs. His own cock strains against the fabric of his briefs and Valenttina grasps her panty clad shaft and withdraws her expanding schlong from her undies.

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Naturally, the camera zooms in on her uncut member while Spencer continues to maul her firm round boobs. He reaches down to take hold of her rapidly swelling organ and exposes the bulbous head from its fleshy tip. About a quarter inch of the head remains exposed when Valenttina’s meat slab hangs in the air before she takes over with her own hand. With her bra removed, she sits back and makes her organ bounce up and down and Spencer leans over to take her cockhead inside his mouth. He does a good job attempting to swallow her balls deep, but I’m not sure if any human could manage to engulf that much of it.

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I don’t see her complaining. In fact, her erection seems to be as hard as it can get when she rises to remove her panties completely. Soon, Spencer’s hardon enters the frame and usually it’s the biggest dick in the room. He has no reason to feel inadequate in the presence of a girl with a bigger cock than he has, nor should he. The couple exchange oral favors and within ten minutes, Valenttina is easing her bare cock inside one of the finest male bubble butts in porn. She takes it easy on him during the doggy style sequence, but she goes at it a bit harder while he’s on his back. Even her piledriver thrusts are pretty furious. Valenttina’s creamy white cumshot is the stuff trans porn legends are made of. Take a look at all the TS Playground #26 trailers.

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