TS Playground – Tiffany Taillon & Spencer Fox

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Handsome Spencer Fox sits on the bed with beautiful Tiffany Taillon introducing her to us when this tsplayground.com video opens. He squeezes her big jugs and kisses her full lips. That turns into a passionate French-kissing session with Spencer developing a boner in his fancy briefs. He helps Tiffany rise to her feet and has her twirl around in her one-piece swimsuit. He spanks her full bottom lightly and devours Tiffany’s big tits when she exposes them. Tiffany crouches down before Spencer when he sits at the edge of the bed. She then gives him a deep blowjob.

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While Tiffany plays with her bare boobs, Spencer applies oil to her thunderous thighs. Tiffany grabs Spencer’s big dick when his briefs disappear and she strokes it firmly. She also tea bags his balls and squeezes her tits around his shaft so he can fuck them. With her swimsuit still on, Tiffany gives Spencer a lapdance next. When she stands up, there’s a huge bulge in her colorful garment. Then her thick, cone-shaped cock is released and the bulbous head points toward the ceiling. She strokes it firmly while Spencer stands behind her.

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Spencer helps Tiffany discard her swimsuit and crouches down to suck on her big, thick cock. Naturally he jacks himself off and he gives her a rimjob when she lays face down on the bed. Her ass is incredible and we see how gorgeous her breasts are again when she lays back to fondle them while getting her cock sucked. Finally, Spencer eases his bare cock inside Tiffany’s big, remarkable ass!


Completely naked Tiffany’s big cock oozes streams of pre-cum as she gets a powerful bareback doggie style railing! She strokes her erection while getting fucked hard and fast. Then she lets her hardon go. It bobs and sways as do her big tits and I’m going to end my summary of this excellent scene right here. I highly recommend that you see how it ends!

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