Fresh Faced Jenn Damage!

I knew that good things were bound to happen once Amy Space Kitten got Jenn Damage to do a shoot. I know of this webcam model from her super sexy live shows on I’ve also seen her in group shows with Amy, KoKo Beans and Brittany Jane and there’s more information about that in an exclusive interview on

In her Shemale Yum debut, Jenn introduces herself as a Philly native who enjoys riding bikes and sucking dicks. Then she begins stripping and pushing her gorgeous boobs together inside the bra she’s wearing. She bares her breasts and fondles them firmly while moaning deeply.

Jenn sits back on the sofa and allows us to get a peek of the cock within her pink mesh panties. It begins to grow as she rubs it. “Oh, it’s so hard right now,” she purrs as she continues masturbating. Then she withdraws her erection and jerks off while massaging her pretty tits.

As you may have seen on Chaturbate, Jenn has a naughty way of talking while extremely turned on. With the straining hard pink/purple head of her cock oozing pre-cum, she talks about the sex she’s fantasizing while stroking her shaft firmly.

Jenn presents awesome views of her lovely bottom and Amy doesn’t hesitate to zoom in for closeups. The Philly fox is clearly in ecstasy as she jerks off while finger banging her little starfish. She mentions how tight she is and I’m pretty sure you will have considered that while watching by now.

She also penetrates herself with a black sex toy. The look in her eyes is so sexy while she fucks herself steadily with it. Jenn rarely stops playing with her sensitive boobs while jerking off and the expressions on her face are of pure lust all throughout this gorgeous debut.

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