Christina Skyye & Goody Fuck Hard!

Christina Skyye is a smoking hot tgirl with a sexy slim body, big tits with pierced nipples, a hot firm ass and a delicious cock! Watch this hot trans girl getting a blowjob from Goody before he fucks her gorgeous ass! That’s the synopsis of this Shemale.XXX hardcore scene with a build-up filmed by South Florida producer Jack Flash. I remember Christina from her debut and follow-up shoots on

She hails from Jacksonville, Florida and took an unexpected break from the adult industry. Her comeback is one of the finest I’ve ever witnessed in trans porn. Christina is very much into BDSM. She like both guys and girls, she’s totally versatile yet submissive. Jack says Christina was great fun to work with and that he looks forward to working with her again in the future.

I knew this scene was going to be fantastic because I’ve raved about her hardcore performance on another great website before and I’m quite familiar with her handsome partner Goody’s work. Also, when Jack Flash pulls out all the stops with the pool and patio, I just know it’s going to be a hot one. The scene begins with Christina looking amazing as she swims naked in the shallow end of the pool. The underwater footage is magnificent also.

Christina is surprised that her skinny dipping me time is witnessed by the pool guy who came to work a day early. She shyly covers her breasts at first until they start talking. Then she decides to ask him to keep her company and to put off his work until later. He’s down for that and sits at the edge of the pool for a chat. Christina floats in the water, holding Goody’s legs for support while they talk. Then she suddenly pulls him into the water. He’s a bit cold in there and she warms him up with a kiss.

Once out of the water, Goody helps Christina with her tan by spritzing water across her incredible body as she lays back naked in a lounger. Goody compliments her beautiful ink and moves in to kiss and suck on one of Christina’s pierced nipples. She has a high-pitched sweet voice and emits a series of soft moans as the studly pool guy does his thing. He’s sprouted a hardon in his shorts and after another kiss, Christina invites him inside.

After some foreplay that includes Christina devouring Goody’s cock, getting her’s sucked to a throbbing erection, and switching again, Goody eases his hardon inside Christina’s full and perfectly rounded bottom. The fucking is just fantastic, especially with the sight of Christina’s big tits heaving and her big cock flopping around all over the place rock hard as she gets railed!

Don’t miss this killer hardcore scene with stunning Christina Skyye and the always remarkable Goody on Shemale.XXX.

You can Watch the Free Trailer on Shemale.XXX
You can Watch the Free Trailer on Shemale.XXX

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